Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Odds & Ends

Last night was an interesting night for me. I finally broke down and took my Warlock, Emprius, into the random LFD (aka PuGland) for the first time. To be honest, I have not touched him since the patch dropped. I had been so focused on running Ruhtra through stuff that I felt my alts needed some PuGland love too! So I logged on around midnight local time and checked on the guild and then hit the LFG system. I spent my time waiting making some of the special cloth. I am trying to stockpile some for the guild and so when I get the extra mats, I just make the trip over to Dragonblight and hit all three at once. So I had just finished my last cloth conversion when I got my notice of group. I accepted and ended up in H FoS. Yeah nothing like being rusty and landing in the new instances. Well, the group I was with geared very similar with only one person being a little higher of an overall gear level and everyone seemed to be decent as we greeted each other.

So we started out and managed to clear the instance in what I would consider a decent amount of time for a group that was geared at the appropriate level for this run. We did have a few deaths along the way, but no one was really aggrevated or upset. We actually spent more time laughing about some of the randomness of how we died. We downed the first boss (and sorry but I cannot remember the guy's name) and I got the caster sword! Now I have to stop here a moment and complain! I run this stuff with Ruhtra often and have gotten a big fat goose egg in regards to gear. I go in there for the first time ever on heroic and get the best caster sword available to me pre-raiding?!? Is it a sign that I should devote myself wholy to the dark side? (Queue evil maniacal laughter!) Anyway, moving on! We progressed through and finished the instance and also completed H PoS as well. We called there because it was late and we all have jobs that required us to be semiconscious.

That was the highlight of my night. I was finishing up the run and chit-chating in guild at the same time (and yes I can multi-task!) when I noticed one of our fresher 80's was being pretty hard on theirself for the DPS they were putting out. Now this person, when on, is one of the more quiet guild members but is always polite and considerate of others. Really, the prototype for what all guild members should be, so I asked them what was wrong. Short end, they got in a PuG who voted to kick them for low DPS. I was kind of angered by this since I have carried a lot of bad players through stuff and never vote to kick anyone (even when they should be booted, I just do not vote). So I pulled up their armory and gave them a couple tips on what they could do to improve their overall performance and told them to forget about the loser PuG and assured them that I would make sure and run with them anytime they needed. I even offered to dust off the healing gear and rain down some Holy Light for them.

I said all of that to get to my next point, which is that I have had a change of heart. You see, yesterday, Honor's Code had a post up that was talking about the availability of geared raiders currently in the random PuGs and how this was effecting the PuGs. Some people agreed with what he was saying and others did not. I at first agreed with what was said; however, after speaking with my own guild member last night, I have really rethought my attitude. I think there is a valid point that because so many of us are running for a specific piece of gear or to round out our off-spec gear that we expect all members of the random PuG to perform to our level. However, I think that we have a responsibility (and yes this is a social statement) to those who are not geared to go at a pace which makes them comfortable. I am the first one to push any group to move faster because I like the challenge of pushing myself, but if this is causing someone to not enjoy the game or perhaps start thinking negatively about their own abilities then perhaps we could slow down a little for them?

Secondly, if you are degrading someone openly for being terrible, then I challenge you to instead send them a whisper and offer them some suggestions in a positive way to improve their overall play. Some people really are so new to the game that they do not understand some of what we consider the basics and by taking a brief minute to offer a few pointers such as hit cap or def cap we stand the chance of improving the game overall as a whole. Now, if the person responds with a negative comment and acts like they know everything, then by all means kick them to the curb. I just think that we could all come down off of our high horses and not make the rest of the folks around us feel so uncomfortable.


RatherNotSay said...

Glad to see you changed your mindset. That is what I was wanting to see from blowing up on my own post about PuGs.

We owe it to new players to help them. If we train them up right, then at least you know that there will be some decent people to run with. Who knows, maybe they will even pay it forward?

Ruhtra said...

@ Rather

It is not so much a change of my mindset, but more so a change in my patience.

A lot of runs seem to have people who really do not know what they are doing. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in groups that someone says they have not ran the instance ever.