Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rant Day: Names

Alright so first let me apologize for the long period of not having published anything new lately. A couple things have changed in life recently, the largest one being that my schedule at work now has me working evenings and that has caused me to have to switch around my daily routines. Now if you ask my wife, she probably will not feel so sorry for me since it has made my own life much easier. I leave that topic open for debate, but the truth is that the change in my work schedule is taking some adjustment. I do not want to quit blogging though and figured what better day to pick back up the old keyboard than on Rant Day!

So as the title implies, today I want to discuss names. More importantly really awful names that took all of five seconds to come up with and definitely reflect this. Now I am not going to even attempt to say that I am immune to this. I have had my share of poorly named and misspelled toons. But I have to wonder for instance why a someone would name their toon "Tastemymace" and then proceed to two axes? Honestly, if you have a name that has a specific weapon in it, then please remember to carry that weapon at all times. Or how about any name that has holy or heals in it and then it turns out they are a DPS? Why name a toon after something you have no intention of doing? I mean you probably are not new to the game because you at least understood that the class could attempt to heal. I just do not get it folks.

Another naming style that drives me nuts is when you see someone who includes "pwn" in their name. Even better is when this "pwn"er attempts to actually "pwn" but instead is "pwn"d by the very target he had hoped to make the "pwn"ee. I guess they could consider changing their name to "Roflstmped" and then it would be more correct. Thinking of name styles that annoy me, what about the people who use the fancy characters? I hate when someone has a friend who wants to run and they have fourteen special characters for their name. Sure I can sit there and search for the correct combination of keys to push, but why? Seriously why? I just do not get it.

On the concept of not getting it, how about people who think a name is cool and then attempt to copy said name. (I may be guilty of this but not in direct copying, but rather the name was taken for Holycow and therefor Holeycow was born.) Honestly, it is one thing when you just want a name, but when you go out of your way to either rename your character or create a new character with a similar name.....I just do not get it. Of course that pales in comparasin to the four thousand guilds who have attempted to take the name . I would congratulate the orginaters of this name, but absolutely hate the copy cats out there. I just do not get it.

I think the reason I do not get it is because I have always tried to find names that suit my characters. My first couple characters were names created by using my name or my family's names. After that I have used google to research diety names and other language names. Now I will admit that for my Tauren I have recently started making a play on words that end in "able" and switching it to "bull" coming up with such classics as Invincabull and Honorabull. I have not seen this done and started using this a long time ago and it fits into how some of those characters are named, but honestly.....Wtfpwnedbyanub??

I just do not get it......

/end rant


Edyion said...

I personally have a problem with the name "kill-whatever" or "kllla-somethingstupid" names floating around. I cant bring mymself to make my toons something stupid like that but i suppose that is a stem from real role playing in college and my creative streak. I tend to make up names from parts of names i like (Edyion) or combine deities (Nyxeris) take from literature (Tytanya = Titania from a midsummer night's dream) or even a character name that itself is a play on words from thing i am a fan of (annegwish). Apart from thinking my toons should have NAMES that are NAMES instead of nonsense slang is the fact i think people probably dont take those people very serious in game either. I mean some are good but really if you see somebody with wtfpwn or rofl in their name does it really compel you to wanna socialize with that person?

Nymeros said...

Part of me actually likes the naming rules on RP servers; no stupid names. The names must be "unique" or fantasy-ish or something like that.

I couldn't imagine playing a fantasy MMO with a name like "IGANKFORLIFE" or something along those lines. All my names, minus one, is directly from my favorite fantasy series of all time, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Nymeros, Valryian, Baratheon, etc are all family names or middle names from the series(most of the first names are common; Jon, Eddard, Jaime, etc). Only exception is Celebrimbor...had to have a Tolkien name in there somewhere, and who better than the forger of the 3 Rings?