Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly Update: 9.13.09 - 9.19.09

Alright, so would of thought I would do a weekly update on Monday? It has been forever since I actually got one of these things out on time. So let's hit the high points shall we?
  • Lrem - As I have mentioned in other posts recently, I took my Hunter from 71 - 80 over the course of last week. I put in a huge push on Saturday to make it in a week and was extremely happy with the results.
  • I hit the auction house for Lrem and managed to pick up two nice pieces of epic gear for under 50% of the going rate. I collected two pieces of PVP gear using up some of my honor points. I acquired a helmet on a heroic UP run as well. I also took a green Polearm that dropped during the run to replace the low level axe that I had. Now I just need to go out and abuse some low level mobs to raise my pets and my weapon skilss.
  • My wife joined me in the battleground scene and was able to get her Hunter to 80 just a short time after mine. So now Lovkinja and Lrem can shoot varmits and mobs together.
  • I began working on my Warlock, Emprius. I plan to level him over the course of the next two weeks in the battlegrounds as well. I figure I have all of these higher level characters and this is a great way to level those characters.
  • I joined a Vault raid that was started by a guildie, as a favor, and ended up being promoted to raid leader to handle loot distribution. I offered to just be loot master, but I guess he felt more confy with me handling it as raid leader. The kicker was I went as Holy, informed the raid that I would roll for Retribution gear and then won every piece of gear that dropped. I almost feel bad for the folks who were there but those are the breaks of rolling against a legend like Ruhtra.
  • To celebrate the achievement of reaching level 80 (and I think because Abbadonn was feeling rage) we went to Southshore and annhilated the place with Abbadonn, Sneyk/Zeth (he would switch between them), Lrem, Lovkinja, and even Edyion joined in the fun. Didn't find much there though. Kind of sad, I remember the good old days where you could roll into town, turn a rock or two over and get yourself a real good fight. Oh well, I guess with the news that the place is going to be destroyed, folks are packing up and moving out of town. Looks like MAS really won that war!
  • Holeycow and the auction house crew made a hauling this week. Stone was selling like crazy for some reason. You have to love all those rich alts who are too lazy to go farming!
  • I leveled up Whoopy's jewelcrafting to the 420 range. As of late he has become one of my major crafters, as buying the uncut entry Wrath gems are fairly cheep and thus saves me some serious gold spending.
  • I have begun to finish up leveling Lrem's leatherworking skill. I think I am 390 with a stockpile of Borean Leather and getting more daily.
Well that is all that comes to mind for the time being. If I think of anything else I will edit it in. Take care and see you all later!

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