Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forum Posts Are Amusing

So I am actually off work for once and not sick. That is a weird thing. I have been pretty under the weather lately and it is refreshing just to feel good, have a sunny day out, and be off work without worrying about running to the doctor's office. Anyway, today is maintenance day and that means no WoW for a while. Seeings as I have not had a lot of time to do much, I have spent the last hour or so browsing the forums and I came across this basic forum under suggestions requesting a personal bank. If you look at it, it is litterally basic.

I pretty much like the concept of a personal bank where you could share items among your toons. It would be nice, but I think they have some bigger projects on their hands. It got me thinking though because someone mentioned something about earning interest. While they were trying to be funny (I think), it made me wonder about banking from a different perspective. What if Blizzard allowed players (or guilds) to actually set up a loan system? Need that darn Mechanohog and cannot wait to earn it on your own? Well then swing by your favorite local bank and take out a loan! Of course there would be a small interest rate that would apply to all loaned gold and that would mean a new market place for those investors who have grown tired of the boring auction house. After all what greater risk/reward concept is there than to loan money with the chance of reaping profits or losing everything? [By no way am I actually serious about this, but it was a random funny thought I had and felt the need to share it.]

I have one last thing I wanted to talk about today and it involves the changes I mentioned at the end of my last post. I had mentioned that there were some changes coming to Holy Shock and I want to take a moment to talk about the first change. As of today, Rather from over at The WoW Perspective From An Altoholic will be joining me here on Holy Shock! I hope that you are already familiar with Rather. He is a little over the top at times, but I feel that he brings a fresh perspective about things that a lot of times most other bloggers are afraid to talk about. I know I have always really enjoyed his posts and always find some humor in his rants. I look forward to him bringing that same passion here to Holy Shock and I hope you all enjoy it as well.


Anonymous said...

On the whole joke about the bank for loans, I kind of like the idea. I hate grinding for gold. I hate playing the auction house. However, there are some minor things I need gold for that I end up getting in a week of just playing through running randoms and raids. Why not let someone front me the gold and pay the funds back over a set period of time.

If I default on the loan, then take something of value from me, perhaps the flasks I used the funds for. The only thing I could see being problematic is if I spend all the flasks. I guess that is the whole limitation of it. Not like a real world where if I do not pay on my car they can come and haul it away. It would be nice though for a way to borrow money.

As far as adding Rather....

Are you sure that is a good idea? The guy goes over board sometimes in my opinion. Oh well, either way I will continue to read.

RatherNotSay said...

Bank loans in WoW? Step away from the financial industry please!

@ Anonymous

You don't like me? WTH?!? I am a warm fuzzy guy once you get to know me. Sure I may blow up and rant about things, but we all have to do that or else we would end up imploding (or taking a gun out and blowing some people away)! We don't want that do we? [Joking on most of what I just say]

I will tell you what. Take a while, read some posts that I throw up on here and if you disagree than feel free to let me know about it. I welcome the debate.