Saturday, November 21, 2009

Raid Night!

So as promised I was switching some of the themes around on the blog and this is one of those that is changing slightly. Do not misunderstand me, we are still going to talk about raiding and what is going on with MAS and our raids, but at times we are going to discuss other aspects of raiding and today is going to be one of those days! You see while I was listing a billion auctions late Friday/early Saturday (yeah it takes that long) I came across this post from WTF Spaghetti that asks why do you raid? So I figured I would answer that right here on my own blog. See, doesn't this make you want to have your own blog? So let's jump into the heart of this question!

So why do I raid?

The simple truth? I felt insulted when some former guild members indicated that MAS should just be a "PVP" guild. See, I took it as saying that we were not going to ever be good enough to clear any raid content, much less do any sort of raid progression. Now the truth be told, I hated raiding with a passion. I mean how difficult is it to go online to WoWiki (or any other site) and find some strategies and watch some videos and then go do exactly what they say? I mean really, if you are not one of the top ranked guilds in the world, then you are simply reading what others did and repeating that formula; whereas, with PVP (specifically arena) you never have the same match twice. You have a constant change in oponents and thus there can never be one strict guideline to go by. So, you see that I truly did not have a use for PVE.

So I guess first I should thank the folks who left as at the end of 2008 through the first quarter of 2009 for laying down a challenge to me. I would have never taken raiding seriously. Trust me, you can ask my fellow guild members. Sure I am all business when healing, but if I saw an Alliance player outside a raid I was likely to go running off and pick a fight with them instead of running into the instance. However, I had a purpose to show those who said we couldn't that we could. We established a core group and proceeded to clear Naxx with little effort (other than some folks who have two left feet). It was during this time that through unforseen circumstances we lost our raid leader and I had to step in. Now, I am the last person you want to have explaining fights, but I am a great organizer. So, I did just that and simply organized and relied on other guild members to explain the fight for certain groups. I handled working with the healers (at least I knew that much). It was funny because during this time is when I really started to like raiding, and by saying I liked it, I mean I wanted to go all in and that has led us to where we are now. Are we a top ranked guild? Nope, but we are not a bottom rung guild either. We are the quiet guild that makes steady progress.

So in response to your question WTF, here is my chart:

So, let's take a look at what my chart represents:
  • Pride - Is one of the largest sections on the chart, representing 30%. When I say pride, I am referring to my own personal pride in my character for being able to clear this content as well as the guild's progression. For every member who left us to raid with another guild, I take great pride in the fact that we are running much of the content that these folks left us to run. (So thanks for doing us a favor!)
  • Challenge - This is the second section which takes up 30% of my chart. I love running content that is challenging and I strive to run hard modes, not for the achievements (although some of those are rather nice), but to say that I did it (yeah it is hand-in-hand with the pride section).
  • Social/Fun - This section will increase as the challenge section decreases. I raid with MAS because I want to run with my friends. I have (in the past) been recruited by some of the top guilds on our server and each time I have turned them down because I love raiding with my friends and family in MAS. (It's base value is 15%)
  • Gear - Yes, gear takes up 20% of my chart because it is what allows me to push on into more challenging content.
  • Bored - There is 5% of the chart devoted to this as I sat up in Dalaran for around an hour tonight bored enough to look for a scrap of a raid.
So there you go. Now you know my thoughts on raiding and more importantly why I raid. Anyone who reads this, pick this up and post a response on your own site or drop a comment here on Holy Shock.

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Fish said...

I got a TON of drops this weekend, so rawr says I'd make around 5k DPS on the shammy, I think I might be ready for some Naxx action. . .