Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Raid Project: Social Structure?

So we are still not in the swing of full on raiding currently, but I did come across a post from Tobold that I found somewhat interesting and also since this is our day to talk raids I felt like talking a little bit about the post. So in his post, Tobold talks about how he is having a harder time getting his alt through raid content and is sitting with his Warrior at pre-raid level gear. I know this is a problem that a lot of folks tend to come across. I had this issue with both Emprius and Lrem at the end of BC. A lot of folks were farming raids and did not want to take players who were not already geared out. I did not get upset over this though because I understand that they were seeking a quick run for the sake of getting perhaps one or two pieces of gear and that the ability for one or two other members to go would be dependent on them knowing the fights and being geared properly.

I tried a couple times to not bring Ruhtra along on guild raids, but there is always a shortage of healers and as such, never succeeded in bringing anyone other than him. Anyway, as we read on in the last paragraph of Tobold's post he says this: "Wouldn't it be great to have some social structures that would allow a similar degree of cooperation and success as a guild, but also for alts?"

That statement seemed rather off to me. So I reread his post and then read it again. What I have come to the conclusion is that Tobold is having a rough time getting his Warrior into raids with his current guild, as they have moved on from Naxx. He has not been able to find any raids that are willing to accept him in his current gear set. I have to pause here for just one moment and question this. I have some characters on several different servers and I often times see Naxx 10 raids begging for tanks. Now if his Warrior is defence capped and ready for raids, then I would see no issue with him getting into raids. On the other hand, as I have often seen people do, if he means "pre-raid" gear is actually half assed gear set put together, then unfortunately I could see why no one would be willing to take him as a tank. We cannot really make a judgement on this one as he keeps his characters a secret and with good reason. So we will base it on his posts and assume that because he has a high degree of understanding that he is ready for raids and his "pre-raid" gear set is made up of epics from the heroic content. So then his delimna really is that he wants to raid but his current guild is not meeting his needs.

My first suggestion would be to request the raid leader or officers to post a Naxx 10 run for anyone who wants some badges or gear for their alts. I would suppose that he is not the only one in this position. This will allow for the raid to then have a sense of organization and be as well prepared for as the current progression content. Perhaps he should even offer to lead this raid? If he is unable to get the guild to post this run to the calendar, then perhaps he should just look for a less progressed guild for his Warrior. It is never fun to think about leaving a guild, but in reality that may be your best option.

However, Tobold makes a plea to the blog community for ideas or other suggestions. The one thing I have seen more of on my server is individuals begin forming weekly raids via the forums and the trade channel. These groups start out as PuGs, but some of them have been running now for a couple months and are progressing as if they were a guild. I guess my biggest piece of advice would be to quit waiting for someone else to cater to you need, but rather use your logic and devise a plan that will get you to your goal.

As a side note, I hope this did not come across in a negative light. I was not trying to speak badly of Tobold, but I did not want to hit his blog with a wall of text. I think Tobold is in a spot a lot of us find ourselves in and that we sit there and wait and wait and wait for someone else to take action when we could take action ourselves. I simply point to Tobold because he chose to speak about this particular topic. I enjoy Tobold's blog and recommend everyone read it as he always has interesting commentary on the state of WoW, as well as many other games.


Tobold said...

My warrior is defense capped (actually even a few points over 540), has 28k health, and 24k armor. Which I think would be quite reasonable for starting Naxxramas.

But then, not every server has the same culture on pickup raids. Being on a medium population server, and on the much underpopulated Horde side, there simply aren't all that many pickup raids going. And the few I heard announced were asking for the [EPIC] achievement, or the achievement you get once you killed every Naxx boss.

Basically people on my server will only take overgeared players on a pickup raid, for quick emblem farming. Especially tanks, where I've been told that I should have 35k health, 30k armor for even doing ToC heroic. I think pickup requirements are systematically much higher than guild group requirements. Did you only hear about pickup raids on your server needing tanks in chat, or do you have actual experience of such pickup raids accepting tanks with no more requirement than being defense capped?

Ruhtra said...

@ Tobald

Yes you are definitely ready for Naxx, easily I would say. I definitely can understand the popultion issue. While I am on a medium server as well, the Horde have solid numbers.

I actually had heard about the PuG raids from both the chat on from a couple realm forum posts. I have neve ran with any of them as I have the guild runs and another guild that I will heal for on more progression based stuff.

As far as I am aware of they did not publish any specifics, but again having not ran I do not know what they were looking for. I do see quite a few raids that do request the achievemets and rediculous stats as well though so I know where you are coming from.

I consider myself lucky that being holy I have always been able to find spots when needing to PuG (good or bad). You may want to look at your realm forums and see if anyone is looking for a tank or perhaps look for a newer guild that is trying to form for raiding.