Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekly Update: November 16 - 22 (2009)

This has been a pretty active week for me really and I look forward to jumping in and talking a little bit about everything that has been going on!
  • Ulduar - As a guild we have been pretty focused on raiding as of late and have managed to acquire a few achievements this week that I am proud of. In Ulduar we decided to activate the hard mode for Flame Leviathon and we managed to get Orbital Bombardment on the second attempt. Now we were a few short of our regular members, but we also went after Heartbreaker with no success. We did however have the solid numbers from our core group. Had we not taken a Mage who had the right gear and numbers but no clue how to actually play, we probably would have achieved this as well.
  • Onyxia - It is weird but we have never done this raid as a guild. So, Nymeros (one of our raid coordinators) decided we should go for it. We gathered together and had six guild members online. We ended up picking up some great folks to help us and we went in there and in true MAS style wiped the first attempt, but owned her on the second attempt. We also managed to acquire She Deep Breaths More. I have no clue how we went from total chaos to accomplishing that, but hey we did it and kudos to everyone for working together to down her.
  • Whoopy - Yes, my Rogue gets his own spot here as I have been working hard on developing him. I believe I said this before, but I had enough of the Combat build I was using and switched backed to Subtlety. I have spent countless amounts of gold changing my spec and adjusting my rotation to where Whoopy puts out solid numbers in PVE with this spec. I will probably go a little more into detail on Friday about him and what the build will ultimately look like. The main drive behind leveling him is that he is my jewelcrafter and I am tired of buying cuts or waiting for a guild member to log online. The thing I discovered that I did not know was that you could work on the jewelcrafting dailies as early as level 71 (probably sooner). The nice thing here is that every daily can be completed in the Howling Fjord or the Borean Tundra. On top of doing the daily, I can now make myself the Delicate Dragon's Eye cut (which Whoopy has all three in use) and I get 20,000+ experience at my current level of 73. On top of working on leveling his jewelcrafting, I am working on leveling his mining (which is much lower and a much bigger pain to level). I finally caught up his lockpicking skill, so now I just need to lockpick some big viking wanna-bes and we are golden. Seven more levels till I can see if this will all come together for him.
  • Blogging - Yeah, I had slacked off some and I apologize for that. I feel like I am back on track and I actually love spending time sharing my thoughts on certain aspects of the game. I also miss it when I am unable to actually blog. So hopefully, with the broader topics and more flexibility on my part, I will be able to give you a little more of my time.
  • PuGs - Man they have been getting more stupid every day. I actually have taken a break from running Emprius and Lrem through stuff simply to avoid the PuGs. I have played with every level of stupidity known to WoW. I have had several runs where I could have punched a baby. Thank God, my kid is in a different room usually. If it stays like this, I will be spending most of my time leveling through questing, which I simply despise.
  • Auction House - Oh yeah, the cow is back into dominating the auction house. I had laid off of listing for quite some time simply because I had acquired enough funds for what I wanted. However, two brand new 80s later and the desire to acquire a few other things and get duel spec on six of my alts, I now feel the urge to list. That and I find it quite enjoyable. I am actually working on writing up a series for Holeycow on auction house tips for a new player. It will not be anything insightful, but it will cover what I used to get started and it has proven to work on servers even with next to no population (Alliance Cho'gall). So hopefully I will have some time to get all my thoughts in order and get an outline up and running on that.
Well, that is all that my mind can think of right now. As always, thanks for reading and catch everyone later!

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Fish said...

I was fed up with PuG's too, and ToC. Then sunday night I got in on a ToC farm with a druid tank and a priest healing. We blew through regular like 4-5x and heroic once. Got some awesome gear, no wipes at all. As a matter of fact I healed a few pugs too and no wipes there either. . . There are good pugs out there, just not as common. . .