Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rant Day: Special Edition!

Okay so I am pretty steemed right now. It has nothing to do with WoW for once, but something that irritates me more than the worst of corpse campers! What is it? Family members and friends who do not answer their phones! For over two hours I have been trying to get someone at my house and with no response. I have left messages, contacted cell phones, left voice mails on the cell phones, I have sent text messages and all without any sort of response.

To me this is just rude. I realize you may step away from the phone (or computer) but for two hours? At least in WoW you get logged off so I won't get my feelings hurt if you do not respond and it even flashes an "AFK" notice up.

At any rate, at least I tied it into WoW. On a side note if anyone who happens to read this sees any of the family members online, could you please have them contact me. I am sure this post will seem silly to others, but damn it, what the hell else am I supposed to do?

Call the police and have them drive by and check in?



Nymeros said...

Yes, chief, have the police check your house. You most certainly should; that's part of their job description and you should do what you must if you feel that strongly.

About a month ago, maybe a week before I came back, the last in our long list of personal issues we had to deal with arose, and that was my mother-in-law had gone missing for some time. Normally, she never goes a day without contacting either her father, her sister, or her daughter/my wife. She had gone abnormally long, so we called the county police, dispached them to the last place we knew as her residence(she moves from place to place, she's just odd that way). She was there, and very pissed we had the cops at her house. She had been feeling under the weather and medicated herself and passed out without charging her phone, which procededed to die, and she never realized it was dead.

So while it may seem silly to you, won't you feel much worse than silly if something has happened? As always, better safe than sorry.

Eus said...

Gee okay, everyone can rest easy...I'm fine, but still sick. I was really sick when I tried to go to work. They sent me home after 20 minutes because of my chills/on fire feeling and the fact I had body aches and was standing there sweating. On Ruh's advice, I went to bed. I even slept through my alarm to wake up. So you can call of the seach dogs....I'M FINE!