Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Quick Update

Trust me folks I have not forgotten the post for crit/haste and how it fits into my build, but I have been pretty worn out and just feel like crashing. I have an off day scheduled on Wednesday and plan to tackle this subject then, so look for a post sometime then later in the week.

I am also curious as to what other questions may be out there in regards to Paladin healing? I have never really thought much about it a whole lot. Way back a long, long, long time ago I did a series on some very basic Paladin healing and have never looked back. I think that often times we spend more time reading sites with the "pro" tips that we do not discuss the basics. A start athlete is not born a pro but has to develop the bodies into that level of play and the same holds true for playing any class in WoW. So hit me up with any questions that you may have regarding healing as a Paladin or in general. I know some pretty good healers and if I do not have the answer, then we can always get some other folks to share their opinions on things.

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