Thursday, April 1, 2010


When you hear the word "loyal", what comes to your mind? As I wrote that sentence, I immediately thought about my dog. She is one of the most loyal pets I have ever had. She doesn't care if I am in a bad mood or a good mood because she just wants to be in the same room with me. When I am having a bad day, she just simply wags her tail and nudges my arm to get attention. If I make a sound that would seem I am in distress, then she comes running with fur ruffled and sounding as ferocious as she can. When I arrive home after being away for twelve hours at work, she wags her tail so hard that her entire backside moves with it. In short, no matter what I do she is there with me.

So why did I share all of that with you? Well, for one, to say that I have one of the coolest dogs in the world! The second point is to have something to compare my loyalty for my guild (and its members) against. You see a short while ago there was a minor incident that brought into question my loyalty to a member of my guild versus someone that they had an altercation with. The easiest course of action for me would have been to say that the member in question was on their own; however, this is not the way of MAS or myself. When push comes to shove, everyone knows in MAS that I am going to stand with them no matter what.

The flip side to this coin is that because I am the guild leader, I have to look out for what is best over all for the health of the guild. This can be a fine line to maneuver through a difficult situation. On one side you want to go to war and unleash hell on those that have attacked your friends and guild mates. On the other side you do not want to loose focus of what the guild (as a whole) is working towards. You also do not want to allow the reputation of the guild to be drug through the mud. So what are you (as the leader) supposed to do?

Well, in truth there are three ways that I have reacted to situations in the past which were similar to this one. The first reaction was to go to war and be damned to all consequences! Typically this will just prolong the situation and bring more people in than is really necessary. The second reaction was to immediately approach all sides of the problem and try to have them work it out. This typically will result in you being drug into one side or the other regardless of your efforts. The third reaction that I have learned to utilize in the past year is to distance yourself from the situation. Look at it from all sides. Review the pros and cons of the argument and most importantly be slow to anger and even slower to speak. Allow the parties themselves, to get worked up and allow them to vent their frustrations, aggravations, and rage. Once all of this has been released, then I will look to negotiate a settlement, agreement, or arrangement.

It is an extremely fine line that we walk as guild leaders. There is no simple set of instructions that states when problem "A" arises utilize solution number fourteen. We simply have to look at the bigger picture and try our hardest to not get sidetracked to the little things that creep up. So with that, I am closing the pages on this little incident of the past few days and moving forward. Neither side really came out as a winner, but I am sure that both sides have grown and learned from this experience. I look forward to talking about some changes that are coming to Holy Shock in my next blog. I just have to hold off until everything is completely finalized.


RatherNotSay said...

Well, I do understand where you are coming from and what you say makes sense, but damn dude!

Why not have let it go on a little longer? Everyone loves some good drama. I bet your guild member blogs, forums, and website had a ton of hits because like you said a few days ago, everyone loves drama!

Ruhtra said...

I ended it because there was no need for it. It started over something that is silly and escalated to where it should never have gone.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you, what do you do if your guild member is in the wrong?

No clue of all that went on, but what if your guild member was in the wrong? How do you defend someone who you would know to be wrong?

Especially as a guild leader, isn't your responsibility to uphold the guild name versus the member, if said member were to be in the wrong and you knew it?

Ruhtra said...

@ Anonymous

I appreciate the question, but it seems that you are trying to incinuate something. If I understand your question, you want to find out what I would do if someone were clearly in the wrong regarding an action and then would my reaction be the same?

That is a little different than the subject of this topic. You see this incident arose from a "kill steal" that happened earlier in the eveningand escalated to a kill on site list that was posted for the entire guild.

I take the standpoint that it sucks if someone charges ahead and take something you were working for, but we are not entitled to anything at all in WoW and for that reason alone I do not think that the member was in the wrong.

I decided to sit out because where the incident flaired was not anywhere around the actual member who was ganked. It flaired between members who wanted to have some proper PVP. Due to the emotions of the situations, I chose not to say too much one way or the other and once the emotions had ran out some, I then worked to bring it to a close simply because no one wins in a situation that escalates the way this particular one did.

I am happy to say that I think everyone who was involved has calmed down some and moved on. I believe there has even been some friendly chit chat between the parties involved.

Hope that answers your question.