Friday, April 30, 2010

A Question For You!

Sorry kids, no time to rage or rant today. I have had a pretty busy week and unfortunately it left me no time to put something together I woud aprove of. So to that effect, I am opening the blog up for today to your rage! Drop a line about something you are mad about. Rage over something you saw. Spew forth letters of hatred about the things which anger you. It does not need to be WoW related, even though that is the focus of this blog. After a day or so I will respond back and hell, I may even invite you to rage for me some week, either here (if Ruhtra is not looking) or over at my quiet blog.



Anonymous said...

You know what pisses me off? I get aggrevated at bloggers who either throw up regertetated stuff or who dont throw anything up for long periods like weeks on end.

Don't you people know that you are a part of my damn life? You have a responsibility to us!

Ruhtra said...

I get annoyed at wasting time, regardless in game or out.


@ Anonymous

Well, sir I would say you need to get some more friends (meaning that nicely). A blog is something that is done to express our feelings. Not as something that we owe. If you like to read someone's blog that is great, but to say that you are owed something or that we have a responsibility is a little incorrect in my opinion.

Jen said...

Blackrock Mountain. The dungeons. Particularly UBRS. The corpse run. The fucking lava and chains and jumping up and down and getting completely lost and not being able to find your body OR the spirit healer and having to ticket a GM to get you out.

I hate Blackrock Mountain so so much right now and I'm extatic that my priest finally hit 58 and I never have to see the old world again. (until the next alt...)