Friday, September 11, 2009

Alternate Fridays:Whoopy

As you all know I have a serious issue in WoW. I have six characters (Methuselah, Popebutch, Whoopy, Walani, Lrem, and Emprius) stuck in the 60 to low 70s range. I have tried many different ways to level them and typically end up just getting them bunched closer together. So, in an effort to break one from the pack I started playing my Rogue, Whooopy again. I had been having some fun just running around doing a quest here and ganking an Alli there, but was not sure if I wanted to commit to a melee DPS class. (Ruhtra hates melee!)

I had been looking to take Whoopy into some instances as I had not really done much five man stuff while leveling to 70 with him. So a couple weeks back I managed to get in a group for UK. We tore the place up and I was in the middle of the pack for DPS. I felt pretty good about it and was satisfied by what was going on. The background here is that Whoopy is my first character that I have at 70 who has never managed to raid in BC, so his gear is really sub-raid level for BC. That being said, I was happy with his numbers. That was until the other night. I logged on and wanted to run some five man content. At the same time one of our guild members was on with his Shaman and was wanting to run to get some healing practice in. Now back in the end of BC he was one of our main healers who had taken some time off from healing to level a Death Knight. So I was happy that we had a healer on. Well, one of our 80 tanks agreed to tank. Wonderful, the two hardest spots were filled. We rounded out the group by grabbing a guild member's Mage and my wife hopped on her Hunter.

We began, the group was great. We were slaughtering the place like there was no tomorrow. I know that with an 80 prot Paladin it would not be difficult anyway. My wife had been interested to know what her numbers were so I pulled recount for her and there she was sitting up top (not counting the 80 tank). However, Whoopy was sucking the floor. It was the first time with any of my characters that I had not been able to perform where I wanted to. I was really aggrevated by this. Now I will admit that the main reason is because I was subtlety spec'd and that does not put out the best DPS in the world.It is great for solo leveling in a PVP realm that has a lot of random acts of violence, but not so good for the PVE content. So the good news is that my wife is doing great with her Hunter and I hd homework to do. So I went and started reading my usual spots (WoW Forums, Blogs, Wowhead, and WoWwiki).

So I bit the bullet last night and rode to UC and there I changed Whoopy from being a subtle sneaky Rogue to be a comabt daggers Rogue. I then went and purchased the glyphs that I needed. By the way, I realize I need to level my inscription so that I do not need to pay high prices for glyphs (which I didn't, I am just going to look for them over a period of time). I wanted to go with Swords or Maces but I do not have access to any decent weapons and my Daggers from my former build were not the worst weapons in the World (of Warcraft). So I went over and decided to beat on some dummies to see what I could put out unbuffed with only poison on my blades. I managed to increase my DPS by 200 with a simple rotation and the changed spec with new glyphs.

I was extremely happy with the end result of my experiment with the dummies and so jumped at the first opportunity to test out my new build. So I assembled a group and we hit UK again. It took a little while to get use to the new rotation starting out, but after the first few pulls I had the rotation down and was putting out a little more than I did on the target dummies. So it looks like with just a little bit of work and research that I have managed to find a build that will work for the time being. Once I hit 80 and have more time to work on weapons I may switch the build to a different combat spec, but for the time being this is going well. My next big task is going to be looking into the aspects of enchants and gems for Whoopy.


Shayzani said...

Have you looked at a mutilate build since your best weapons are daggers?

I leveled my rogue from 70 to 80 as Mut and found it to be brilliant, easily as good as Combat and a nice change of pace too.

Ruhtra said...

@ Shayzani

I looked up some of the Mutilate build but the rotation has me worried some. There were several different versions and it was not as crisp (at least what I saw) compared to the combat dagger build.

If you can point the way to some good information I am definitely open to take a look at it and give it a test run.