Monday, March 29, 2010

Update Time

So it has been quite a while since anything consistant has been put up around here. While I would typically apologize for this, I do not see a need to, but rather I feel a simple explanation is in order. Here in the US we are in the midst of tax season and while I may not be an accountant, tax season definitely impacts me. After all, where else do you think accountants (and do it yourselfers) call when they do not understand cost basis or other financial related tax situations? You guessed it! They call the banks and brokerage firms! I guess basically I am saying, do not expect to see much from me until after April 15, at the earliest.

Some other news around here is that I am expanding the blog to the website again. Worry not though, I am keeping my blog right here on and also on the new website. That means though that I have a lot of stuff going on with moving the old posts to the new site, transferring the links, updating content, and still trying to find time to write out a post or two. I am hoping to have a few surprises up over on the actual website as well, but we will wait and see. I do not want to say too much about it until I iron out some of the stuff and finalize it all. Either way, make sure to swing by and check it out. I am hoping to make it a lot of fun over there and over here!

On to some in-game WoW stuff! I am happy to say that I have around half of my toons updated with their new UIs. The next time I say I am going to be updating an UI, someone please stop me! Hog tie me and put me in a corner until the desire passes! Please?!

Well, I will check back with you all later on! I guess not feeling well and missing some work has an advantage in the area of at least updating a blog. Now if I can get my sinus issues in order I will be golden!

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