Friday, November 13, 2009

Alternate Fridays: Emprius

As I stated twice before, Emprius hit level 80! I was unsure of how best to play him and build his spec. While I was leveling him I ran with a hybrid build that went far enough into the demonology tree to gain my Fel Guard and then spent the rest in the destruction tree. This build proved quite useful to me for leveling via questing and battlegrounds, but put out way too little single target damage in instances. So I knew I would need to decide on a spec when I hit 80 and my love of trying to learn it on my own had me firing up target dummies for two days. When i found a build that seemed decent I would then PuG a group for an instance (typically ToC regular). I was satisfied, somewhat, with the build and decided to hit a heroic up. It took forever to find a group that wanted a fresh 80 along, thank you gear scores. I hit heroic Nexus and I did absolutely terrible. Well, I guess 1500 DPS was not as bad as some I have seen, but I definitely knew that there was room for improvement.

So I finally broke down aftr blasting target dummies for hours and started looking over some resources. The majority of them said the same basic stuff that was useful, but nothing that I did not know. I knew I wanted to go with a destruction build as it provided some of the best overall DPS for raids and I had come to love the flaming of others in battlegrounds. On a side note, there is just some sort of strange satisfaction I get out of firing up a Paladin. So, on my search I came across this:

Now, I have made it known that I am not a huge lover of following a set guide or "cookie-cutter" spec, but I am a firm believe in trying and using what works best for you and this was so close to the spec that I was working around that I had to try it. I chose the first spec as I plan on getting to 17% (446) hit rating since we currently do not have a shadow Priest or Boomkin in our guild or raiding groups. I was amazed at how much better my DPS was overall with the Glyph of Life Tap (GoLT) and using Curse of Elements(CoE) more regularly. I am going to admit it right here folks, even I do not know everything and while I recocgnized the importance of CoE, I had never tested it out on the target dummies to really compare it to say using strictly Curse of Agony (CoA) or Curse of Doom (CoD).

The end result was going into ToC regular and being the number one DPS for overall and boss encounters. I have not yet had enough runs to guage where I will fall in heroics yet though. I did run a heroic Utgard Keep, but went in with a group, who's gear, composed of ilvl 232 - 245 (litteraly all of them) and then me. I did manage to pull down around 2200 DPS on average (mobs and bosses). Where I saw the biggest difference in my current build verses my previous build is in single target DPS. My single target DPS was really awful and since the switch, I have kicked it up to being even greater than dropping Reign of Fire (RoF) on mobs.

With my spec nailed down, and a priority set (see the video for that), I am now focusing on my gear. I managed to get the crafted dagger the day after I turned 80 and that should last for a while. I crafted the ebonweave gloves but soon replaced them with the pair that drops in ToC reg. I also got the waist, bracers, and pants from ToC reg as well. I am keeping my ebonweave gloves simply because they still have more hit, so if I get into a PuG raid (Naxx 10) then I can switch them on if I need the additional hit. I am currently using the veiled cut gems which I will replace as my gear improves. The plan is to gain the hit cap off of gear and enchants and then focus on adding spell power from gems. I am wanting to get a decent amount of haste, but believe that I should be able to get that via the gear itself. If I find that I need more, then I can always try to switch some gems or enchants around.

Aside from gear issues, I will need to start doing some dailies to get my reputation grinds over with and also to acquire some gold. I still need epic flying on Emprius and also need to get a good supply of flasks and food for him. Sure I can fund Emprius from my auctions, but I like to get each of my level capped toons to a point where they are self sufficient. My professions will be easily utilized for this. There is never enough ebonweave out there for the impatient and enchants are always a solid money maker, especially the vanilla ones such as agility. I am considering leveling cooking on either Lrem or Emprius just so I can supply my own food. It is becoming harder and harder to find the buff food at fair prices and it seems I am on less and less from the folks who I used to get to make some for me. That will be probably the single worst thing of it all to me, I hate maxing professions. In regards to both Emprius and Lrem, I used their professions to gear them as they leveled which naturally means that they are almost leveled, but starting from the beginning to leveling something like cooking, fishing, or first aid just makes me want to go do something else (which usually happens).

As far as for future plans for my alts? I am somewhat at a standstill. I am not sure what alt I want to level now. I have two Druids (one feral and one Boomkin), a Priest (currently Holy although thinking of going Discipline), and a Rogue who are all apealing to me right now. I could just pick to level in order of highest to lowest, which would put Walani (Shaman) next in line. The rule of thumb here folks, do not end up having a rediculous amount of high level alts, because they always demand attention too.


Fish said...

Lefish is a chef, I've been doing the cooking dailies and intend to get Worg Tartar (+hit) as soon as I get to 400 cooking. . .

Ruhtra said...

That is awesome and I will definitely consider buying some from you, but currently I have achieved my 17% hit cap and now am focusing on some other areas, but there are definitely some other foods I would be interested in.