Monday, March 29, 2010

Update Time

So it has been quite a while since anything consistant has been put up around here. While I would typically apologize for this, I do not see a need to, but rather I feel a simple explanation is in order. Here in the US we are in the midst of tax season and while I may not be an accountant, tax season definitely impacts me. After all, where else do you think accountants (and do it yourselfers) call when they do not understand cost basis or other financial related tax situations? You guessed it! They call the banks and brokerage firms! I guess basically I am saying, do not expect to see much from me until after April 15, at the earliest.

Some other news around here is that I am expanding the blog to the website again. Worry not though, I am keeping my blog right here on and also on the new website. That means though that I have a lot of stuff going on with moving the old posts to the new site, transferring the links, updating content, and still trying to find time to write out a post or two. I am hoping to have a few surprises up over on the actual website as well, but we will wait and see. I do not want to say too much about it until I iron out some of the stuff and finalize it all. Either way, make sure to swing by and check it out. I am hoping to make it a lot of fun over there and over here!

On to some in-game WoW stuff! I am happy to say that I have around half of my toons updated with their new UIs. The next time I say I am going to be updating an UI, someone please stop me! Hog tie me and put me in a corner until the desire passes! Please?!

Well, I will check back with you all later on! I guess not feeling well and missing some work has an advantage in the area of at least updating a blog. Now if I can get my sinus issues in order I will be golden!

Blogger Drama

(This post was written last week while I was in training at my job and unable to publish. Enjoy!)

Why is that as bloggers we seem to always manage to find drama? In the past couple of weeks, it is no secret that there was an "incident" that evolved into one blogger who, at the time of writing this, has decided to stop blogging. This in turn resulted in a "War of Bloggers" (although it was more one-sided and humorous) of sorts. As I read through the different posts of those involved you could sense their emotions as they as they wrote their posts and respond to commenters. I can't help but stop and ask the question, why? Why so much drama?

I think in part as humans we are drawn to drama like a moth is drawn to flames. Stop and think back to some of the biggest events in the past year or so of blogging. I would dare to say that if we composed a top ten list, it would be composed of probably 80% drama related events. As I was writing this, I imediately thought of the Gevlon/Markco situation a while back. I am sure you thought of a few yourself as you have been reading as well.

I suppose when it comes right down to it, drama is entertaining. If you do not believe me, then why is it when you post a general, perhaps informational post, that your commenters go way down? Yes, certainly it has to do with the fact that people may not want to just something like "well done", but I tend to view it as a little different. I think we view drama like a train wreck. You hate to see it, but you just can't look away. Take for instance, the recent staged drama from the SANs US. They managed to get quite a few folks riled up, but did the courtesy of revealing the ruse before any real damage could be done. Why were people so willing to take a side so quickly? The single answer is that we love drama.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nothing Ever Changes...

Actually in the case of my blog things are always changing. I finally finished up most of the tweaking I was working on and now I get to have the fun of setting up all the blogs back into the blog roll. The good side is that it gives me a great reason to spend as much time as possible reading through as many blogs as I can to get them all back on the list

Along the lines of change over the weekend I decided my UI had become way too cluttered with all sorts of add-ons all over the place. I had around 125 add-ons cluttering my system and my screen. Most of which either did not work or were no longer needed. With that in mind I wiped all the add-ons in my Add-ons Folder and also deleted all the .lua files that were in the WTF Folder. If you do not understand all that, I basically wiped the game back to what it was when I opened the box those many moons ago. I then begane the process of sorting through to acquire new add-ons and give some flare to the UI of my toons. Here is the end result for the first three:

Ruhtra was the first one that I redid and I wanted to make his UI as clutter free as possible, since he was the main culprit for clutter as my top raiding toon. I think I did a great job on minimizing down all the clutter. I then set about to add in the artwork for the UI. I wanted something that represented the Light and I believe I created a really nice look for him. It took a little bit of time to get all of the other add-ons color in line with the main backdrop, but I really liked how it all turned out and it definitely is much gentler on the eyes.

I stuck with the simple forumula for Braama (Druid) as well. The main difference is really in the artwork. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but I did like the way the Horde banner looked and I do run him in a lot of battlegrounds right now so it seemed right. I love the mini map add on (SexyMap) because it was the perfect looking mini-map design for a druid with the leaf pattern border.

The last one I have started working on is Emprius. I naturally wanted something that had a darker feel to it for the simple reason that he is after all a Warlock. I worked with the mini-map and finally settled on the red glowing design because it seemed to blend well into the overall look. I am only half way done with his as I still have to finish out his duel-spec button configuration, but the buttons are the easiest of the work in my humble opinion. One other thing I love is the fading feature of Dominos. You cannot see it in the screenshot, but I have a bar on the upper right side of my screen that when you scroll in that area becomes visibile and is where I have all of the summons for my demons stored.

I love looking at UIs because it reveals alot about the type of player that we are. What about everyone else? What does your UI look like? Is it cluttered, organized, unmodified?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blog Maintenance

If you happen to be looking around and wondered what in the hell happened to the blog, don't worry! I am just doing some much needed tweaking and unfortunately it seems the longer you blog the more tweaking becomes like demolition work followed by a building a sky scraper. I promise I will have this done in a couple days (hopefully sooner)!

Friday, March 12, 2010

On Lock Down

Alright today I want to take a closer look at Warlocks in WoW (that would make a hell of a blog name too by the way). The last couple weeks I have been spending a lot of time playing Emprius and I forgot how much fun a Warlock can be in both PVE and PVP. I know most folks tend to think of my blog as being a Paladin blog, but in reality I have a few level capped toons and quite a bit of experience with other classes. To be honest, the only other class that has ever apealed to me as much as the Paladin is the Warlock, and so I am going to share with you some of what I have learned along the way.

When I first started playing my Lock, it was back in the day of the dot, dot, dot, fear, rinse and repeat style of play. I pretty much was focused on just leveling and doing some PVP with Emprius. I never really took him serious as far as raiding content was concerned. So when Wrath launched and they switched a lot of the mechanics around I was somewhat at a loss and unsure if I liked the changes. Those changes though allowed me to take a closer look at both the demonology and destruction trees. Having leveled on a PVP server in a guild that was more PVP than PVE, I pretty much stuck with an affliction build through all of BC (Burning Crusade).

When I finally decided to level Emprius, I played with a few different variations but finally settled on a build that went deep enough into destruction to pick up the Fel Guard and then focused the rest of the talents into the destruction tree to give me some utility such as harder hitting spells and what not. This actually worked out really well for leveling. It did not matter if I was questing, running an instance, or chasing Alliance around in battlegrounds; the build provided just enough fire power to keep me competitive and not sitting at the bottom of the charts. I did however realize that once I hit 80 I would need to respec my builds. I posted a while back the build I finally settled on and if you really want to know just go ahead and click right here and it will take you to the armory for Emprius and more specifically to the destruction build that I am currently using.

A couple things to point out about this build, it is definitely not meant for someone who is a fresh leveled character. The thing to remember about Warlocks (and most casters for that matter) is that they have a very high hit rating that they must hit and this build does not take advantage of the free +hit rating available to you in the affliction tree. I also want to point out that this build does not have the Soul Leach or Improved Soul Leach talent built in. If you by chance are not familiar with those abilities, they are basically a replenishment utility ability that can benefit an entire raid. The other large downside to this particular build is the constant changing of gear and the effects that this has on the hit rating.

A couple things that I have come to love about this build is the soul link ability. At first I was concerned that this ability would kill my Imp, but because the build incorportates Fel Synergy, your increased spell power is going to come in handy for healing your pets. The other thing is that this build is all about big spell power. The 30% increased spell power from Demonic Aegis is a huge stat boost to you. As is the case with any build there are a couple talent points that you could consider moving, but in all honesty this build has been a good build to use so far. Now I cannot attest to its output in upper tiered raids, but it has performed perfectly fine in ToCr 10.

As is the case with any caster class, spell power is going to be your bread and butter. The more spell power you can get from sources other than gear, the better off you will be. With the talent build itself, you gain quite a bit of spell power off of spirt, but do not forget to take a look at the Glyph of Lifetap. It is another 20% spell power based off of spirit. That is a huge gain of spell power for a few points in a talent tree and one glyph. It does place a little more importance on using Lifetap as a part of your priority/rotation, but the benefit is well worth it and there are plenty of add-ons that are out there to help you keep track of when it is up. Since I brought up the concept of priority let's talk a little bit about what a proper (at least for me) spell cast sequence should look like

I will typically start off a fight by casting Curse of Elements on the targeted mob. I follow this up with Lifetap to increase my spell power. I then cast Corruption (if on a boss or target with a lot of health or required movement). The next thing you want to hit up is going to be Immolate. I then will hit Conflagrate. Next up is going to be Chaos Bolt and then Incinerate. At this point, your rotation mentality is going to be over and you are going to need to make sure to be watching to hit Conflagrate, Immolate, Chaos Bolt, and Corruption (if being used) as soon as they are available. Very few trash mobs will have you move past your rotation so it does not get too confusing until you hit bosses or a mob that has a higher health pool than usual. One thing I would highly recommend is spending some time on the target dummies to get your timing down. I wanted to go into more detail about my cast order, but as my haste is going to be different than yours, it would be rather pointless. By utilizing the target dummy you will be able to see when your priority spells will be off cool down and then you will be able to learn to expect to cast certain spells in what may resemble a rotation to you again.

I have left one spell completely out of conversation just simply because we all know what our AoE spell is and I hope we all know how to control ourselves when using it. I have to admit that from time to time, I get a little overzealous and go nuts with raining fire down from the heavens and when I do, often times I pay the price for it. So be very, very, very careful when lighting up mobs. If your tank is not a Paladin, perhaps test the waters and see if they can hold agro, but if it makes their job a lot harder (or they just seem to be struggling) then just back off of the pyro show and go to single target melt down. Trust me, those big numbers are a lot of fun, but those big repair bills are just plain down right stupid and easy to avoid.

I want to take a moment and talk a little bit about the stats that we want as a Warlock. I am not going to go into a lot of depth since there are a lot of great sites out there who can crunch numbers and give you the mathematical reasons for selecting certain stats above others. I am however going to give you what I think are important stats to keep in mind as you begin gearing up your Warlock. The number one stat that you are going to want, scratch that, need is hit rating. I do not care if you had 7,000,000 spell power. If you are under hit cap, you are going to be losing precious DPS. So number one stat on my mind (especially when in direct relation to this build) is hit. I would dare to say that it is going to be the number one stat regardless of build. Once you make it to the hit cap, the next important stat to look for is going to be haste. The concept here is simple, quicker cast time will equal extra casts which should translate into some DPS improvement. Once you feel you have enough haste, then you may want to consider looking into crit rating. I did not mention spell power or spirit as you should be able to acquire enough of that on your gear itself.

When looking at your gems you are going to only want to use spell power, spell power and hit, or spell power and spirit. I would recommend staying away from the others unless you have no other choice. I have read where some people prefer to stack straight spell power and I suppose that would make since at top tier gear, but at lower levels I think we can still benefit from using a mixture of stats. On the subject of stats, let's talk about enchants for a breif moment. Enchants are going to be much like your gem selection in that this is where you can make up for some missing stats, but don't waste your enchants. I try to stick with spell power enchants on all of my gear. At times I may select something else if I feel I am low on a certain stat, but overall my focus has been, and always will be on spell power enchants.

I think we have done a pretty good job talking about some basic ideas for playing a Warlock here and now I want to turn my attention to PVP. I have not done serious PVP with Emprius since a couple months before the end of BC. I did level through the battlegrounds some with Emprius, but I did not make a focus of studying Warlock PVP. I just targeted someone and sicked my Fel Guard on them and tried to hide while my dots and demon burned them down. A couple weeks back my current arena partner for my Paladin was talking about not wanting to do arena with his Death Knight for some reason or another. He did however, want to run arena on his Druid. So we hooked up his Druid with my Warlock and formed the team Dark Growth (clever name huh?). His Druid was better geared than my Lock, but we were both way undergeared in regards to actually competing in arena. I also only had one spec at the time and my destruction spec while high in power is horrible in PVP because everything requires planting and casting (which does not happen in arena).

I decided I would either respec or pay for duel spec since we wanted to do some arena on a more serious note this season. I finally decided on paying for duel spec because I loved being able to run PVE content with my Lock and gathered a ton of gear in a short period of time. So I scraped together the last bits of gold and purchased the duel spec and settled on an affliction talent build. I am only going to touch briefly on this build since I have not had it very long, but when I set it up I wanted to focus on increasing the damage from dots and the survivability of myself in relation to going into an arena. I may make changes over time on the build, but from running in a few battlegrounds and Wintergrasp it has so far done quite well.

The next issue beside getting a PVP build, was actually getting some gear. I had the complete Frostsavage gear set that I created to use while leveling in the battlegrounds, but it was severely lacking some punch. I did have some honor points saved up that I used to upgrade my neck and cloak when I hit 80 and therefore had two pieces of Furious gear. I had my old Brutal wand as well. Pretty pathetic, but it did supply a little resilience. I decided that in order to get the better gear I would need to start hitting up some battlegrounds and doing Wintergrasp as often as I could. Which I have been doing the last couple weeks on a regular basis. At this point and time I have managed to upgrade some of my gear. I am not nearly done and expect it to take quite some time to get my gear to where I want it to be, but the game plan is set now and slowly I am switching pieces of gear out.

I did manage to hit a milestone for Emprius while collecting his gear. I had been running Wintergrasp to get the tokens because I wanted the cloak being offered there from the vendor and I also wanted to test out my Affliction build to determine its level of survivability. What better way to see how long you can live than running into a mob of tenacity wielding Alliance players right? Well, the results were positive, the dots managed to provide enough damage when spread out to a group of Allaince toons that the health replenishment was keeping me up along with some great healers and the Soul Link ability being used on my Fel Hunter.

I am pleased overall with the progress of gathering gear and the utilization of the talent build. I felt pretty good about the build and while the gear is lacking, I wanted to test out how well it worked in an arena setting. So we queued up and the first team we ran into was tough. I would imagine they were geared similar to where we were and they played very well together. They were running a Frost Mage/Survival Hunter comp, and the Mage was vicious. He definitely knew what he was doing. He locked my school up and they proceeded to go after my Druid partner. I did manage to get the Mage before he dropped my partner, but the Hunter tore me up as I ran out of mana. A huge lesson learned there was that I needed to conserve mana and hit Lifetap where I could during the match while my partner was up and able to replenish my health. It was a good lesson learned. The next match we were ROFLSTMPD! It was a Warrior and Death Knight and they destroyed me before I could flinch. I was mad, but I knew when I saw them charging in that it was going to be a five second match. After these two teams we did not see any teams that were better than us. We did get taken out by a Rogue/Rogue team, which was embarasing considering I saw them approaching and missed my fear on one of them (/facepalm).

At the end of the night we had won five and lost five, but walked away with a whole lot of knowledge on where we needed to improve in order to get some victories. A couple of things in particular I discovered/remembered were as follows:
  1. Warlocks have mana drain for a reason! We ran into a retribution Paladin/discipline Priest team and we were having a hell of a time trying to take them down. If we got the Priest down, the Paladin would pop a couple heals to the point where it was just enough. The Paladin also was using cleanse (which I give him credit for that) which was making my dots no where near as effective as they could have been. That is when I remembered I had mana drain! I tapped that Paladin out and then tapped out the Priest's mana and then me and my partner had a chuckle as we took them out.
  2. Spell Penetration is going to be something I need for arena! Yeah, talk about feeling like a nub. Try taking down a well geared resto Shaman when you keep having everything resisted (which is why we want resilience and hate resilience all at the same time). In order to compensate for the lack of punch, we instituted the mana drain and proceeded to beat her down that way.
  3. Fear Bomb in the Orgrimmar arena is priceless! We drew a ret Paladin and an unholy Death Knight for our one match there. On the way up, I asked my partner to hot me up and I started jumping against the wall facing our oponents. I jumped over into their elevator before it was fully up, dropped my instant Howel of Terror and then hit Death Coil on the Death Knight (I love doing that to them) and then feared the Paladin since he was nice enough to use his bubble to break the Howel of Terror. With the Paladin running around like a sissy and apparantly not remembering to get the PVP trinket, we proceeded to kill the confused Death Knight who was disoriented from being feared twice and then rooted.
  4. Communication is the key! We beat some teams we should not have beaten, but that is because after each match we talk through the best strategy to use. Sometimes we will use vent and other times we just simply type out what we are thinking. Either way, coming up with strategies on the fly is the key to success in any PVP situation.
  5. Switching your fears! In one of the first matches I completely forgot that your fears and crowd control (CC) abilities deminish and after three uses of the same spell on the same individual, that same individual will then be immuned to said spell until you switch the spells.
Well, that is about all that I have for today. I apologize if this was a little bit larger of a post. I had debated on making a couple of posts in a row, but felt that would drag it out and may lose the focus of what I really wanted to cover. Also, if you go running and look at my Lock save the your gems are all wrong comments as I am aware of this, but quite frankly I went from all blues to the current gear in about two days and have not had the gold or time to really go and regem my PVE gear. I would however love to hear from others about your thoughts on Warlocks in PVP or PVE. Love them, hate them, want to throw them out of the game, think they are weak, think they dream of being a Mage? Then drop a comment or create a post and link it under my comments section. I love reading other people's thoughts on stuff.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What To Do?

I had a really good well thought out topic to go over tonight, but then PuGland hit and I am just not in the mood to write objectively without anger coming through. So instead of raging, I switched servers and jumped on Ruhtra (SAN) and did a little more world expoloration. Now something I have to be really upfront and honest about is the fact that I am a dancing fool in the game. (In real life I suffer from two left feet that are crippled figuratively speaking of course.) So whenever there is a moment of boredom or waiting for a person/beast/creature/opposing faction to spawn, I break out into dance!

It happened tonight while we were saving some half naked fuzzy woodland princess. We had just spoken to the helpless lass stuck in the cage and were bravely slicing and dicing our way through the bad little fuzzy wuzzies when we realized that their chief must have stepped out for the little chief's room or something. I am a fairly patient person and managed to hold down the dance moves for about five seconds. I busted my best move and got Eusy to shake it for me!

Well, the chief decided to show up and we got our nasty whackity whack on and grabbed the key to the car, went back and rescued the princess, and then went to the Winchester....wait, that was Sean of the Dead. Anyway, we whacked the baddy, rescued the princess, and ran back to let the Elek hurder know that everything was going to be A-OK!

We then picked up the quest to head over to some town that I do not remember the name of, so I shall call it town number two for now. Upon arriving there, we found all kinds of friendly people with exclamation points all over the place. We rounded up the quests, grabbed the flight path back to the old Exodar and did a few simple things there and headed back to town number two. On the way back I started hitting /silly, and oh my gosh! The jokes for the Draenei are so far my favorite jokes. Also, let me please make this public announcement for Ruhtra (SAN) and ask if anyone has found my family jewels, please return them to him. He really would be happy for that! Priceless comedy. So I then hit /flirt and those were quite the comedy act as well.

Eusy could not resist and so she hits her /silly and the first thing we find out about Eusy is that they are real and they will cut glass! Yeah Ruhtra is loving the good life over on Argent Dawn -US - RP! If you have resisted the urge to check it out, do not! It really is just a laid back place to go and mess around for a few hours. What started out as me being pissed at bad luck turned out to be quite a good laugh and has put me in good spirits!

I ended the night with a little hoof action and logged out doing the Draenie jig! Catch everyone tomorrow when we may finally talk a little bit about PVP and Warlocks! Yeah, Emprius is back in black and dropping opponents left and right!

Oh one more thing before I go, I had some great conversations today with the people in SAN (Single Abstract Noun) and I do want to encourage everyone to say hi and feel free to ask questions about whatever. I love the interaction and with some of you I feel like I know you already.

Keep on dancing!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Guild For The Community, By The Community

Alright, so I admit that I have been slacking off some on the blogging front. I have no excuse outside of everyday life. Well, maybe just one thing has side tracked me a little. If you have been reading in blogs over the last couple days then it should come as no surprise that there is a new guild in town. Single Abstract Noun was formed from a great idea by Tamarind and implemented for the US blogging community by Miss Medecina. In short, it is a blog for the blogging community. If you are wondering if you are part of this, the answer is yes because you are reading this. Single Abstract Noun is a guild for anyone who reads, writes, follows, stalks, lurks after blogs!

My wife (Eus or Eusy there) has been on Argent Dawn every day this week since I told her about the forming of the guild. If you didn't know, she is the friendly one of the two of us. I too have been on there on and off, but I have commitments to my own guild to meet as well. The one thing I love about this guild is the since of community that is present. It seems no matter when you log online, there is always someone on and they are always ready to talk. There is a lot of interesting conversation that you just have to join the guild in order to experience. So do me a favor right now! Stop reading this blog and go roll a character on Argent Dawn (Alliance side) and whisper anyone in Single Abstract Noun for an invite. I am sure you will not regret it and if you happen to catch the rare glimpse of, make sure and say hi!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gear Score and You

I want to talk a little bit about gear score and how I use it. I know I have mentioned before that I think gear score is a completely useless thing to use in order to decide if someone should be allowed to run content. It ranks right up there with linking an achievement in order to run something for me. I do find some uses for gear score though. Even Blizzard uses it to a lesser degree for matching individuals with appropriate level dungeons. Gear score though, has become something that people either use as a way to flash how great they are or brings about seething hatred. I am in the middle of the two extremes and I am going to explain why today.

When gear score first came out I thought it was the single most useless thing I had ever seen. All you saw were people flashing rediculously high gear score requirements to get into PuG raids for content that could be cleared in blue item level gear. In short it became a way to guarantee a smooth run, at least that was the notion that was trying to be crammed down everyone's throat. I dispised this very much when I started seeing it invade the guild channel chat and sometimes would say a snide remark or two in passing. That was probably not appropriate because I honestly do not believe people meant it in a malicious way, but I truly did dispise the whole concept.

I finally caved and started to look a little into the two gear scores that were out there. (WoW Heroes and the Gear Score Add-on) I personally choose to hold WoW Heroes gear score in higher regard because it takes into account the gemming choices and enchantment choices available. It also provides links to upgradable gear and enchants. When used properly, this is a tremendous tool for anyone regardless of how long you may have been playing the game. The Gear Score Add-on is litteraly just a score assigned to your gear with no basis for anything else.

I actually use both of these tools in regards to running random PuGs and also when looking at the guild in regards to who is ready to run what. Let me say that I do not require anyone to display a gear score to me in order to run with me because I find that sort of request to be offensive. When I zone into a random heroic I always quickly scan over the members of the PuG to see what the gear scores are. I use this to get a general idea of what kind of performance that I should be able to expect from the group. For instance, if I see a Mage that has a gear score of 4800+, then I fully expect them to be able to put out at least 2000+ DPS. I realize this does not guarantee that my expectations will be met, but it is a good bar of where they should be able to perform. In regards to the WoW Heroes gear score, I use that more for a personal source to see where my own gear is at and if there is anything that may be out of place, such as missing enchants, gems, sockets, ect. I also use it when deciding what to look at for the guild to raid. I tend to focus more on the actual gear it lists and a good way to see what enchants and gems they have on their gear. It then lets me know where they are in their own development. I rarely look at a fellow guild members actual score.

I wonder what the rest of the community uses the gear score for? Are you like me where you are in the middle and you use it as a personal measuring stick of performance or are you on one of the extremes of love it or hate it?

I Am Here And I Have Something To Say

Don't be a dumb ass son of a bitch! Yeah I said it and you know it has to be pretty sad to actually piss me off that much to curse like that, but honestly if you queue for a random heroic and you are someone who was carried through content/has no skill, then please just do us all a favor and do not queue. What am I talking about? Well, let me tell you.

Now it has been a while since I actually posted anything around, partially because I have been extremely busy and partially because when I do have time I try to get something done either in WoW, around the house, or in Star Trek Online. So tonight I come home from work and log on to my Warlock and queue for a random heroic. I get H PoS, not my favorite instance but is pretty simple if you follow the basic rules of playing the game. I come into said instance and notice that a group has already cleared up to Ick. Well, Ick is not exactly the world's hardest boss but who cares, it is a chance to get a couple frost emblems, which is the reason I was there.

I look the group over and I have a Mage, Priest, Warrior, and Death Knight. A balanced enough group that should not have a lot of issues. We down Ick with no worries and proceed to the trash mobs on the hill. You know the guys that PuGs wipe on all the time. The Warrior is tanking and barks out an order to the Priest to shackle some mob he marked. The Priest needs a moment to find his ability. He gives the nod that he is ready and the tank charges in and proceeds to maintain no agro whatsoever. The Priest gets mowed down in five seconds. I have no clue what the hell the Death Knight and Mage were doing as their DPS was well below mine. As I look around hearing dieing sounds, I noticed I was last man standing. By God, if I didn't flamey face down the little guy that had a skull over his head like the tank commanded and then I dropped.

With that, I make fun and inform them that I at least killed my target, seeings as I assume they all targeted something else entirely. I then see the Mage make a smart ass remark and leave group. Now I could respect him making fun of the tanks plan if it were not for he did a whopping 1600 DPS with a 5,000+ gear score. (Just another reason that gear score is for nubs, and yes I know I look it is like a train wreck, you just cannot look away!) Our brave Warrior tank did 335 DPS which probably explains why he had no agro whatsoever. The Death Knight showed the most promise topping out over 1900 DPS and then there was me. The Warlock that pumped out 3660 DPS and killed the mob that we were told to kill. You have to love screw up tanks that have these great plans. If you doubt me, I have the pictures, but I am way too tired to actually post them.

On a side note, I do not want the healer to feel left out as I had a higher HPS than he did, but I give him the benefit of the doubt because he died as soon as he hit shackle. /sigh

These people should be really grateful that I am not showing their names. A part of me feels I should, but a part of me just doesn't give a shit about it anymore. Well, that is my update for this month. What a great way to start March off!

On a side note, I really do have some fun stuff to talk about, but my brain is too tired to begin to formulate entire sentances, much less a useful article on any of these things. So as I finish writing this, the timer is off and I can now queue for my two frost emblems again. Here goes nothing.