Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekly Update: 10/5 - 10/11

It has been such a long time since I had any sort of update going on, but let me try and just go over some basics of what I have been up to.

  1. I have been working on minor upgrades for Ruhtra. It is getting to the point now where there is not much that is an upgrade save from either Ulduar 25 or ToC 10/25. Do not get me wrong, there are still a few pieces here or there that could drop, but in reality I need to start thinking about getting into more raids as those raids will have more of a chance of dropping multiple items verses running looking for one or two specific pieces.
  2. My focus as of late has been on Lrem. I have worked very hard to get the best gear out there for him given the circumstances of not being able to find a lot of good groups. My most recent upgrades were picking up the tiered helm for badges and getting the crossbow to drop in H UK. I replaced my Vengeance Wrap finally with the Furious PVP back piece as well. At this point there is only a few more pieces of gear that I can gather for him prior to going into raids, which means I am going to have to break down and actually buy his flying finally.
  3. I decided I wanted to level a tank and so have been playing my Orc Warrior Galran. Now truth be told, Galran was the original Guild Leader for MAS, but when Ruhtra joined, he relinquished control and has since served in several support roles from auctioneering to storage. We will see what becomes of him as the coming days unfold, but I would say that getting him from 32 to 37 in a couple days is pretty good considering how much both he and I dread leveling.
  4. I respec'd Whoopy to subtlety as I have been doing more PVP with him than anything else. I liked the idea of the combat daggers build and when he hits level cap I may duel spec him back to a more PVE oriented spec, but for now it just makes since for me to stay with the spec that I will get the most use out of.
  5. As I am typing this a little gnat is getting on my last nerves. I thought that would really set this post off to let you know the little things.
  6. I had stopped messing with the auction house because quite frankly I had way too much going on in my personal life to be able to play my characters and play the auction house. As things are settling down more I am getting back into the auction scene and checking out some of the changes. I have read a lot of posts lately that the inscription market is getting pretty crowded due to an article on a large site. We shall see if this is the case in time.
That is pretty much all I have at this time. As you can see I have not really been doing a whole lot lately. I feel out of touch with the guild even as this is the first week I have not been on a whole lot during the hours that the majority of them are on, but they should know I am always watching and looking out for where we need to go and I hope that they actually continue to make progress without me being there every moment that something major is going on. I was happy to log in late on Thursday and see that they had managed to get a Naxx 10 run together. That was extremely encouraging to me.

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