Thursday, April 22, 2010

The End?

Why is that everyone is talking like Wrath of the Lich King is officially over? For me personally, the Lich King is still alive and breathing and you can bet that he and I have a future date to keep. That being said, I cannot begin to fathom how so many people are speaking about the current expansion as if it were now history. I understand that as more and more information is released about classes and content that people tend to start dreaming of their new little green friend or hairy wolfman, but come on folks quite a few playerss have not even managed to down the first wing of ICC much less killed Arthas on hard mode.

I have actually sat down and mentally written a list of things that I want to do in the game during this expansion and it turns out it is an extremely long list. A list which I am going to present (in part) today to all of you!

1. Kill the Lich King - I mean sure I have ran from him like a scared school girl from a scary monster in a movie franchise, but I want to take my Holy Light filled mace and ram it right upside is head. Yeah, you know Holy or not, I am going to be Shocking the hell out of Arthas when we meet.

2. Insane - This may be something that I do not ever achieve, but it is on the list because it is something that I would love to get.

3. 100,000 Honorable Kills - I do not want this for the title, since it is a horrible title anyway, but I want it because I love PVP. That is the simple truth with no other explanation.

4. Trade Skills - It is wierd but true that I have never leveled any profession on Ruhtra all the way. I start out with great ideas and then somewhere along the way, I lose focus or decide that another skill would better serve me and then I go and switch it. Thus I have leveled Blacksmithing (twice), Mining (twice), Enchanting, Herbalism, and Alchemy.

5. Loremaster - I hate questing! If you ask any of the members of MAS who have been around for a while now, they will tell you that I litterally avoid questing as if it were a plague. There is nothing wrong with doing quests, I just find it annoying to have to compete with a million other people for the same item. On a PVP server it meant I was out in the open exposed more than I wanted to be and so from an early level I just started looking for a way around questing. That was answered by healing or by logging on at odd hours and grinding kills.

6. Gold Cap - I would love to hit gold cap. My problem is that I always find ways to spend it. Now I will admit that as I continue to level my alt's professions that there is less and less that I need to go out and purchase and I am starting to see my gold actually stock piling, but then I look at those nice multi passenger vehicles and I think to myself wouldn't it be nice if Ruhtra had one to help speed up the leveling process of my and my wife's alts? Next thing you know, I will go out and burn the money on it. Then again the cap is a cap and once hit you would need to spend it on something.

7. Alliance - I have started so many Alliance characters and left them sitting on the shelf that I just once would like to level one to experience the other side of the story. The only problem is that most Alliance players I have met (sorry guys) annoy the hell out of me. Although this has evened out some since they started allowing faction changes, since now 50% of the Horde are now also annoying me.

I could go on with this list for some time, but as you can see there is a lot there that I still would love to do, or at least attempt doing before the end of this expansion. I am not ready to close the door on Northrend and while I know that there are new challenges that lay ahead of us all, I am still content to go after the challenges left in the current content. Maybe I am the minority and the rest of the people out there have done everything that this game has to offer and holds all the achievements and titles to match it?


Kaboomski said...

Nice post!

I absolutely agree, there is still much to do, especially if you haven't been on the band wagon from the start of WotLK like me. My personals? I'd love to finish every raid there currently is, since I only have done a few (all classic raids excluded). That includes killing Arthas of course. I'd love doing an epic tank heal during that fight (1% HP to 100% HP, in your face!).

RatherNotSay said...

I have to agree with you here. There is a lot of content left in the game, especially for those who have not been around since Vanilla.

I know for me, I would personally like to be able to do that Loremaster achievement just because it represents some pretty hard work that was put in. Shit, that reminds me that I should look and see where I am on that one.