Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rant Day: Rant Free!!

Yeah you saw that title correct! I have had a good week and do not have anything to rant about. I am sure if I tried really hard, I could find something to go on a small rant about, but I have decided to take a rant break and instead just do a little blogging chat! I am slowly creeping up on one year of blogging. Yes, I realize November is still a couple months away, but it none the less had me start to think about the many changes I have gone through with the blog. So I thought I would share some of my thoughts on what worked and what did not work!


So I got this crazy idea to move the blog to a full fledged website. That was a lot of work and it was a lot of fun, but the downside was that I barely have the time to post a blog here and there, much less manage an entire website for the blog. If I did not have the MAS website, forums, two blogs, a wife, two dogs, and a son then perhaps I could squeeze that pesky website in. My recommendation here is that if you have the time then having a website up and running is a cool idea; however, if you already have a ton of commitments then you may want to think twice about running a site.


I have noticed that a lot of people tend to worry about the number of people who read their blog and also how many hits they have on their site. I honestly do not care. I did put up a hit counter on the site for fun. However, when I switched to the website and then back, I messed up the count and now have no clue where my numbers should be. To some of us in the blogging sphere this could lead to a 911 emergency call, but for me it just led to me laughing at myself. If you are the kind of person who likes tracking all that information then go for it, otherwise it is just some useless data that I never look at anyway.

Blogs To Follow

If you have stayed with me through the last ten months, then you can verify that I am constantly changing the blogs I list. For a while I divided them up by class and subject. Then I switched it and had the unending list. Then I switched and I had only Paladin blogs, but soon grew bored and then added everyone and their questionable brother to the list. I am not back to a slimmer list, although every day I find someone else and add them in. I am really working on keeping the list down. I came to the conclusion that if what the blogs post is not information I find interesting, funny, or some form of usefulness, then it would be better to not list it. Now I do list individuals who may not agree with 100% because I find them to be good thought provoking reading.


Wow, I am probably the least regular blogger on here in terms of consistently listing blogs. As of late I have had a little more time and redesigned the blog to focus on specific topics and try not to wander away from those topics too often. I find it easier as a writer if I have a predetermined topic rather than one where I just wander all over (like this one).

Knowing When To End

Yeah, for instance I have run out of things that I have found useful when I blog and I am going to now end it rather than force myself to try and think of additonal things!

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