Friday, April 23, 2010

Round Two

Ol' Rather is back again folks with a couple things to discuss. Well one thing to discuss and one comment to make. We will make the comment first. My comment is this, if you do not like my writing, then do not bother reading what I write. Just do yourself, as well as everyone else a favor and go read something simple and easy to understand. Secondly, on that line of thought, if you continue reading feel free to drop comments regarding the subject and not the writing style. I do not come to your blogs and criticize your writing style. Typically when I do leave a comment, it has a well thought out response and does not aim to insult, belittle, or degrade you as an individual or a blogger. It may question your line of thinking, but is that not the point of blogging? To express an idea and then have an open forum to debate the idea? If it is not, then you can always disable comments and then you can stand up there and preach your narrow minded views and no one can reply, respond, or counter you. That being said, let's get to the real topic of today, which is all the insane rage that is going on in the blogsphere over Blizzard releasing a mount to be purchased.

At first Ol' Rather was going to respond to these raging bloggers by dropping comments about their posts, but after seeing how damn touchy feely and sensitive everyone is I figured I would just address the issue on my own pulpit. So my question is really what the fuck is the big deal? I have not seen this much bitching........well, I have not seen this much bitching ever about something that has no impact on how you play your game. Seriously, could someone please fucking explain to me why the hell you feel the need to rage over this of all things? Now was it not last week, when Ol' Rather made a deliberate attempt to put out a post that was really fucked up that people questioned my thought procesis and suggested I needed more sustance to my argument? Where are these same people at now when the largest temper tantrum in the world is raging across many a blog?

I am still trying to work this in a way to not insult the intellegence of those who have ranted and raved about this, but damn if I am not finding that to be mission impossible. See at first I was going to quote those whiners, or bloggers but then I realized I couldn't do that without being extremely sarcastic in my responses. Then I thought I would try to come up with a list of their complains against this, but for some damn reason there was not one good complaint out there that had any sort of logical thought process behind it other than "me mad that me no have shiny ass mount! me demand bwizzard give me shiny mount with no work involved!" So I felt it best to not go that route, but damned if it has left me with not a whole lot to say. Then it hit me! I am going to explain the reason that this makes perfect sense and fuck anyone who disagrees with me.

So let's first establish what this mount does. I think it is absolutely important for us to know what the fuck we are whining/raging/ranting/QQing about after all. It is a fancy pony (which by the way I think is kind of ugly personaly) that levels with your characters. Easiest way to grasp it is to think heirloom mount. As you pay in game gold to learn your riding skills, your fancy mount will level with that riding skill. As a matter of fact, it will go all the way up to 310% if you worked "really hard" to earn yourself a free mount. You know collecting all that chocolate was really difficult after all! That is pretty much it. I seem to not see the lazers which will automatically crit an oponent for 10,000,000 hit points. It also appears they forgot the party wide HoT that heals for 1,000,000 every second that someone is in the raid with one of these bad boys. Nope, just looks like a heirloom mount in a fancy shell.

I have been waving the banner that Blizzard has been slowly ruining their own game forever and people have not been warm and fuzzy with their responses to me. See to me, this mount is the pinnacle of what has happened to a once great game. The hardcore players, the true hardcore players are the minority now and any time we rise to say something we are met with a quick response that basically says shut the fuck up and quit talking about the old days. I can deal with being told to shut the fuck up, but I will not quit talking about the old days. I remember when they lowered the riding skill down the first time from 40, I was fucking irate over that. Why? I was pissed because I worked my ass off to get my first five characters to level 40 just so I could slightly move quicker. Then I worked my ass off twice as hard to get to 60 and save enough money to buy my damn epic riding skill and mount. It took a bit of time back in the "old days" to get gold and you were proud that you had a mount. I remember when the Burning Crusade launched there were some players who did not have epic mounts simply because they could not afford them. They didn't really bitch about it, they just rode at their slow ass pace until they could afford one.

So what does riding skills being lowered have to do with buying a tricked out pony? It has everything to do with it. Blizzard is a business, as one rude person exclaimed to me not so long ago, and as a business they must be able to produce content which will produce revenues above and beyond their operating cost. It was no secret that Blizzard has had issues with China and that has cost them some from their bottom dollar. Blizzard is also not its own company any longer and has a parent company they must answer to. If you lose a chunk of revenue, then you must make it up from somewhere else. Vanity items are the perfect source of additional income because all of the casual players, who are the majority, will buy these types of items because they do have the resources available to do so. It does not hurt the game play and it does meet the need of Blizzard's accounting department to show that there is a new revenue stream replacing that which is lost. Now bear with me here because Ol' Rather is going to think even a little deeper. On the horizon is a huge challenger to Blizzard's market share and they need to do anything they can to bring in additional revenue to weather the loss of income when Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic unleashes the force against Blizzard. While other games have really only been able to gather a small group of players, SW:KotOR is going to pull large amounts of Blizzard's player base and they know this and so they are working on little ways to keep the attention on WoW. After all, even bad publicity is still publicity.

Do you think it is a coincidence that when Aeon launched that Blizzard dropped a major patch for WoW that was not entirely expected? Blizzard is ran by some smart cats who try to keep the game challenging enough to retain their hardcore player base but broad enough to attract the huge casual player base. They accomplish this amazing feat by dropping easier content than in the past, but offering hard modes for the hardcore players (which is an entirely different conversation to have some day). They bring in new streams of revenue by letting other online game formats test out the micro transaction model, and yes $25 is micro to a lot more people than you would want to think. Maybe if you are working at a fast food joint, spending three hours of your wages is a bit excessive, but if you are a white collared worker that is really only around an hour of work, maybe less depending on the field of work you are in. Damn, I wandered off track a little there, but it is true and trust me their marketing department has definitely done the research to know what the majority of the player base is willing to spend money on.

So how are we doing on a well thought out post? See the bottom line here kiddies is that whether you like the shit they are putting in the store or not, there is not a damn thing you can do about it. They have to meet their business goals and that is the bottom line. My recommendation to those who are bitching over this is to get the fuck over it and move on. This is just the beginning of the era of micro transactions in games and you might as well learn to deal with it now. It would be one thing if they were dropping current top tiered items in the store to purchase. Ol' Rather would be the very first one out there dropping the f-bomb and ranting, but the truth is that they are not and probably never will do that. I could see them adding in some heirloom type gear into the store though as that has no real effect on the end game play either. Scream all you want, throw a tantrum that puts a four year old to shame, fucking pitch a huge ass fit, but at the end of the day you cannot do a damn thing about it.


Sander said...
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Kaboomski said...

Oh man, hilarious! :D

I absolutely agree on each and every single argument in your post, right there!

Btw, I commented on your last post about it having a tad too much "fuck" in it, but this one seems to be just perfect in that respect. Keep up the good work!

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