Friday, April 16, 2010

Wise Words of Wisdom!

Imagine a title from me with the words "wise" and "wisdom" in it! Well, that is what you are fucking seeing right there folks. I promised to hit hard and pull no punches so sit down and shut the fuck up because I got so much shit to fire off on that I do not even know where to begin. So let's just start firing shit off!

Casual vs. Hardcore

You know what? Fuck that, take all the fucking pansy ass casual players and tell them to shut the fuck up. They have ruined this game by trying to make it so damn easy so that everyone can enjoy the content and the experience of the game. I say that is a pile of shit and if you have been playing this game for a while, then you know it is true. I know back in the day that I was not geared or skilled enough to make it into a hardcore guild that could take down Naxxramas (40) and I was fucking fine with it. You know why? Because when I did make it into a new level of instances/raids I fucking felt like I just accomplished something. Now dumb fucks complain about a system that allows the laziest of the lazy fucks to gather emblems for epic gear that they have no right to claim! Charity epics from battlegrounds were no where near as offensive as this shit is starting to get.

So why am I coming out swinging at the casuals? I am a casual player and I do not think that we, who put in much less time, have the right to put ourselves on the same levels as those who put the time in and earned their spot. I do not think that casuals should be carried through content because they are "owed" the right to see the content. Fuck that shit. They did now work for it and have been handed so much more than those who first conquored Naxxramas (40)! I am fine with the occasional piece of gear that drops for people at the end of a heroic because at least they had to run the heroic and probably run it multiple times. Surely they may learn something about their class while running it over and over. Not now though! Now we run a few heroics and progress to item level 245 and beyond. No thought placed into why certain stats may be good and why maybe, just maybe, taking a fucking blue item 200 piece of gear may be better than that fucking item level 232 purple and yes I do believe that item level and color is not a good basis for how to gear your character, but rather I aprove of understanding the why behind the reasons to select a piece of gear.

I think the day that Blizzard abandoned the model of making challenging content that perhaps not everyone is suitable for, in order to offer a water downed version of the game and keep their revenue streams high is the day that they signed the death warrant for WoW. It may not be today or tomorrow, but mark my words someone, somewhere is going to see the things that other games like Everquest II, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings Online, and countless others have done that people liked and will have the vision to compile them into a game that has solid content and story and will take down the casual money loving giants of Blizzard. So to the casuals, because from this day forward I am declaring myself a fucking hardcore player, shut the fuck up and quit whining for your epic gear, epic mounts, cool pets, and easy ass titles! You got a problem with that, fuck you because I do not care since you seem to not care about ruining the game that I love!


Speaking of ruining the game that I love, what the fuck is Blizzard thinking by changing all of the classes? I mean when the fuck did they ever get anything right? Over calibrate followed by immediate over adjustments followed by a slight increase in performance drops the classes right where they were for the most part. Blizzard invented the phrase, "Bring the player not the class" and I say fuck that shit. It use to be that there were certain classes that just sucked at certain things. Then all of a sudden the whiny asses started to assault Blizzard employees and obviously threatened acts of terrorism if their demands were not met and Blizzard felt it necessary to cave to the demands to "balance" the fucking classes and all they managed to do was fuck every class up.

Let's take a look at some of the changes that I have looked at and the reasons behind it! Druids are losing their tree form because players want to see their avatar's gear? Fuck that shit! Then I say remove the bear, dire bear, cat, travel, aquatic, flight, and boomkin forms from the game so that ALL of the Druids can see their cheesy ass looking gear! Hunters (and any gun/bow/crossbow toting class) no longer require ammunition! What the hell? Part of the challenge of running this type of content was in the fact that you had to plan for how much ammo you would need and had to actually work to get some ammo upgrades. Oh well, who the fuck cares right? Everyone loves the realism of the Hollywood movies right? These are minor things, but they are signs that Blizzard is listening to the wrong group of players. For fucks sake, keep the game with some form of challenge left in it.


Alright, so who here remembers when Dire Maul was so difficult that Blizzard had to do a quick fix so that people could clear that amazing instance? Now we see new raids drop and if not cleared in an hour they start talking about nerfs/buffs to help the players out. That is fucking stupid. Take some fucking pride in your damn game and realize that the challenge is what makes it worth playing. I guarantee that if you put out difficult content that people are still going to play this game. Shit, I mean Ulduar was actually one of those raids that was actually challenging and a lot of guilds failed miserably at it. What did Blizz do? They didn't nerf it to hell, but they just dropped ToC 5, 10, and 25 as a way to provide better gear without the challenge. Let's not even talk about ICC. I am sorry, I know a lot of people are excited because they killed the Lich King! You know the guy that they fucking knew nothing about from back in Warcraft I, II, and even III! Fuck all of you! Half of you all probably don't even remember that Tides of Darkness was a disk game! You know the little bitty 3.5 disk? Anyone remember DOS based games? Oh well, it probably would be too challenging for most of you anyway.

Now days we are given shit ass runs like FoS, PoS (which is a great abbreviation for what these instances are), and HoR! Do not get me wrong, these are at least more challenging than ToC was, but not by much. Sure there are gimics to it and people struggle, but there is no where near the level of fail that was present for old Vanilla instances. Sure people complain about the failure of a random PuG, but I chalk it up to you being so sucky that your guild mates just do not want anything to do with you.

Looking for Dungeon System

Blizzard gift wrapped a system for all the fucking slackers out there to acquire gear and quick runs and yet all the whiny ass casual do is complain about this system and demand it to be fixed. Here is an idea to you fucking morons, if you do not like it then do everyone a favor and just do not run it. Yup I said it and I am sticking with it. Sure that system has merit for people who have schedules that may be out of sink with their guild and friends, but for fucks sake I would rather fucking ram my head through a computer screen than deal with most of the fucking inbread rejects that I encounter in them. I do not however come on here and rant about how bad it is because it does not accomplish anything. I either have to fucking man up and take it or fucking go and do some daily quests. It is a simple choice, so please just shut the fuck up about your whining. The only other thing to do is award you a fucking emblem for logging in once a day. Shit, maybe I just discovered the next way to acquire emblems. Log in once a day and complete the "log in quest"!

I leave you with these wise words of wisdom:


Kaboomski said...

Wow.. nothing wise there. I do agree with you for a part, as I feel that current content just isn't what vanilla WoW used to be. But man, the ranting...

Well, it's good that you don't rant about PuG fails or anything, right? Just crop it all up inside and release it in one blow :D

Seriously though, you could've been a bit more constructive. I really get what you're saying, and I agree for the most part, but you could've said it in a different way. Maybe then people would actually take the effort to think about how hard it used to be and that "hardcore" players deserve some respect. This post really isn't going to help do that though, due to the insane amount of "fuck" and mindless ranting.

thenoisyrogue said...

A word of advice. The word 'fuck' is much more effective when used sparingly. If you use it too much it becomes background noise.

Ruhtra said...

Wise words eh? "It's wrong!" I get what you did there.

I am thinking we should post a poll to guess how many f-bombs
Rather drops in his next post here.

A little over the top? Maybe. Was there a good point to the rant? Possibly. Did it result in a conversation? Perhaps. Would I have him change anything? Not really. It is his style and while some people may not appreciate it, I think you have to let people have their say in their own way, even if you find it offensive or what not.

UnderwearOptional said...

Ho-ly Crap! You like the word fuck don't you... :P

I agree with a lot of what you said things have become a lot easier since vanilla. However as a semi-casual player with a hardcore attitude I disagree with the attitude you are taking towards it. Ranting and raving about these changes is not going to fix it, instead look at the fact that Blizz has added things for those that still play hardcore...hard modes for 10 and 25 manes, achievements for those looking for a challenge for instance The Insane or Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Seriously though, I agree with Kabookksi, ranting and raving is fine, but if you want people to take you seriously have some substance to it.

RatherNotSay said...

@ All

It seems that some may not like my style, but I have a question for you all. You were so distracted by the word "fuck" that you did not pay much attention to the whole of the article correct or perhaps you missed the actual point of the article?

A few comments said that I could have been more constructive with the thought or more substance could have been added. Perhaps the point I am making is that the expansion is lacking the very same things that this article was lacking, which is balance and solid ideas.

I feel like everyone is distracted by the shinies and that they miss the fact that they are being sold a pile of crap, but hey maybe next time I kick the door down I will not be so subtle about it.

As far as the comments on my personal style of writing, I will address those at a later time.

thenoisyrogue said...

You just made your own point. We were so distracted by the liberal use of the word fuck that we found it difficult to pay attention to your article. In fact, to tell you the truth I found myself skipping through it.

If you want to make a point then make it, don't make us read through loads of blah to get to what you actually want to say because by the time we do get there we will have turned off.

By the way, I see here that you ask for our advice but then in your latest post you state that if we don't like your writing style we can fuck off. So which is it, bud? You can't have it both ways.