Sunday, December 13, 2009

LFG, Like It Or Hate It? That Is The Question!

Alright, so I have spent a couple of days in PuGland! I pretty much hate that place in general. So what about the new LFG system with cross realm PuGs? Well, I am somewhat up in the air. It definitely gets you into a lot of runs much quicker. It has provided a way to gather all the vendor gear in a matter of hours. You meet some really nice folks and for the most part everyone is really nice. People even apologize when they make a mistake. So everyone knows me and knows that I am a pessimist by nature and in order for me to live up to everyone's expectations I am now going to explain why I do not like the new system!

My biggest issue, so far, has been with the actual grouping up of people. I pretty much have stopped healing on my Paladin because the stress is not worth it. I have always said that I love the tanks we have. They are, for the most part, well rounded in their play style. They watch their healer's mana and manage agro with a degree of skill that I could only hope to find in PuGs. However, in PuGland (my new name for the LFG system) you get these tanks who want to run everything in under 20 minutes. Now this is fine and wonderful I suppose, except if you have no skill. My very first PuGland group was for the new instances. I ended up with three Death Knights and one Mage. The Mage was really good. One of the Death Knights was extremely polite but undergeared or did know how to break 800 DPS, and the other two Death Knights were "special". The tank was trying to blaze a trail, but the only problem was they were not able to hold agro. I took such a pounding I was afraid I ran in there wearing my prot gear. The other Death Knight, while geared well and putting out massive DPS, paid no attention to the agro that they were creating. Now, I like to think of myself as a more elite healer (yes I said it and I will not shy away from it), but these two Death Knights made me work harder than I did in PuG ToCr runs. I chalked it up to just bad luck.

My second PuGland experience was in random mode. I figured might as well grab my frost emblems and see how that goes. I ended up in a H UK run. Easy right? No where near easy. I had the tank who was on speed! I am used to fast tanks, Scrawny (our resident Warrior tank) runs at a break neck speed but is aware of the rest of the group. When he first learned to tank in BC he was moved as if his bony ass was on fire! He never stayed in one spot, which made me have to chase after him to heal him. Yeah those were the days! So I said all that to certify my credentials of running with tanks on speed. However, this tank not only wanted to on speed, but I think he had some bad LSD or something too. He would run after things that were not even there. He held agro well enough, but I honestly think he may have been blinded during this run. I am not talking chain pulling either. I am talking running through a mob, hitting his Thunder Shock ability and then running into some small narrow corner out of my line of site. The entire group would move to be able to see and he would run the mob straight through us. It was the single worst H UK experience I have ever had, bar none. It may be the worst healing experience I have ever had. We ended the run and I quickly left the group and solemly resolved myself to stay DPS in PuGland.

How about you all? What experiences have you had in PuGland? Are they brutal or are they great?

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