Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Change Is In The Air!

So, I hope that the changes to the layout here at Holy Shock has not scared you away. I have been wanting to make some changes to the layout for some time now. I was going to hold off until the first of the year, but I figured that I had some extra time tonight and took advantage of this. A couple things I wanted to point everyone to is the changes to my bloger list. It is going to grow something fierce. I had tried for a very long time to keep it down to a few blogs only. Sort of a highlight of the blogs that I feel provide some good content that is useful. The only problem is that I have found so many good bloggers lately that my list that I stored for my favorites at work and at home have gotten out of control. So I am merging those two lists into the current group of bloggers that I follow. I also changed the list name to focus on blogs about gaming as there are so many of us who do play other games (I know hard to believe huh?). Along with that, I am keeping my list for blogs that are not focused on WoW or gaming and will add more to that list as time goes on as well.

I also wanted to point out the nice video that I have up on my blog (right above the posts). It was made by my friend and guildie and shows the progress that we have had as a guild. This is actually the second video he has done and hopefully some day down the road we will get some more (hint hint hint)! It is also a shameless promotion of our guild as we are going to very soon start openly recruiting new members. I warned you that it was shameless!

The final change, which is not showing up this week, is going to be just once a week, I am going to highlight another blogger by linking their post. This will not really be anything earth shaking or new, but more focused on who I felt really provided me with some solid information or something that I found to be funny.

Well, that is pretty much it for me. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and because I cannot say it at work, Merry Christmas!


RatherNotSay said...

Hey man I like the changes. The yellow on black hurt my eyeballs when I would look at it early in the day.

Also nice to see you back posting. Hope you do it a little more often than twice a month! :P

WTF said...

I agree with Rathernotsay. Your old blog colors hurt my eyes. I like the changes!

Mister K said...

I like it. It may inspire me to make some changes to mine as well

Ruhtra said...

Glad everyone seems to like it.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Ruhtra said...

@ Anonymous

Thanks for the compliment. I try to put out some decent stuff. I cannot promise that they will always be good or bad, but I will keep it up.