Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday Morning Wrap Up: Tuesday Edition!

Alright, so I know this is Tuesday and that means raid reviews! Well, unfortunately with the end of summer and the return of school and those last few precious days of vacation, we in MAS have not been raiding. I hope to turn it around soon, but the members online have been slim and there has been a lot of changes in my scheduling that are taking place. Hopefully things will calm down and we will be able to resume a raid schedule soon. So in lieu of not talking raid, I want to talk about what has been going on with me and WoW!

So the first thing that comes to mind is this past weekend we celebrated our girl Ed's birthday in true MAS style! We first got a bunch of Druids together and took to dancing like crazed bears!

Yeah things got a little wild there huh? It didn't stop there. I brought both my Druids to the party! A rare occasion for Braama and Invincabull to party together, but "Mr Assless Chaps" Ruhtra himself showed up and busted out the Direbrew Keg and everyone involved became drunk as drunk could be. Then someone had a great idea to throw down a Paper Zepplin. Okay it was more like a few hundred Paper Zepplins! Yeah madness insued as people stopped and stared at the drunk Blood Elves running in circles being chased by Paper Zepplins. I actually recorded some of the footage and then out of boredom created this:

Watch more videos of WoW

So yeah, that was pretty much my weekend! Pretty exciting stuff huh? As far as character development and all that other stuff......not so much going on there. Maybe one day I will level another toon, but right now I am just kicking back and enjoying the little things of WoW before they all go boom!

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