Friday, October 23, 2009

Alternate Fridays: Emprius & Lrem

Alright folks, this week I have a double decker for you. Instead of talking about one alt, I am going to discuss two of my alts. Now one has been talked about much lately, which is my Hunter Lrem, and the other has been mentioned but nothing to profoundly deep about him, my Warlock Emprius. So let's not be waiting any longer and let's talk alts!


So with Lrem, I have been working my but off to find PuGs in order to run heroics. I really have not been interested to raid with him recently so the only avenue I have for gear upgrades would be heroics. My main reasoning for not caring too much was the fact I have never really planned on raiding with him; however, as this past week I switched my duel spec on Ruhtra from a PVE retribution build to a PVP holy build, I will now need to make sure I have a viable option for DPS if needed. So I took inventory of Lrem and really wanted to upgrade his weapons. The swords are nice, do not get my wrong, but I also realize that there are better options out there. My first thought was to go after the pole-arm from ToC, which I did run, but did not get the drop.

While, I did not get my drop from there I figured I would go ahead and run other heroics to collect the emblems and work on the upgrades of gear through that handy system. A side affect of not feeling well was that my doctor ordered me off work through the weekend so I had plenty of time to try to run heroics. So I hit up all the usuals and everything that dropped was either less than perfect (meaning leather gear) or I had better already (more often the case). Then we hit good old H VH. I pretty much hate this instance and I do not know why. It is one of the easier ones in the game in my opinion. I went ahead and accepted this group invite and we headed in. We actually plowed it under pretty quick and don't you know that the staff drops which was a good upgrade overall for me. Now, the downside was that I was in party with a Druid (Boomkin) who decided they needed it and a Warrior (Prot) who also hit the need. I was sitting there pretty pissed off at these two who were well geared and said nothing of needing gear for their off-spec. I gritted my teeth and hit need. I wond that staff with a 98! I was extremely happy as this was a huge upgrade for Lrem and it made me feel good to spend an entire day PuGn heroics and achieve my goal of replacing my weapons. Only down side is that my staves skill is a whopping two. Yeah I will be going out and whacking a lot of grizzlies upside their head over the next few days.

I also placed Lrem on a 2v2 PVP team. I will be completely honest here and say that it is only for the arena points to gather my PVP gear set a little quicker; however, I am way too competetive and get pissed when my team loses or I screw up (which happens a lot as I never was hardcore with my PVP on Lrem during BC). My partner is a DK and we went in and lost almost every match, except one. That is right, I was able to get my first win in arena with someone other than Ruhtra and it felt great. Basically my resillience was coming from my level 70 gear and a few pieces I managed to pick up from leveling through the battlegrounds. Now I will admit, I say I was not that good yet I had almost a full set of current arena gear so that does help even at level 80, but that is a post for a different day. So with the arena points I earned, I was able to get 4/5 Deadly Gladiator pieces! I was pretty happy all things considered. I had a ton of honor as I am always running saving to get the PVP gear through the battlegrounds that I cannot acquire through the arena so I had more than enough honor to cover the cost. Lrem actually has more Deadly gear than Ruhtra (but we better not tell Ruhtra about it).


So let's switch gears now and take a look at another alt that I have and see how things are going there. Emprius is probably one of my favorite characters. Back when I finally switched over to Horde and created my first characters on this account, I made five characters right away: Ruhtra, Lrem, Whoopy, Emprius, and Galran. Of the five Ruhtra, Lrem, and Emprius have always been the first toons I level to the cap. Of these three, the most fun I have is typically with Emprius. I know kind of weird considering he is the last one I am leveling out of the trio this time around. I tend to look at it as saving the best for last.

So I learned a lot from leveling Lrem through battlegrounds strictly and I do not plan to make that same mistake this time with Emprius. So I am taking my time and working on mixing running battlegrounds with running instance groups. Which is working out quite well as I am gathering some really nice gear for Emprius along the way. I am also acquiring a sizeable amount of honor in order to purchase some nice PVP gear as well. After all, I will always be a PVPer at heart, no matter how much I raid. So I have been hitting everything up with Emprius from UK to HoS. Yeah I went into HoS at 75 and was scared that I would perform horribly. I was grouped in a PuG with a bunch of 77-80 level toons. I am not saying this to brag, but I out DPS'd them all, including the level 77 Hunter who was talking about how "leet" they were and even poked a joke at my 70 epics. I guess it just proves that this content can be beat with some skill, oh and on a side note I did not die at all. I was so happy to have performed that well and I picked up the flight paths for there so I can cruise up there any time I want.

The one thing I did though when I decide to level Emprius was examine his build. I have been affliction for so long that I did not like the other builds when I had tried them. I did however realize that affliction could not carry me with how I wanted to play currently. So I studied a lot of "cookie cutter" builds and other build recommendations. In the end I decided to throw it all out and I built down to grab the Fel-Guard in demonology and I am taking the rest in destruction, a truly hybrid build for sure. I am sure there are some great builds out there that I could look at, but one thing I have learned is I do not do well by looking at what someone else says. I do my best when I go through trial and error. So I have set aside a large fund for respec'n and duel spec'n when the times come. I will share the final look of this build when I hit 80 for anyone who may be interested in it. Well, I think that about wraps it up. There is much more I want to look over, but I can always talk a little more about that in a later post.


Miss Medicina said...

Hahah I love the fact that you are dual specced holy!

I'd love to see your two different Holy Specs. I haven't had a chance yet to look around your blog, but if you haven't linked them, you should - I'll be looking for them!

Thanks so much for responding!

Ruhtra said...

You know, I do not believe that I have either of my current specs linked. I shall have to look at doing this sometime.