Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where Have You Been?

So, it has been a while since I posted consistantly and I apologize for that. Life seems to keep throwing some crazy stuff at me and the family, but we are still here and going strong. I am actually working on a couple different things and you know I hate to talk about anything I cannot at least back up based on personal experience, so it may be a while on a few things. I did want to hit on a couple of subjects today (which may turn in tomorrow depending on how long it takes me to write this), so here we go!

1. I am going to stick with the series method on this blog. I like having some direction and focus for writing posts. Many of my posts are written and then scheduled to post at midnight my time. The ones that are written the day that they post could be any time, although I typically try to schedule them for noon if at all possible. In regards to the series theirselves, I am going to keep most of them the same. I am merging topics of leadership and guild management together as they often combine similar elements. I am switching the raid project from a specific topic (Naxx 10 & Ulduar) to a more broad base topic. Now I will always continue to provide updates on where we are in our raiding as I love to share personal experiences. I just do not want to lock myself into mroe narrow topics. I have not decided if I will stick with a certain series on a certain day. This has worked well, but has also left days with nothing when I felt that there was not enough information to make a decent post.

2. On the topics of overall blogs, I have not done a whole lot with any of the blogs I curently write on and this will also change. Over at Holeycow I have been cranking back up the auction business and I plan to look at some ideas on way to help generate some funds with little effort. Do not expect the "get rich quick" methods, but I want to approach it as a beginner guide. I will also deal with anything related to the auction house or economy of World of Warcraft over there. So do not expect anything like that here on Holy Shock. My other blog which is more of a vent release, sort of died quickly. It was too shortly lived since I have much to rage about and I plan to start raging again. I just found that trying to balance being a husband, father, guild leader, raid coordinator, employee, and blogger was a bit much. I have since been working to maximize some of my time to allow me to enjoy all of these things. I think I have a good plan in place and time will tell.

3. Alternate Fridays has been focusing alot on only two characters. This has actually been a good thing. I am planning to start running it more in a continuing series where I follow the development of one character as they level to their final version at 80. I will provide updates then in the weekly update section which I am hoping to include at the end of each Friday edition. So hopefully that will work out well.

4. I switched my second spec on Ruhtra to protection for fun. It has not been fun. I am only kidding. I actually had a lot of fun with it the few times I have used it. I just have been spending more time on alts and auctions than actually playing Ruhtra. This trend is probably going to continue as I pretty much only take him out to do the occasional daily and run the raids. I guess it was destined to happen, but I was running out of things to do with him. Well, at least things that I consider fun. Chasing achievements and grinding for stuff is not overly fun to me.

Well, that is all I have for today and hey what do you know? I actually got this done today. Well, I will see everyone a little later. Take care!

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