Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Through the Eyes of the Leader

So, since I am taking this particular series in a new direction I think a new name is in order. So from today on we are going to refer to this series as "I am the leader! Which way did they go?"! I am almost mad that I did not think of that name for the title of my overall blog. At any rate, I felt that since we are heading in a new direction here that we should go over what to expect with this particular series.

As I stated in yesterdays post very briefly, I want to move from very narrow topics to allowing for a little more breathing room in regards to topics. So what topics will we actually cover now in this series? Good question and here are some themes that are open to discussion:
  1. Leadership - It is always good to be willing to talk about leadership in a series that wants to focus on leadership right?
  2. Guild Drama - Or more sepcifically, how to squash it quickly. I do not think there is a way to say how to avoid it as people will always find ways to create drama and our job is to squash it like a nasty bug.
  3. Direction - How does one set a direction and how does one achieve that direction? This is a tough topic to tackle, but we shall do our best to take it on here. Having led a guild for a little while, I have learned a few things about direction.
  4. Delegation - We cannot do it all ourselves and therefore we need reliable people to delegate authority and responsibilities to and that is what we will talk about.
  5. Penalties - I was trying to think of a nice way to say what to do if someone completely fails at their assigned task or even how to tell if you are failing at your own duties and this is what we are going to look at.
  6. Voodoo - That is right, we are going to examine the mystic art of running a guild, which often may be voodoo (or "smoke and mirrors").
So there it is in a nut shell. I am sure some other topics will creep in every now and then, and when they do we will tackle them and welcome them to the party that is "leadership". I wonder what kind of questions folks may have about leadership, because you know I am always willing to give my opinion on anything.

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