Friday, September 25, 2009

Alternate Fridays: A Whole Lot of Nothing!

It seems like just a week ago I was busting Lrem's chops in order to get him to level 80. I accomplished my goal and within one week took a toon to 80 through the battleground system. Which by the way had some unexpected changes. I discovered these from listening to the complaining on the trade channels. I rarely give credit to the trade channel for anything but found it interesting. So I jumped in queue for an AV with my Warlock (Emprius) to see if the rumors were true.

What I discovered with my first run with Emprius was that the experience earned per boss kill and bunker destroyed was cut in half. With Lrem I earned roughly 17-19k experience. With Emprius It was cut down to 8k experience. That is a huge loss of experience, but it was nothing horrible. Now Emprius is slightly higher than Lrem was when I started with him, so that was a little lower than what I initially felt was acceptable. However, before I could write a scathing post about losing my precious easy experience (which I had no intention of doing), they went and made changes again. I ran yesterday with my arena partner's Hunter and we were getting 12k experience per boss kill or bunker destroyed. Kind of funny that in less than a week of running AV that we have seen three different sets of experience gained from running.

Which brings me to the heart of today's alternate character, Emprius! I have written some about him in the past and I started to level him a few months back but became bored with looking for groups and finding the worst possible groups around. So I just sat him on the sideline and figured I would just concentrate on Ruhtra and get him geared. Well, I managed that and then for some reason skipped him in favor of Lrem. Well, Emprius was not too pleased with this and so I have dusted him off and brought him out to play.

The big thing about Emprius is that I have always been affliction with him, which I loved back in the day. However, I have read the blogs and forums and realized some issues with the affliction build that I may not like and decided that I would try something new. So I respec'd Emprius from affliction to a hybrid build. I went far enough down into demonology to acquire the fel guard and then have been spending the rest in the destruction tree to up my casting damage. This build has proven a lot of fun for running AV, but I realize that when I hit 80 I will have to switch to one of the cookie-cutter builds more than likely.

At the clos eof the day, Emprius was 74 and looking pretty good. I had some gear to upgrade his weapon and back piece. From here on out it will be the old arena gear and those two items until 80. At 80 I will craft some gear for him and look for some deals. Ofcourse I am going to run him through AV as I still think this is the best way to level. Worst case scenario, will be two to three weeks to level. Best case scenario is I get him done in this coming week. Either way, you will be able to read it here first.

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