Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ruhtra and the Holy New Year

Alright, so it is a new year and a new beginning of sorts. I have pretty much taken the last month off from healing. I needed a break of sorts. I have been healing non-stop since the beginning of the Burning Crusade and taking a break was a much needed thing. Of course during this time frame, the new patch landed and a lot of things have changed in the game. I do not think we need to review the overall changes, but I do want to take a look at the one thing that has changed that effects all of the healers overall. I am talking about the random group finder utility. Now I have made jokes about this in the past referring to it as "PuGland" and other such names, but I am going to be a little more serious for today (at least I am going to try).

See, unlike other people who may take a break from doing something by switching and running on an alt, I simply switched my specs around and started running in as a retribution Paladin. I would like to think I have done well with this, but my heart still lies with healing. While running a ton of PuGs lately, I have noticed a lot of healers are taking unneccesary abuse. If you do not believe me, then read up over at Righteous Orbs and see what Tamarind has encountered. If that is not good enough, then check out the time that Birdfalls had with their PuG. You can even check out what my wife, Eus, has dealt with in our last run together. All three of these blogs have stories in about the healers who are not being treated respectfully. Sure, there are some bad healers out there, I am sure of this. However, I have seen far more horrible tanks and we are not going to even discuss the number of sub-1,000 DPS that I have ran with.

Now I know I am biased as I am a healer, but let's be honest here and have the tanks admit that they cannot solo these instances. Yes, there are a few tanks who can probably run these instances without a large amount of healing, but the ones who can have stated they always check with their healers (unlike the three tanks in the blogs above) before running into mobs at ninety miles per hour. This brings me to the run that my wife spoke about in her blog (linked above) where the tank was wanting to run at a pace that his own abilities could not handle. He wanted to run the instance as if he was a tanking God, when in reality he had a good gear score (yes I check and have the mods to see) yet he did not have the skill that went with the gear score. He pulled mob after mob without regard to the healer's mana pool or checking to see if the healer felt comfortable running at the pace. When the tank pulled multiple mobs, he could not regain agro and I died. (I get pretty pissed if I die from a bad tank too!) He then pulls another mob and goes in to pull the boss. I knew my wife would not be able to rez me so I released and ran back. Having looked over to see that the moron pulled the boss without his healer present, I told my wife not to heal him. My wife told the guild members to feign death (love those Hunters). I make it back just in time for the tank to bring the boss right to me and my wife. I died again. One of our Hunters had bad lag and got a DC death. The other Hunter was able to feign and survived.

We come back in and our tank is just hanging out at his corpse. I know full well that he is just waiting for the timer to go off so he can queue back up for another instance. We have some words and he blames the healer for his dieing. In his own words, "when the healer is just sitting there while two group members....", we do not need the rest of that sentence. Look at his words, "two group"! That should tell you something right there. If only yourself and one DPS are fighting, perhaps you should wait for the rest of the group? I digress, as I can run off on a whole new topic there. The point I want to drive home is that a group needs to protect their healer and show them some respect.

Now healers, let me talk to you for a second. See I tend to pride myself on being a damn good healer. Hell, I would even say a great healer. I have trained a lot of healers. I have also worked with a lot of tanks. I understand speed runs. I love them. My mana regeneration is built for speed runs. However, we need to take control of these PuGs. If you are wondering how to take control of the PuG, then let me explain it. DO NOT HEAL! That is right, wipe an entire group if they do not show you respect by waiting on your mana or checking with you to see if you are comfortable with the pace of the run. It is not fun, nor is it easy for me to wipe a group; however, ask anyone that has ran with me for a while and they will confirm I will not heal your sorry ass if you are making life hard for me. You see, in the group last night that we were in. Had my wife charged in to heal the tank, sure he would of stayed up and the majority of the party would have survived, but he would have continued to be unbearable (pun intended) as a tank. However, by wiping the group, he had to sit out and wait just like the rest of us to requeue. Now I know this will not break him, unless more healers start stepping up to these half ass tanks.

Sure the tanks will leave a group and get right in another one as well. Guess what? Healers are getting in groups pretty damn fast too. When the guild group got done running, I decided to hop in queue for a random run, within seconds I was pulled into a group as the healer. So, my challenge to all of the healers out there, start controlling those tanks. You see, I proved something last night when I told my wife to stop healing. A Druid tank was not able to stay up against one of the weaker heroic bosses. A Druid tank who can pop out and self heal (which he tried), went down like a sack of potatoes. I have seen a lot of tank blogs talk about they do not need heals and can be at the top of all of the charts. Well, to those tanks that are in the Cyclone group, if you want to test that theory, then act like a half whitted ass clown with me healing and you will get to try out that theory. One Druid with a 5100+ gear score rating just bit the dust and made the Worst of the Worst list. Who's next?

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