Sunday, September 6, 2009

If It's Red, Then It's Dead: Battleground Changes

So as someone who loves battlegrounds, when I heard about the change coming to battlegrounds I was skeptical at first. What change am I referring to? It is the rated battleground system of course. When I first read the news, to be completely honest, I was pretty mad. Sure the chance at some quality PVP gear made me excited; however, the fact that in order to get the best I would have to be a part of a team and earn a rating upset me quite a bit. I mean seriously! We have a hard enough time trying to fill a 3v3 arena team and now I have to try to get 10 to 40 people together for a rated team?

I really considered just giving up on the notion of it participating in the rated battlegrounds. I mean the Blues posted that you would still be able to acquire PVP gear through honor right? You know what though? I am not a quitter. I view this as a challenge. When we go out for some world PVP we typically can round up 10 to 15 people; so I have decided to start there. I am going to generate some interest in the guild. Find out who else is interested and then start contacting some friends who love PVP and work from there. I am sure there are a lot of people like myself who want to participate in this but are sitting there scratching their head wondering where they are going to come up with the folks for a full battleground group. My goal is to have the "team" assembled in the next few weeks and begin running some battlegrounds together to see how well we work together. So as a side note to anyone from Daggerspine-US Horde side that is looking for a battleground team, give me a hollar!

I have honestly found that organizing larger groups is not so much a problem as it is really just all about the organization. So much like I have taken on leading raids for the guild, I am going to get our battleground team together and hope that some fellow guild member will want to step in and take it over, but if they do not, then yours truly will be leading raid and battleground groups. I am interested to see if any other folks out in the blogsphere is undertaking the rated battleground challenge. If you are, post some ideas on what you are thinking and let's compare notes. Well, I will catch everyone a little later.


Matt said...

Well, I believe my officer position's description says something or other about PvP, so I'll be happy to help organize and lead these battleground runs too. Plus, it's a well-kept secret, I know, but I kinda like PvP

Ruhtra said...

Yes that is what your title implies and I already counted on you being a part of this. :)