Sunday, November 22, 2009

Red Sunday: PVP and My Lack of It!

So, I typically dedicate my Sunday blogs to PVP, but I have one problem! I have not been involved with much PVP at all lately. There are a couple reasons for this actually.
  1. Alts - I have been spending so much time focused on my alts lately that I just have not had a desire to spend a lot of time running them through battlegrounds and arena.
  2. Professions - It is freaking annoying how much time I have spent leveling up enchanting, jewelcrafting, leatherworking, and inscription. Do not even get me started on the gathering ones or the secondaries.
  3. Raiding - While I use to not spend much time raiding, now days I typically raid two to three days a week and then on the nights I am working I typically spend time working on my alts or professions (see above).
However, do not take this pause as a change of heart. Nothing makes me feel warm and fuzzy like the screaming sounds of a dieing Night Elf. I plan to get some time back into at least arena. I am currently wanting to work in some time to be able to run on all three of my arena teams. My main focus is on getting Ruhtra's 2v2 team back on track. I also am very focused on getting Emprius' 2v2 team solidified. My partner with Ruhtra has a druid and we have been running some arena with a Destro Lock/Resto Druid team. We have seen some good signs, but neither of us have had the time to really dive in and see what we can do. Then there is Lrem who is on a 3v3 and 5v5 team. Quite honestly, I just want to run some 2v2 with him while I get use to PVP with a BM Hunter.
Aside from the three level 80 characters, I am also leveling my Rogue Whoopy. Now with Lrem and Emprius I spent a lot of time leveling in the battlegrounds. That was a great way to level and I really nailed down a good system that mixed questing, instances, and battlegrounds to provide decent gear for them. However, trying to play a Rogue in a battelground where your enemy NPCs can spot you a mile away and kill you in three shots takes much more patience than I usually have. Ofcourse it is not nearly as annoying as being told you are playing completely wrong because you do not haul your little level 70 Rogue ass up to the enemy's base bunkers. I mean to hell with the fact that you cannot litterally sneak there and sure your whole DPS ability is dependant on being able to sneak behind someone, but that is for me to work out because some PuG battleground Priest obviously knows better. Yes, I had one really loud mouth Priest who thought he knew everything about every class and just made me so mad I wanted to punch babies the last time I was in there. So, I have decided to give the battlegrounds a break and do some other constructive things.
On the battleground subject, there is a couple things that I wish Blizzard would do with AV. One of the biggest is bring down the level of the marksman/bowman that guard the towers. This is not for the sake that I cannot sneak anywhere, but for the sake that they left the NPCs the same level as when we shared battlegrounds with level 80s. It simply does not work out that well, but I doubt there will be any change on this front. Blizzard has their hands full with a lot of other things that are much more important (at least we hope they feel ICC is much more important). The other thing I wish they would do is find a way to balance the teams a little more. There is nothing more frustrating than going into a battleground and having everyone on the team being level 70 - 71. Then you find out that your opposing team is level 78 - 79. Yes, I have seen this happen both favorably and unfavorably. I really do not think there is much that can be done about this, but it would be nice for them to set a certain percentage of slots for certain levels. This could provide some form of balance overall, but would require a lot of resources I am sure to develop a system for this. The final thing I wish that Blizzard would consider doing is rebalancing the battlegroups. It takes forever to get into a battleground now days, even at level 80. I do not know of any way for them to overcome this other than enlarging the battlegroups. It would also give them a prime time to move some of the servers to different battlegroups where there me be a higher representation of one faction verses another.
Well, that is really all that I have for today. What about you? Do you like PVP? If so what do you think they could to improve certain facets of the game? We are talking minor, not complete overhauls. I do not think some of the suggestions for AV are large. The battlegroup realignment is large but definitely needed though. What about those who do not like PVP, what could Blizzard do to make it more appealing to you?


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