Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Paladin's Thoughts On All Things Holy: PVP

So for today's topic I want to discuss PVP and how I fit in with it. Now if you have read this blog for a while, then you know I love me some PVP. I do not care if it is me against one or twenty. You best believe that I will charge straight in and make someone pay for their thinking that a light wielding Paladin alone is not something to be afraid of! My delimna of late is exactly where do I want to go with PVP. I have done a lot of thinking about it and recently removed my holy PVP build in favor of keeping my holy PVE and ret PVE builds.

My problem is that I love PVP but the guild needs my heals! Sure I could half ass a build that would have some PVP merrits and some PVE merrits, but I also hate half assing things as well. As of late the group I have been running raid content with has been asking me to go as ret. When I first started I was embarrased by numbers. After putting in some practice on some dummies and looking over some numbers and fellow bloggers and watching a coupld rets in action I am proud to say that I have ran all content as both holy and ret. It is also very nice to have the luxary of switching between the two. Now if the guild was clearing content on our own, I would be happy to swtich my duel spec away from ret and just be a duel holy Paladin; however, we are not running content on our own and I have to be able to be flexible for other groups or else run in the PuG circuit.

Now I could go and run the arena, battlegrounds, and world PVP in my standard holy or ret build, but there are some key abilities that I do not have in both builds that hurt you so much in competitive PVP. Those minor things like reduction to stuns and drains are the key to winning and losing. Being able to go far enough into the prot tree to get bonuses for armor and additional reduction abilities for other stats are all key. Does not taking these destroy PVP for me? Actually it does not, but it does make the difference between being good enough to get a rating that will earn you better gear and being just another honor farmer. Now sure I can run Vault and down those bosses and upgrade my gear that way, which I did last night and successfully downed the new raid boss. However, it does not feel as rewarding to me to earn my gear through PVE that I intend to use for PVP.

I view PVP as being on par with preparing and practicing for challenging raid content. After every match I break down what went wrong or what went well and how could I improve upon that? I spend hours looking over talent builds and studying and researching anything PVP related that can be found on the WoW forums and other sites and blogs. As much preparation as I put in for a raid, I will definitely put in for PVP. So in the light of that, is it fair to knowingly underpeform? In the end I have to way my personal desires against that of the guild. Unless Blizzard decides to increase the number of specs that we are allowed to have, I will constantly be paying 50 gold to spec between holy PVP, holy PVE, ret PVP, and ret PVE. Thank God that we have enough tanks in the guild or else I would paying gold for that too.

I am amazed sometimes at people who complain about the duel spec and how it favors certain classes over others. In reality it does not favor anyone. Every class has an optimal build for PVP and PVE. On most levels they have multiple builds for each, but I suppose that could be a topic for a different day. In the end, my love of PVP is costly and not just in gold, but also in time. There are days where I wish I had the mentality of hating PVP and trying to avoid it, but I cannot. I was raised, so to say, in the fire and that is where I love cutting my teeth. I know this was not the typical post for this particular series but being a holy Paladin has multi levels to it and multi challenges and I think it is important to point out that a holy PVE Paladin is at a huge disadvantage compared to one who is spec'd for PVP and geared for it.

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