Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekly Update: November 1-7 (2009)

It has been a while since I have done an update so I thought that I should get back in the swing since I have been working on a lot of stuff and the last three weeks was pretty much spent with me sick and not writing a whole lot of stuff. So here we go!
  • So, I think a lot of bloggers get out there and dedicate a post to their one year annivesary. If I were a huge important star in the blogsphere I may feel the need to, but November 6th marked my first full year for blogging. So there it is for anyone who is interested in that sort of thing. I did think it would be for to share my very first blog post, so go check
  • In more exciting news which I did take time to post about, my Warlock Emprius hit level 80 as only he can. (Have to go read the blog to see that.)
  • I hope people did not fall into a coma after reading my clarification piece of the whole haste/crit issue that came up a few posts back in my comment section. I did have a guildie or two tell me they attempted to read it before they got critted out. Sorry, but I warned you all I was rather wordy.
  • On a side note, if you are a healer, please go check out the Miss Medicina's post for the links of everyone who responded and posted for that survey since there are a lot of good link to some great healing blogs (some are known and some are not as well known). Seriously, why are you still reading this? Go! Shoo! Be gone!
  • Well, if you stayed to check out the rest of this, then you must be dedicated to my blog or just really bored. At any rate, we formed up an Ulduar raid team and hit Ulduar on Friday evening (late night, it sort of blurred together) and managed to push through and down the crazy cat lady. I was pretty happy as we one shot her with a group of folks who were well geared and followed instructions. You have to love folks who take it serious (some of the time). So now we shall be focussing on the Keepers! (I will have more about this in my Tuesday raid topics.)
  • After the Ulduar raid was called from sleep deprevasion (what slackers, up for twelve hours and crying for sleep....tsk tsk) I got into a ToC 10 run and was pleasantly ssurprised that we one shot everything and blew through it about 40 minutes of actual play time. It took a little longer than the play time because we needed to have some explanations for some folks, but well worth it. There was some really nice things to come from it and perhaps I shall share some of that at a later time when it begins to take shape.
Well, that is pretty much everything that I have that I can think of, at least that is not gross and involving being sick!

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Great post, can you please call the house? Got a question for ya and you forgot your cellphone here at home LOL