Friday, September 4, 2009

Alternate Fridays: Braama

So I think I did one post for my "Alternate Fridays" series. Well, I am back and this week I wish to highlight one of my Druid's! This week I want to talk about Braama!

That picture there is a family photo! On the left is my wife's Druid, Moodru! In the middle is the star of this post Braama. To his right is my other Druid, Invincabull. So why in the world do I have two Druids? Well silly, it is because I have two accounts! Okay, it is really because I wanted to do two completely different things with my Druids. Invincabull is going to be feral for tanking and DPS; whereas, Braama has plans to be balanced and restoration, and since Blizzard will not grant my wishes for having four or five specs, then I need to have two Druids!

So let's give some background on Braama. He was one of my characters from my original account and he fell to the wayside like so many others. I eventually sent him to handle my auctions that are being listed for gear. He was one of my "terribull twins"! Yeah, if you know anything about me, I love the Tauren and creating them and naming them like that. Just get use to it because I have a lot of Tauren and there are a lot of fun names for them. So anyway, Braama has earned thousands of gold on the auction houses for me, but there was a part of me that wanted a Moonkin and he fit the bill perfectly. I ran through some heroics and got some heirloom gear for him and started out the process of leveling.

I have actually really been enjoying running around with him. I made it to 20 in a couple days. I have to admit that heirloom chest and shoulder are a great investment. With rested experience I should have him mooving along at a good speed. My biggest problem with alts is that I do get burned out with them. I have ran the level 1 - 70 content so much that it is like a trip to the dentist, I just dread it. However, the versatility of the Druid class has made it a lot more fun. By the time you get use to one form, you get another form. This does switch up the options of how you play and that does make it more interesting. For instance, when I was level 16 I attempted to take down Knucklehead (lol the abomination in the ghostlands). I was not successful, but I did manage to take him down to around 50% health. I felt pretty good about that and might have been able to take him down lower had I switched more and placed additional HoTs on myself.

I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy the Druid class and I am looking forward to joining the ranks of the elite "lazer chickens" of our server! Well, check back next friday and perhaps it will be an update on Braama or a new alt. You just never know what you will get with this series!

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