Thursday, March 11, 2010

What To Do?

I had a really good well thought out topic to go over tonight, but then PuGland hit and I am just not in the mood to write objectively without anger coming through. So instead of raging, I switched servers and jumped on Ruhtra (SAN) and did a little more world expoloration. Now something I have to be really upfront and honest about is the fact that I am a dancing fool in the game. (In real life I suffer from two left feet that are crippled figuratively speaking of course.) So whenever there is a moment of boredom or waiting for a person/beast/creature/opposing faction to spawn, I break out into dance!

It happened tonight while we were saving some half naked fuzzy woodland princess. We had just spoken to the helpless lass stuck in the cage and were bravely slicing and dicing our way through the bad little fuzzy wuzzies when we realized that their chief must have stepped out for the little chief's room or something. I am a fairly patient person and managed to hold down the dance moves for about five seconds. I busted my best move and got Eusy to shake it for me!

Well, the chief decided to show up and we got our nasty whackity whack on and grabbed the key to the car, went back and rescued the princess, and then went to the Winchester....wait, that was Sean of the Dead. Anyway, we whacked the baddy, rescued the princess, and ran back to let the Elek hurder know that everything was going to be A-OK!

We then picked up the quest to head over to some town that I do not remember the name of, so I shall call it town number two for now. Upon arriving there, we found all kinds of friendly people with exclamation points all over the place. We rounded up the quests, grabbed the flight path back to the old Exodar and did a few simple things there and headed back to town number two. On the way back I started hitting /silly, and oh my gosh! The jokes for the Draenei are so far my favorite jokes. Also, let me please make this public announcement for Ruhtra (SAN) and ask if anyone has found my family jewels, please return them to him. He really would be happy for that! Priceless comedy. So I then hit /flirt and those were quite the comedy act as well.

Eusy could not resist and so she hits her /silly and the first thing we find out about Eusy is that they are real and they will cut glass! Yeah Ruhtra is loving the good life over on Argent Dawn -US - RP! If you have resisted the urge to check it out, do not! It really is just a laid back place to go and mess around for a few hours. What started out as me being pissed at bad luck turned out to be quite a good laugh and has put me in good spirits!

I ended the night with a little hoof action and logged out doing the Draenie jig! Catch everyone tomorrow when we may finally talk a little bit about PVP and Warlocks! Yeah, Emprius is back in black and dropping opponents left and right!

Oh one more thing before I go, I had some great conversations today with the people in SAN (Single Abstract Noun) and I do want to encourage everyone to say hi and feel free to ask questions about whatever. I love the interaction and with some of you I feel like I know you already.

Keep on dancing!

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