Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raid Project II: Ulduar

Before I get into the heart of the content for this post, let me apologize for the last few days of nothing. I have actually been feeling rather ill lately and as such had not really been thinking so much about blogging as much as trying to hold my meals down. Well, I am still working on the holding meals down part, but having gone and seen the doctor Monday, at least I have some shiny drugs to help me through it. Now let's talk shop!

Week II

We had a strong showing for week number two. Too bad we had some new faces so it was somewhat like week number one. We started slowly coming online around our raid start time, but once again was around an hour late starting. On a personal note, that just drives me up the wall. I can understand life coming into play, but when it happens week after week it just becomes annoying. (I can rant about that perhaps some Saturday!) So we group up and head into Ulduar. Now the first thing I need to do is be really honest and say that there are quite a few people who are running this content that are really rather low for it, but they are dedicated and can follow instructions farely well; which to me is more important than your gear score, achievements, or any other silly thing we use to judge success in the game.

Our first task was to down Flame Leviathon again. We go over the basics of the fight with everyone and head on out. Now we did have one PuG in the group who was controlling my weapons on my siege engine and he did as best as he could I suppose. So we ended up wiping on the first attempt. I expected it and we reviewed some pointers on what to do and headed out for our second attempt. Just like last time, we downed the big hunk of junk and proceeded onto Razorscale. It was almost like deja vu because we also wiped once on the drake, but regrouped and made a few minor adjustments and took him down with a much better overall performance. Our next target was the annoying robot who refuses to drop my shield! Once more we did our traditional wipe, followed by a regroup and clear. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised as we had done this much quicker than the last time and so we then had to decide what to take on next. Would it be Ignis, the Iron Council, or the pop-up man (sorry his name escapes me and I am too lazy to look)? We decided for Mr. Pop-up and his eyes beams! In true fashion we wiped on the first attempt. We actually just had some bad luck as far as he grabbed our main tank and fried half the raid with an eye beam. No big worry, that was a moment to reflect on. We reviewed some basics with the raid and proceeded to topple the big guy.

I have to admit that I am proud of the progress that we are showing. Where we are hurting the most is in our DPS department. While our guys and gals do the best they can, we are lacking on solidly high DPS. I actually decided to end the raid at this point because in all honesty I did not think we stood a good chance of success against the other bosses that we could have faced and I did not want to end the raid on a bad note. Instead, people were happy and excited and talking about the next attempt already, which is what I was hoping for. My goal is to continue to work on downing the bosses that we can and gearing up off of their drops. We have seen consistant improvement in the raiders numbers and that will lead us to being able to take down another boss, and another boss, and another, until we have cleared all of Ulduar 10. It also allows us to develop quality raiders verses of the "carry me through" type of raiders that are seen far too often now.

Again, I cannot say how happy I am with the progress and proud of the members who are showing up each week and working to improve. We may hit bumps in the road every once in a while, but the dedication will always pay off at the end. I hope that in next weeks installment I can say that we added another boss to our downed list.

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Nymeros said...

It can't be stated enough that raiding is like a dance(and this is not just a reference Heigan); no matter how good the individual dancers, everyone must be moving to the same beat and be comfortable that the other dancers are doing it right as well. Some fights are a slow dance, some are uptempo, some are freestyle. It takes practice on each kind of fight to hone your skills.

As we discussed, the dps will catch up in time, we hope. Running heroics, running ToC, doing these raids(and I may start a Sunday attempt at Naxx to specifically let our dps work on their stuff in raids and give them extra attempts at gear, I need to do more to justify my raid leader title) and the gear will come in time, if its not already there. We need to work on our variety as well, and there's no other way to do that than recruit a few more people. We have one active non-paladin tank, one active non-paladin healer, and large amounts of our dps are DKs, hunters, and rogues. Shadow priests, dps shamans, mages…and of course more healers...more options/utilities would be of immense help as well. But I might as well ask Blizzard to force people to stop asking for GS before a raid. We have what we have, and we will do the best we can. The day will come, and that day is not terribly far in the horizon, that we can say we've seen all the content in Wrath(well, in 10 man at least). And I would have never thought that when I came back.