Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nothing Ever Changes...

Actually in the case of my blog things are always changing. I finally finished up most of the tweaking I was working on and now I get to have the fun of setting up all the blogs back into the blog roll. The good side is that it gives me a great reason to spend as much time as possible reading through as many blogs as I can to get them all back on the list

Along the lines of change over the weekend I decided my UI had become way too cluttered with all sorts of add-ons all over the place. I had around 125 add-ons cluttering my system and my screen. Most of which either did not work or were no longer needed. With that in mind I wiped all the add-ons in my Add-ons Folder and also deleted all the .lua files that were in the WTF Folder. If you do not understand all that, I basically wiped the game back to what it was when I opened the box those many moons ago. I then begane the process of sorting through to acquire new add-ons and give some flare to the UI of my toons. Here is the end result for the first three:

Ruhtra was the first one that I redid and I wanted to make his UI as clutter free as possible, since he was the main culprit for clutter as my top raiding toon. I think I did a great job on minimizing down all the clutter. I then set about to add in the artwork for the UI. I wanted something that represented the Light and I believe I created a really nice look for him. It took a little bit of time to get all of the other add-ons color in line with the main backdrop, but I really liked how it all turned out and it definitely is much gentler on the eyes.

I stuck with the simple forumula for Braama (Druid) as well. The main difference is really in the artwork. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but I did like the way the Horde banner looked and I do run him in a lot of battlegrounds right now so it seemed right. I love the mini map add on (SexyMap) because it was the perfect looking mini-map design for a druid with the leaf pattern border.

The last one I have started working on is Emprius. I naturally wanted something that had a darker feel to it for the simple reason that he is after all a Warlock. I worked with the mini-map and finally settled on the red glowing design because it seemed to blend well into the overall look. I am only half way done with his as I still have to finish out his duel-spec button configuration, but the buttons are the easiest of the work in my humble opinion. One other thing I love is the fading feature of Dominos. You cannot see it in the screenshot, but I have a bar on the upper right side of my screen that when you scroll in that area becomes visibile and is where I have all of the summons for my demons stored.

I love looking at UIs because it reveals alot about the type of player that we are. What about everyone else? What does your UI look like? Is it cluttered, organized, unmodified?


Tam said...

Mine says I am disorganised with a limited attention span :P

New UIs look great!

Ruhtra said...

I know that feeling. I should look through my screenshots when I get home tonight and see if I have one showing what my screen use to look like.

Imagine a 1"x1" square and everything else around the screen covered in charts, raid frames, and God knows what else. That was me. It's a wonder anyone lived in a run with me.