Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Update & Other Changes

Alright, so did you notice the title there? Another round of updating of what has been going on recently. Well, to be honest I have had a lack of runs with my Hunter so I ended up buying some more gear for him. I guess the joy of a strong auction house presence allows one to bypass the stresses of seeking gear. Trust me it is not due to a lack of trying. I sat in queue for four hours last night with no luck of finding groups. I finally switched and ran a Walani through UK with a guild member who was looking to form a group. Which by the way was a lot of fun. I love the enhancement build. It may be my favorite overall melee class at the moment, but I am sure we will have more on that in our Friday series (you know since that is where I cover my alts).

At some point over the weekend I ran Naxx 10 with the guild. One of our resident tanks wanted to form up and run to help our newer 80's get some gear. I have been sitting out of some runs to allow for more folks to go, but decided I would go and heal the run for them. So I partnered up with our resident Druid and we completely rocked the healing department. I am very happy with this healing set up. I have always felt that a Druid is the perfect partner for holy Paladins and this is proving to be correct. We plowed through the Spider and Construct wing with no wipes. It was a very refreshing run with little downtime. It got me thinking about some things and we will definitely be dealing with those coming up.

While I did not have a whole lot of luck on the runs with my Hunter, my wife has been cleaning up. Her gear is looking good and she is doing a good job with her Hunter. If I had half the luck for runs and gear I would be happy, but to me Ruhtra is still my main focus and I was able to finally acquire enough triumph badges to trade in for a new ring. I am feeling pretty good right now with the gear that he is sporting and I am looking forward to some more challenging content.

Speaking of challenging, now that work has picked up I feel like I am not really putting out a lot of posts (much less quality posts). Some of this is just regular life reasons and others have been from being annoyed and not wanting that to jade my opinion or turn this blog into nothing but one giant rant after another. It has made me think about starting up a blog that is completely non-WoW related where ranting is the whole subject. I have often thought it would be nice to see some sort of a blog or site where there was just no ranting that occurred but also would dive into good and bad relations with businesses. So, keep your eyes open cause one of these days my "Rant Day" series is going to expand into it's own blog where I can let out the rage and anger in a way that really doesn't matter.

On other news of changes. I am thinking that my "Raid Project" series is coming to an end. The whole goal was to show what went on while trying to turn our casual PVP guild into a more focused raiding guild. I do not know the success or lack of success, but we have become (at least I feel) a raiding guild. We can get a group together and at any time down Naxx 10 at will. Now this is going to leave my Tuesday spot open for a new series and I have already decided on what I want to do. Do not worry, I am not going to make you wait until tomorrow! My new series will be titled, "The Raid Project II"! I have never been a quitter and I feel we have enough solid players that have been in raids and are geared properly that we are now ready to step into the next raid. At this point I am focusing squarely on Ulduar.

That is right! MAS may be late to the party, but we have the people and skills to start working on it and I see no reason to slow our progression. With the return of a few quality players, I feel we are ready for it. If, as a guild, we wait to begin running such content until everyone is ready, then we will run the risk of losing quality players to other larger guilds who need bench warmers and extras for their 25 man roster. My goal was never to settle for anything but the best and that has not changed. Over the coming days and weeks I am planning to start pushing the guild into Uld and on this blog, just as we did with Nax, we will document the success and failure of this attempt.

Well, that is really all that I have for today!


Fish said...

I agree, enhancement is a lot of fun and buttloads of damage. I'm going to ride it to 80 and see how that goes.

And, as you said, get shammy to 80 is prolly the best way to go for me. As much as I love druid healing, moonkin just is not cool enough for me.

Ruhtra said...

@ Fish

I really hated the thought of going away from elemental to enhancement but I am glad that I did. Now I just need the desire to level him all the way to 80!