Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Raid NIght! (What's Up With That!?)

So I mentioned this briefly in my update post, but I wanted to take a little more time to bring something to the community's attention. I am sure it is nothing new and we have all experienced it, but I still feel compelled to point this out. In this past Friday's raid on Ulduar, we had the majority of our usual group but had to PuG one member. I went and started looking at the list of folks who were sitting in LFG and I see this Mage. Now he was absolutely perfect. I looked him up and he was arcane spec. I checked him out on Pugchecker.com and he had been in Ulduar before. I looked over his gear and he was well geared. He was sporting some nice items from both Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader (25). Just looking at his gear, he should of been punching out 3500 DPS blindfolded and if he has any clue about playing his class should of been hitting between 4000 - 5000 DPS. This was a no brainer. I whispered the guy and asked him if he wanted to join us and he immediately said yes.

So we summon him and in we head. I really did not pay much attention to him during Flame Leviathon as I was too busy trying to do my job and gun things down from my siege engine. We hit Razorscale and I noticed the guy is only putting out around 2300 DPS. I figure that it was no big deal. It takes some time to get use to running in a PuG and maybe he just did not want to look too good. We downed Razor and moved on to the creepy robot. We wanted to kill the heart and then him and felt that we had all the right tools. We failed. I looked over DPS and once again this guy was only putting out around 2400 DPS. Sure it was an improvement and if this was back when Ulduar first launched that would of been alright for a ten man run, but this guy was sporting item level 245 gear and talked like he knew what was going on. I pay it no attention and figure let's go down Ignis and move on. We go in and proceed to wipe on Ignis. I was pretty pissed off at the wipe to be honest, but did not yell at anyone just took note of who had gotten hit by flamejet and who had low DPS. Sure enough, our Mage was hit by flamejet a whopping six times and he was sporting a cool 2000 DPS. Now when we do Ignis, we have one tank take the adds and the other holds him facing the water and we proceed to rock his world. We have always done this with little trouble. So we roll back in there and proceed to roll Ignis with minimal effort. I am going to be honest, at this point I was aggrevated and only healed the Mage because it would have been a reall ass move not to.

Having knocked out Ignis, I went in officer chat and debated what to do. It was clear our PuG Mage was unable to get over 2400 DPS and that he was probably carried by friends within his own guild (which we all know I dispise). We decided to down Kolgram and then call it. We had been moving slower overall and felt that it was because we were out of rythm, aka the Mage sucked. So we went and cleared the trash to Kolgram and proceeded to down him. Oh and a big surprise here, the Mage stood in the eye beam! Yeah, this guy was not impressive and definitely made a poor representation for his guild. After we downed Kolgram we looted and I announced it was getting late for me and that I would need to be leaving. My wife stated she would be leaving with me and losing two of your healers is rough. Now, we did leave. I was hungry and so I wanted to get a bite to eat before all the food places closed for the night. We did decide to extend the raid since no one really needs anything off the first few bosses at this point.

So here is my issue, you are getting players who are looking like they are geared out their ass, yet they are unable to produce what their gear is indicating they should. I think ToC 5, ToC H 5, ToCr 10, and ToCr 25 are really at fault here; well, more accurately, Blizzard is at fault. I understand that they wanted to make gear accessible so that everyone could try the new instances and ICC when they drop, but they have really destabalized the whole raiding game. PuGs have always had bad reputations, but at this point and time I would rather not raid than take a PuG who I do not know. This is not the first time this has been encountered. When I go into the LFG channel looking for something specific and get whispers from people asking what I need, I always look up these folks to see if they can fill a roll and perhaps we can bring someone's alt in to do a different job. What I find is that people do not understand their classes and have specs that boggle the mind, or they are a healer with +hit gear, or they have all the gear and when you bring them in they have no clue what is going on. Now I do not consider myself a hardcore raider at all. I have one raid group I run with on one night a week. We value our time and want to clear content as much as possible. I will run with the guild on other nights if something is posted for us as well.

I am just afraid that at the rate this is going, ICC is going to be a laughing joke. Sure, there will definitely be the guilds that clear it. I am intending for MAS to clear it. However, there are a lot of people who have the impression that because they have all epics that this makes them perfectly geared. I hate to break it to you all (if you are reading this), but it does not make you perfectly geared. It just shows that you love you some Trial of the Champion/Crusader. I am sorry, I do not want to step on anyone's toes, but from now on, if the only gear you have is from ToC/ToCr, then there is no chance in hell I am picking you up. It just has gotten to the point where I feel the same about this as I do about most Death Knights (and I know there are a few good ones out there). People need to understand that a blue item may be bette for you than a purple item. For instance, on my lock I currently am rocking something like five blue pieces of gear, yet I can put out numbers comparable to those with much higher gear score. Why is this? Because I understand itemization and that you need to be able to hit the baddie before you even think about anything else. (That is just an example, I do not consider myself a great player on my Lock.) However, I suppose I should jump into the new age of raiding and throw on all my ToC/ToCr gear that has no hit rating, but will give me a hell of a gear score. I will definitely get picked up by PuGs who will be in awe of my purple haze, but once the shit hits the fan they will realize I am litterally just shit.

So in closing first let me apologize, I try to keep the blog "G" rated, but people are starting to really piss me off with their stupidity. Secondly, if the only gear you have is from running ToC/ToCr, then please start running some Naxxramas, Ulduar, Obsydian, Vault, and any other raid where you will first learn what raiding is about and then secondly gather some other gear which may be itimized a little different. Thank you and have a good day!


Mister K said...

It was a solid rant. keep up the good work! Trust me you are not alone in your concerns

Ruhtra said...

Yeah, it just amazes the level of ignorance that folks are displaying now days. It has gotten to the point where I will postpone a raid versus taking someone I do not know.

So sad.

RatherNotSay said...

Hmmm what server are you on? No just kidding.

Yeah, you are right about folks now days. They may look the part but they are lucky if they know how to run with their mouse!