Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cyclone (US) Worst of the Worst

Alright, so I am not going to go on about how horrible PuG groups are. I think we all know this and I also do not want Rather to show up at my door to pound me down for complaining. So instead I am going to do a service to anyone who is in the US Battlegroup of Cyclone. See this is where my server Daggerspine draws are PuGs from. Now I have had mostly good runs and only a few terrifyingly bad runs. However, today (Saturday), I encountered one of the worst of the worst players to date. So it got me thinking about how best to deal with this sort of thing. Now being a blogger naturally I have my own pulpit to preach from, but I want to make sure that these folks remain known for being complete failures at what they do. So to that end, I am going to roll out a new list somewhere on this blog, which will remain up showing us who the worst of the worst are.

Today's allstar comes to us from the Boulderfist (US) server. Allow me to introduce to you Nesh. Now this allstar here is a grand member of the healing team. He is clutch in all the wrong ways. Go ahead and check his stats from the Faction Champions in H ToC! Now look closely at our fine friend here. He decided that he wanted to rock Flash of Light, which I am completely fine with. I mean he cast a whopping 22 of them. He rounded out his impressive rotation with a little Beacon of Light action, a few Holy Shocks, one Holy Light, and an impressive use of his Lay on Hands! That is right, for one of the easiest fights in the game, he brought out the big guns. Too bad he completely failed and when he realized how bad he was failing, he decided to attempt to run for the door. Luckily, he did not make it and he completed the wipage that was his one shot at healing for me.
Now typically I am pretty forgiving of people, typically; however, our friend here had a higher gear score than Ruhtra's healing set and he was sporting some nice items from raids. If you looked at this guy (just a look at his gear that is recognizeable) you would right away see the shield from Ulduar and the nice emblem exchange gear. That alone should let him be able to sustain this first boss, but our champ here was utter failure and even by bringing out the "oh-shit" Lay on Hands was not able to keep anyone up, including himself.
The group was an experienced group too, so it was not lame DPS that was the issue. We had myself representing the real rets who are out there. We had the Hunters on lock down with Edyion and Zethux. What about the tank you say? Well, sure a bad tank could cause a group to wipe; however, our fuzzy bear tank did a great job of holding agro and even though he was learning about tanking, he hung in there like a champ. I felt a little sorry for him because he questioned if he was doing something wrong. So after letting fly with some f-bombs, I reassured him that all was well and switched over to my Holy gear and spec and proceeded to rock the light once more. No deaths, good loot for our fuzzy friend, and a new tank who now understands H ToC are the results of this day. So while Nesh makes history as the first member of my worst of the worst club, we hopefully sent a tank out into the PuGs who is confident and is well on his way to avoiding my list.

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