Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Times

It seems like ages since I have been posting. I apologize for this, but I decided that this year I would not do the old "filler" posts that I did last year. That being said, means that if I do not have something interesting then I will not be posting. The second part of my absence is also the fact that this is tax season here in the States and that means the busiest time of year for me at work. I have actually had a lot of topics that I wanted to go over, but have just not had the availability to prepare them. The good news is that I have a lot of topics I want to touch on and so I am looking to start scheduling the posts in order to not go weeks without posting.

So now that I spent all the time on why I haven't been posting, let's get into some Paladin talk! (After all this is a Paladin blog!) I recently decided that I wanted two gear sets for my Holy build. I am going to start moving to a more Holy Light focused style of healing. I am doing this primarily because I feel that the guild is in a good spot as far as the variety of healers we have. This means I do not have to worry so much about being able to spot heal in raid situations. The second reason why I feel now is a good time, is because my wife's Paladin has a solid set of gear and is very capable of performing close to where my gear allows me to. With her gear being solid I do not feel that we would need two Paladins in the Flash build and the guild as a whole would benefit from the larger heals that can be brought down from a true Holy Light build. My second set of gear will be for my Flash of Light build. I find this build comfortable and fun. It has a lot of challenges to it and when my wife is not available for raids I feel that this gear set will probably see some use. I also prefer to use Flash of Light for heroics and so there is much merit to maintaining two sets of gear. I definitely plan to discuss this topic in a little more detail, but that will have to be for another time.

Something that has struck me rather odd lately is the fact that my Retribution gear set is currently superior to my Holy gear sets. Now part of this was by planning and the other part was by good old fashioned luck. The luck side came from runs like in Trial of the Crusader. I was picked up to heal one by a group that was just in need of a healer. It seemed that every piece of gear that would benefit a Retribution Paladin was handed to me without me asking for it. I am not sure if it was a recruitment ploy or simply that they had no use for it, but whatever the case it sat in my bank until I decided to take up Retribution as a main spec for a while. The planning portion of came from the decision to step away from healing so much and work on running instances in my Retribution spec. At first, I did not plan to stay with this. It was simply a sort of vacation from healing, but I soon found that I liked the challenge of melee DPS, and by challenge I mean becoming good at a class and really learning the little things that make people want you in the group (and not the facerolling style of play that most people demonstrate when playing Paladins and other melee classes). At first I struggled making sure I was in the right place and targeting the correct mobs (yes there is a way to target mobs and it requires either keen observation or really easy to create macros). The only part I really did not like (and continue to dislike) is how much gold I am spending on changing gems and enchants. One thing that you have to expect when really throwing yourself into a new spec or character, is to spend a ton of gold. I have spent a couple hundred gold on gems and then an hour later decided that I lost a little DPS overall and so had to regem the equipment. However, that is what makes a player become good and makes the juice worth the squeeze (bonus points if you can name the movie that I stole that juice line from).

I actually had so much fun as a melee class that I decided to finish leveling my Rogue! So late last weekend when every sane person in the house was sleeping I was going on a Killing Spree! Whoopy hit level 80 sometime around 5 AM on Saturday morning and I was so glad to have that experience over and done with. (On a side note, I think each time you level a character it becomes more tedious than the last.) I am actually happy that I leveled Whoopy so late in the game because there is just so much to learn about playing a Rogue effectively. Notice I used the phrase "playing a Rogue effectively"! To me, the Rogue class is one of the single most (if not the most) complicated yet simple class to play in WoW. There is so much math involved in figuring out what piece of gear will be an improvement. Litterally every piece of gear can dramatically change the effectiveness of this class and overall output of their DPS. I have tried several different specs while leveling and finally finished on a Combat build which I will probably talk about in another post. My advice to anyone who wants to become great with a Rogue is to learn how to use the spreadsheets that are out there, because they are the only thing that you will really be able to rely on. I have spent so much more on my Rogue than I have on my Paladin and it has only been one week. I definitely have a new found respect for the Rogues out there who are good and are putting it down the right way.

Well, time flys when you are having fun and unfortunately for me, I have to start heading off to do some other things. I wanted to touch a little bit on the state of raiding for me lately, but I guess we can save that for another time. I hope everyone is having a good new year!

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Vailladin said...

"that is what makes a player become good and makes the juice worth the squeeze (bonus points if you can name the movie that I stole that juice line from)."

I dunno that sounds like a Pauly Shore line ...