Sunday, May 30, 2010

Decision Time

It has been a while since I just sat down and did one of those update posts, so prepare for an incoming update post that has a question at the end. So without any further waiting, I present to you my WoW update:


As a strict ten man guild, I am very happy with the overall progress that we have been making into ICC. We have some very talented members, that when on are capable of clearing any content within the game. The hang-up is the part that I wrote "when they are on". I do not believe we have taken the same ten people into ICC one time. We are slowly working on getting a solid core group of raiders, but since the guild is also more of a casual guild, we tend to suffer from a lack of commitment. That being said, we have earned some achievements and made some solid progress into the plague quarter. I would suspect that if we are able to get our best players on over the course of the next few weeks that we will be able to clear through the plague quarter and begin working on the remaining two wings before pounding on the Lich King.

I realize that this is some pretty slow progress compared to other guilds out there, but we pretty much only raid one night a week for a couple hours and only just recently started to focus on ICC. I suppose if we increased the number of attempts, expanded the time, and added an extra night, then we could easily progress much faster; however, this is not a perfect world and I am thankful to raid with my family and friends where we can take the time to see the content, enjoy the content, and perhaps have some fun with the content as well.

In other news, we are ran our first Sarth +3 last week. I suppose that being able to overgear the raid and just zerg loses some of the charm of doing it previously, but it is still something that some people may never get to do. I only made it home in time for the final few attempts, but I heard they had some issues with PuGs who would come in and make one attempt and immediately leave if it was not successful. That is a shame, because at the end of the night, with a little extra reinforcements, the guild knocked them out and earned that achievement. I was happy for them and pleased that I could help out with Emprius, but a little part of me is jealous for Ruhtra. So the guild can expect that we are going back in there again for Ruhtra and a couple other members who were not around for the first time around. (On a side note, I do not wear the title on Emprius because I feel it would not be fair to display it when it was earned long after others had done it with much less to work with, but that is just me.)

The other thing that we are going to do is roll back into Ulduar on my offnight during the week. I really wanted to finish Ulduar and so I am going to lead my "Wednesday Warriors" (like that name eh?) in to finish that raid and also use it (hopefully) as a way to see if newer raiders are ready for the main raid team. It is in no way a "B" team mentality, but I think working on people's skills (such as rotation/priorities and reaction times) in Ulduar is a much better idea than taking them into ICC and finding out that their nice and shiny gear does not help them one bit. I am also planning to work on some of the achievements in Ulduar to knock the challenge up a little and hopefully help to improve on the raid team's overall skill. I am also hoping to make it a little more fun than the ICC runs.


So I have talked a lot about raiding and this is because that is all that I have been doing lately. From the constant shifting of members in and out of the raid team, we found ourselves with quite a few key roles missing and so I have ended up gearing out Ruhtra, Emprius, and most recently Lrem for raiding in ICC. The positive side is that I have a wide variety of options to help fill rolls within the raid team. The negative is that I do not get to focus on just one character at this time. I gladly accept that in order to help our raid team, but a small side of me is slightly aggrevated at times that I do not get to take the character in that I find to be the most fun. In the end though, the feeling of accomplishment far outweighs the feeling of greed and so I march on filling in whatever roll needs filling.

I have spent most of my time focusing on PVE, but also have dedicated a lot of time to leveling out my professions. As of right now I have jewelcrafting, leatherworking, enchanting, mining, and skinning all maxed out, with tailoring being only four points from maxed. I have managed to collect quite a few epic gem cuts in order to assist the casters of our guild as well. My next target is going to be to level my alchemy, but that may take a while to get there.

I really haven't spent a whole lot of time focusing on PVP lately. I did manage to run a few arena matches this week with Ruhtra. I am in that to help my friend achieve his goals, but to also improve my librim since I still feel that the arena librim is superior to the rest in most situations. About the only other PVP noteworthy is Lrem earning his 10k honorable kill achievement. That puts Ruhtra, Emprius, and Lrem in the 10k club now. I find it funny that when I originally rolled Whoopy, I wanted him strictly for the purpose of ganking and I use him the least of any of my toons for PVP. At last I looked he was in the neighborhood of 2,500 honorable kills. I did take him on a stroll through Iron Forge though last night and that was fun. I found the portal room where all the Alliance players come through flagged. I have made a mental note of that and will probably do some looking around at other areas of the city and the other capital cities as well. I am debating on organizing some nasty PVP events, but do not know if I have the time or effort to put into something that will not really net much in return, other than the fun of messing with the Alliance.

The big question I have right now is what do I work on next? I am considering leveling one of a handful of alts that I have. Right now my choices are as follows:

Braama (Restoration Druid) - Debating on my Druid to fill in a much needed dedicated tree. Aside from the roll of being a raiding tree, he is also my alchemist/herbalist. Right now he is in the lead for leveling.

Galran (Protection Warrior) - I have wanted to level a tank for quite some time now and Galran is the perfect fit. I already had quite a good set of gear built for him and with the addition of heirloom items, he is really coming around. The problem is that we are now farely deep in tanks and he has no unique professions that would make him desirable at this time.

Popebutch (Shadow Priest) - The one thing that the guild is missing is a shadow Priest. We have trees in the guild, but they are just not always able to be on and attend our raids. I love my Priest and he is the highest leveled of all the options, sitting at 72. My main hold up is that in terms of DPS, both Emprius and Lrem are far better geared and already raid worthy. This would just add one more DPS to my stable which is filled with Emprius, Lrem, and Ruhtra (off-spec).

Holeycow (Restoration/Elemental Shaman) - The ruler of the auction house has handed over the reigns to a new individual and now is poised to level to greatness. My issue is tht if I level another healer, both Braama and Popebutch are far better options in terms of utility and level. The upside to having Holeycow at 80 would be in the addition to a second raid geared Shaman within the guild.

So there you have it, my options. What does the playing community think? I am always interested in hearing about pros and cons of certain classes from the players of these classes and any feedback is always appreciated. Well, I have definitely written much more than I had originally intended to so I think we will end the update here with the question of who do I level next?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wafone - Boulderfist

Dear Wafone of Boulderfist,

As you so kindly left the random heroic tonight stating that I was a failure of a healer I was not obliged the courtesy of a response. First allow me to apologize that I am airing this in public, but you have left me no other alternative. Secondly, allow me to inform you that it is not my single responsibility to insure a group's success. Thirdly, if you would try to target the same target as the tank, this would go a long way to ensuring your own survival. Fourth and probably the single most important thing to take note of sir is that as soon as you left the group, we replaced you with a Rogue who understood the concept of attacking what the tank is targeting and we had a mostly smooth run from that point on. So allow me to say thank you for saving me the effort of healing your lazy ass.


P.S. I thought of one other point. Perhaps you could have examined the tank and realized that the tank was in a spec that was best suited for PVP and not tanking. In case you don't understand what that means (which I am relatively sure is the case), it means that the tank required much more focus from me and still was quite difficult for an ICC geared healer to keep up.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Question Answered

So a few weeks back Ol' Rather put up an open post for comments of things that may bug you. The very first fucker on there was an anonymous asshole who complained, and I quote:

"You know what pisses me off? I get aggrevated at bloggers who either throw up regertetated stuff or who dont throw anything up for long periods like weeks on end.

Don't you people know that you are a part of my damn life? You have a responsibility to us!"

I will admit, I took one week off because of some personal stuff since I have been here at Holy Shock and I apologize for that. The next time something personal or an emergency creeps up I will make sure to tell them that I am sorry but due to my blogging responsibilities I will be unable to show up and support you or take care of business. Please just fuck off and do not call me again on a Friday, thank you! Yeah, you can imagine that this will not happen. Let me tell anyone who reads a blog and does not write a blog, that this shit is not easy. There is a lot of personal time that goes in to researching this shit and putting together a well rounded article. It doesn't matter if the article sucks or you disagree with every word, the bottom line is it takes the writer's personal time. Personal time which, for the most part, they are not compensated for.

So, let me say that I am happy that people read what I write. I truly thank you all for stopping in on Fridays (and on the rare occassions where I post something at my own blog) and reading those articles. I love the feedback, regardless of if it is "you suck you fucking retard" or "great job man". I appreciate that and so does everyone else who writes anything, be it a gaming blog or a featured piece in a publication. What we do not appreciate are the people who complain that there is not enough content or that we do not post stuff enough. A huge pet peave of mine is dropping filler content which is why my blog does not get a whole lot of attention since doing one article a week here is about as much as I tend to have time to devote right now. So Mr. Anonymous, on behalf of us here at Holy Shock, shut the fuck up!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dignity, Humility, and Respect

Some pretty important words for everyday life, and this included WoW also. I've seen things in the last two weeks or so that bring these words up. First, let me start off by saying that I am proud of my guild MAS. We work together like a family and work hard. We are not the most aggressive raiding guild, but I'd say if we are #10 on DSpine in 10 man raid progression, that should say something. I will be brutally honest and say that we just went into ICC almost four weeks ago. And I will be brutally honest and say that we downed the first wing last week. I am proud that most of us had never been in there before and we downed bosses with two attempts or just one each and not too many problems, until we got to Saurfang. Last week seemed like after several attempts and a one minor change, we kicked his ass to kingdom come.

Why you ask? Because of dignity, humility and respect.

Here's why. I didn't think I was good enough to heal both tanks. Turned out I was. At first we had our pally tank and warrior tank. Then myself on Eus, a tree and a shaman heals. Rest dps. The minor tweek was this: shaman go dps. I was worried about taking on both tanks but I dug my heels in and braced. That little bit extra of dps was what won over. But there is something else. We covered the humility of doubt. Now, let's cover the others.

About two weeks ago, this was not even remotely possible. We had a guild officer who returned a while back after leaving to go to another server with a boyfriend. This officer came back and had their officer title restored, just by asking me. Ever since this officer returned, they were nothing short of a plague upon the family. They did nothing but curse, while and bitch the entire time they were back. She claimed to be able to do 6k dps but could only pump out 4 if lucky. Furthermore, her boyfriend was nice enough but seemed sooooo full of himself. He was a pally tank himself who could not understand the basic mechanics of blessings...sorry but as a pally it is a pet peeve of mine and I roll with PallyPower with honor.

By the time of week two of ICC, the entire guild was tired of her and her antics. That attempt I had to work so I was not able to attend but every other guild member and officer (minus one officer) and even my better half complained and were troubled by her behavior. If she never got her way, you knew about it. In our guild forum I stated recently about bad behavior and how negativity would not be tolerated. Just before a vote was to be called against this officer, my better half posted a forum topic about raiding and how to conduct yourself personally and such things like that. This officer not only cursed out, in forum, him, but bashed our raid leader and went off the deep end. Guild Mommy Eus had enough and decided to try to reason with this officer. Since I felt there was no just cause for any of the behavior, I posted my feelings overall with the entire guild and that the negativity, which has not only come from her but others, needed to stop and it would no longer be tolerated. I also included the fact that she could come to me personally, since everyone else seems to do that anyway, which is more than fine with me.

So, then the officer proceeded to curse me out on the forum as well.

This did not favor so well for her, needless to say and she gquit along with her boyfriend. This is where respect comes in.

Now for dignity. Last week on the ICC raid night, another officer received an ingame whisper from former officer, stating that if we needed her, her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend. She informed us in vent this information. Now, if anyone knows me well enough, I spoke up and said there was absolutley no way we were taking them on any run ever again and there would be no more disucssion of it. And because we refused to take them, we had a full 10 man guild ICC raid, where negativity died along with every boss in the first wing. (takes bow)

Along with those three words reminds me of a random I ran with another officer a few nights ago. I ran on Matrona and wanted one last set of badges before heading to bed. Low and behold when I see our dps I see a hunter who had only been in our guild for around two months in the run. I must say that H NEX run was just entertaining at best. First, he wanted to switch his weapons for armor pen weapons. Our dk dps told him it was not necessary and to just get going. Me and my friend just giggled to ourselves and continued on. This poor hunter needed help in the worst way. The bottom line is this, he does not understand to dismiss his pet before jumping platforms, considering this aggros other mobs. He begged for water, which he has viper to help him manage his mana. My friend even told him to just stay in viper, since it didn't matter anyways. Every time we would try to give him advice he turned a deaf ear to it. Through it all, with and without viper on, he could only do 1.3K dps the entire run. That's not all I want you to know. His professions are maxed out skinning.....and tailoring at beginning level of 1. I shit you not folks. The reason I bring that up is because he gquit our guild because we would not fork over 1000G to him. Now, I'm sorry, we have a maxed out guild bank and all, but I'll be damned if every person in the guild does not support themselves. There is no reason why this hunter cannot pick up another skill and make money, even if it's just with the skins themselves.

Case in point, a few months ago I was on my rogue in Mara with a hunter. Now, this hunter didn't have the greatest gear and he knew that. Our other random people did nothing but curse at this hunter and make fun of him. The hunter did fine and the run eventually crapped out on itself and we didn't complete it. But when I whispered the hunter back and forth he was thankful of the advice I gave him on pets, gear, stats and whatnot.

The point I am trying to get to is this: We can all learn from those three words. Dignity, Humility, and Respect. None of us are perfect but if you at least try it makes a world of difference. So, stop making fun of others and try to help them. If they cannot accept it, their problem. Respect others also. And have the humility to admit fault and learn from it.

Also, if there is a topic you would like for any of the three of us to cover, tell us! We like challenges and we do not shy away from topics. So if you want to pick our brains, go for it!

So, I will leave you with this question? Ask yourself, if your toon could be any ice cream flavor, what would it be and why?

For me, Golden Vanilla, as to remind me of the light!!!

I am Eus and this is what fluffs my pancakes!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tanks, Tanks, Tanks

Ol' Rather is back this week with a little topic he found over at the US WoW Suggestion forums! I want to focus on one simple statement that was made by a tank which is, and I quote:
It won't fix the basic issue: The DPS. Every time you stay in the fire to finish that spell, you are at fault. Every time you DPS early and pull aggro, you are at fault. Every time you walk in front of the tank and pull mobs, you are at fault. Every time you fail to fade, feign, vanish, or otherwise dump your aggro when you have an aggro dump, you are at fault. Anytime you fail to interrupt the spellflingers when you have interrupts, you are at fault.

Bottom line, its the DPS fault. I tank first, heal second, DPS third, but I know I've gotten burned out on several toons simply because of all the stupid stuff that DPS does. Why bother doing the role, when at least three other people in the group are hellbent are making it as miserable an experience as humanly possible?

For a while it's fun. Then it gets old. Then it just plain sucks.
The entire thread sort of brokedown from an idea that may or may not have been good. I find it interesting though that a tank is wanting to blame the tank shortage on the fucking DPS. I understand that there are some pretty shitty DPS out there, but if you Miss Tankalicious will not hold the mob still, then the awe inspiring AoE damage that can be done is not going to occurr. Of course that would first mean that a DPS could actually AoE and not die within ten seconds. There has been countless runs where I give the tank a good five seconds after they stop the turrets movement and start to reign down fire with my Lock and then proceed to die because the tank could not/did not try to regain agro. I am also not a new player and have already shattered my soul so there is no second agro dump. Would you prefer I start fearing mobs? You know that is one of the seven deadly sins by the way? That will surely dump my agro and everyone elses.

So I know not to use my all powerful AoE because tanks simply cannot hold agro so I then switched playstyles and went to single target burn. My issue here is that tanks rarely stay focused on one particular target to burn them down. I understand that they must pursue carpel tunnel syndrome for tanking to spam taunts and what not, but when I unleash Conflagerate and Chaos Bolt it is instant agro and death from said lazy ass tank not pulling agro off of me after I shatter my soul. Now I realize I can only speak for myself and I am sure I am the exception to the DPS nightmare right? Wrong! This is reminding me of the old days where people use to like to play the blame the healer game. The problem is now that tanks know they cant fucking run an entire heroic without a healer, no matter how geared they are, so they have to blame someone else right? So healers get out of jail and now DPS is in the crosshairs of the tanks. Should we all be cowering in fear from them? Nah...

The truth is that you cannot point the finger at any one class because if you play them all and you play multiple roles then you understand that no one single role is more important than another. Do not believe me? Then take a raid into ICC and run it missing one role. While comedic it would be, I dare say the Lich King would not be too worried at that view. Instead, I place the blame soley on Blizzard for this fiasco. In truth, they catered once more to the extremely casual and introduced a new system that shows potential, but has way more flaws within it. I am not going off on casual players, I promise; however, you know that you are the reason that systems like this have been rolled out and that they have made the game much more simplistic in nature right?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. You cannot point your finger at one specific role. I have been in runs where the tanks were horrible. They did not understand the first concept of tanking. You know why that was? They were busy running dumbed down versions of the game and all of a sudden they hit a heroic where the "go go go go go" method could not be supported by their skills, much less their gear. DPS, you are not escaping me either! You see, we have learned to spam AoE and we then get mad when a tank has agro issues and we cannot spam our most beloved one button ability. We see our numbers dip down some and we then want to blame terribad tanks for our performance issues. The truth is when I unleash on my lock with either AoE or single target, my numbers are relatively consistant given normal mob sizes. The reason is because I did my homework and I was not raised in the pansy age of WoW that we now find ourselves in. No I was raised in a time when Locks sucked ass. I have been from the absolute worst times of Lockness to the absolute pinnacle of power!! Ahem, sorry I get carried away sometimes, but my point is that in todays version of WoW, a lot of players never advance in the game to the point where they learn all the aspects of their class and so if they are thrown a bone by a tank who does things "differently" then they fucking bitch and moan about the tank being a nub.

Healers, front and center! You all are far from perfect. Do not try to hide in the back row with your sissy looking gear and think you are innocent. Way too many healers only know a couple abilities and do not even remotely try to learn their utility abilities that can be helpful at times. For instance the small room before the large room of the last boss in UP (like how I did that huh?), a Holy Paladin can use their Holy Wrath to stun a mob of the undead. If timed right you do not even have to worry about a party member getting feared out into the patrol or the mob in the larger room. Utility abilities is only a small part of your game though so do not worry about that too much, instead worry about learning to use more than one healing ability. I cannot tell you how many runs I go on and I see a group wipe and when you look at the information for the healer, you see they cast only one spell and expected that to keep a group up. There is a reason why Blizzard gave you multiple healing and utility spells, try to learn those reasons.

At the end of this, I want to say shut the fuck up with any new updated version of the blame game. We are all in this together now whether we want to be or not. My advice to you Mr/Miss Tankalicious is to stop pulling and inform the bad DPS of what they are doing to make the run more difficult for you. If you start doing that, you will start contributing to a solution rather than being part of the problem. To you Mr/Miss Pew Pew, if the tank is not holding agro properly then feel free to speak up. Ask them what the issue is. Maybe they were too chicken shit to speak up that you were not giving them enough time? To you Mr/Miss Healobot, if you are having issues with healing a group, do not be afraid to state the concern. Ask the tank if they are defense capped. If a tank is not capped, that will make your life living hell. If it turns out that the tank is capped and there is no direct issue with the group, then feel free to reevaluate your own spells. Perhaps there is an ability that you are missing. In short, don't bitch and moan about shit you cannot control. Instead look at what you can control, ask some fucking questions, and make adjustments that you can. After that, try to sit back and just do what you do best or just simply leave and wait to find a new group. Please do not go and start a new version of the blame game though or I may have to show up and knock some shit around your head till you see things the right way (my way).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why We Play

I wanted to talk a little bit today about why do we play not just WoW, but video games in general. You see here lately, I have heard and even said that playing X game should be a fun experience and not feel like a second job. This debate recently came up very strongly within my guild in relation to raiding. I am not going into details, since emotions ran high, but the short story is that I am forced to consider the notion that not everyone views having fun in the same way. At least that is the impression that they would have the rest of us to believe. I do not find losing to be fun though, and that is what we are going to look at today in this very post.

I have a simple question to ask you to start this discussion off today. Can you name me the teams who finished last in any given sport for a one decade period? I imagine that like myself, you are not able to just ramble off these teams without checking some sort of resource to confirm the information. In all honesty, I imagine very few people would even be able to come close to naming them without a lot of help. The truth is that people do not like losing and there is no focus on this, that is the reason you could not ramble off a list of teams that finished last. The sad truth is that people lose their jobs for being losers or performing poorly. So what does last place have to do with having fun with a video game? My point thus far is to show that no one likes losing and losing is anything but fun. We are going to now take a closer look at video games to even look a little deeper at this topic.

I remember the very first time I played Super Mario Brothers, I was a young Ruhtra and it was a lot of fun pounding on the heads of those Goombas! Well, it was fun while I was alive, but when my little Mario died it was not nearly as much fun. I would even say that as the game grew older, dieing became downright maddening. It was especially aggrevating when you had worked exceptionally hard to make it all the way to the end to see little Mario die to an unexpected hammer throw or fireball. I also remember the very first time that I defeated Bowser in the final castle, it felt amazing to my young little heart. At that time in my life I felt like I had just won a championship. While it was fun at first to get in there and explore the environment, it soon were off and only by winning and defeating Bowser did I truly feel like I was having fun. In other words, by winning, the game became fun again.

So let's move a little closer in time to the age of the fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. As a teenager to early twenties, I loved the fighting genre. There was nothing better than throwing down and winning a brawl. I found a lot of fun in the evening to sit down with my Father and challenge him in these fighting games. I would often hear the words "perfect" and "flawless victory" while we played and that caused me to enjoy those experiences that much more. My Father on the hand found no fun, joy, or pleasure in getting the stuffing beat out of his character. I also remember on those rare occassions where I would miss a combination or a battery would die and my Father would take advantage of this and anhilate my character, those times were not a lot of fun. Of course watching my Father get excited and happy that he beat me, no matter the reason, did bring some amusement to the frustration of losing. In short, a loss was no where near the fun as the multitudes of victories that I was use to having. Are you starting to get where I am going with this?

Let's bring the conversation to the present. On our guild forums we have a flash arcade with a few hundred simple games available to play. As soon as we added this feature I jumped on and ran up a bunch of top scores, which has since been decimated by other guild members. I can freely say that I do not find it fun to log in and see a new message in my personal message box notifying me that another score has been beat. To be completely honest, a lot of these games I dispised and simply play to attempt to beat the other player's high score. So why play? It is simple really, I enjoy the challenge of attempting to beat something and I love the feeling of defeating someone's high score. There is a drive, that I believe is in all of us, that drives us to be the best that we can be. I honestly believe that the people who beat my scores did not just do it because they love those games, but did it because it is fun to beat something and win.

So you may be wondering where I am going with all this talk about winning, losing, and having fun while playing a video game? I am trying to make a point that people like winning and accomplishing something far more than losing. I am also making the point that it is far more fun to play any game, not just WoW, when you are accomplishing something in the game. If you set out to do something, then why not do it well? In direct relation to the very first thing I said, losing is not fun. It is anything but fun. We do not see sports teams who are congratulated for being perenial losers. No one sits down and plays a game over and over when they cannot get past a certain point, instead they look for a cheat code or find another game. I know there will always be people out there who will use excuses for poor performance, whether in the everyday life or in a video game, but to me those are simply excuses, nothing more and nothing less.

In closing I want to bring this back to WoW and inparticularly to raiding. As I said at the beginning of this post, there was a rather strong debate that resulted with some hurt feelings over having fun while raiding. I think everyone should have fun while playing the game and I understand that you may not want to take the time to be prepared and feel that this should not prevent you from having fun. What about the other nine people who did put in the time and showed up prepared? Even if it were only six people who put the time in, you are taking the enjoyment and fun away from them because you are letting them down. It only takes a few minutes to pull up a site with a strategy or to watch a video on the net, why not be considerate of the rest of your team and do these little things? I also understand that some people do not learn by reading or watching, but rather doing. I can appreciate that. I am somewhat like that myself, but I still put a little time in to read up on what is going on so I have an understanding of what should occurr. I realize that everyone may have a slightly different definition of what fun is, but I think we can all agree that using fun as an excuse to show up unprepared is anything but fun for everyone else who must then suffer because of your idea of fun.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Eus. Some of you might know me as Ruhtra's better half. Some of you might know me by my blog over at The Suicidal Healer. I've been asked to contribute to Holy Shock on Wednesdays. It is truly an honor, not just because I'm married to him or anything LOL.

I'm not as bold as Rather, which some of you have come to know good and well. I do speak my mind but I do try to hold back some. So, just think of me as the good angel on Ruh's shoulder and Rather as the bad angel. Or something like that....

I hope I do a great job here at Holy Shock and I hope to entertain if not educate, whichever come first!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So I have been sitting here for litterally a couple hours trying to figure out how to explain my concerns over the next expansion and I have litterally written about ten pages worth of concerns. So in short, I am concerned on so many levels that I cannot remotely fit them into one single post. This left me to reevaluate how best to make this post then without sounding completely negative about the expansion. So I am going to do something completely different for me and leave it up to the readers of this blog to share what they are concerned about with the coming expansion. Nothing is off limits or too minor to share because if you have a concern about it, someone else probably has that same concern.

I am going to start it off by saying that I am concerned that they are taking on too much in terms of design and I am afraid that there is going to be a complete inbalance in the game in both the PVE and the PVP aspects of the game. The lack of balance is always a common problem with each expansion and typically takes quite some time to work out, but I am afraid that the changes to the raiding format may also create an inbalance within the PVE aspect of the game. I could be wrong and perhaps just worrying over nothing, but I do hope that Blizzard releases a little more information regarding these plans to help put my concerns to rest.

How about you all?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Note

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Rather for his contributions here at Holy Shock. When I first asked Rather to write a post here he took a while to decide on whether he should or should not. In time he decided that it would be a good thing and I for one am extremely happy that he did. Rather has a really unique perspective on things and an attitude to match it. Sometimes he is a little abrasive, but that is what makes him unique and a joy to have contributing here. I appreciate him taking on Fridays for me and I have enjoyed seeing his insights on things. So again, Rather, thank you for giving us some great topics to discuss.

With the success of Rather here at Holy Shock, I have invited my wife to also contribute to Holy Shock. The truth be told, I had asked her quite some time ago but she was hesitant because of having her own blog. After having seen Rather writing here and still having his own blog, she has decided to come on board and share some thoughts and insights (or rants) from her perspective. If I could describe her personality I would say she lies somewhere in the middle of Rather and myself. I look forward to reading her posts every Wednesday.

Now one thing you may have noticed is that I have been a little quiet lately. Well the truth is that my mind has been every but on blogging. I appreciate the few folks who have sent me notes to check on me. I am still here and still love blogging and look forward to returning. I have not even been suffering from the expansion blues that seem to be effecting so many other folks. I have been jotting down things to write about, but honestly just have not had the time to sit down and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard as it were). That being said, I am not going to continue on explaining why I have not been posting, but I simply wanted to let everyone know that I am still here and everything is good and I look forward to posting topics in the near future.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Wishing all you mother's out there a happy mother's day from here at Holy Shock!