Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rant Day: Introduction

Hello there to my two people who read this blog! Just kidding, I am sure there are a few strays who come in every now and then. In the ongoing attempt at assigning specific topics for certain days of the weeks, I present to you Rant Day! Some of you may know this as Saturday, but to me it is the day I shall unload all of the things that have aggrevated me throughout the course of the week. So let's begin!

1. Blizzard allowing individuals to have both Alliance and Horde characters on the same account on PVP servers.

This one has already become an aggrevation to me personally! So, let me give the background of the aggrevation. A fellow guildie (Edy from over at Code Red) was working on leveling an alt. Now we play on a PVP server so getting killed once or twice is not too bad and something we expect. Well, she was out in Hilldbrad working on quests and ofcourse she did get ran through. No big deal, but I was bored and thought I would "patrol" the neighborhood. So I flew down in my PVE ret build. I was aggrevated and some good old fashioned PVP was just what the doctor ordered. So I land and find some scrub 76 DK doing their thing all over TM. I jumped him and put him down, no problems. Well, he must have had a buddy (or at least I assume) because here comes an 80 DK jumping my back. I dealt with him and as soon as I turned around the 76 was back up attacking. I put him down, but a little slower. Now having been ret all of a half day probably does not help my skills, even though most say it is a faceroll type playstyle, I at least like to have an idea of a rotation.

Needless to say they finally got me down, but only to have Edy show up on Edy and well that did not end well for the 80 DK. The lower one ran for his little dwarf life. Smart move. Well, before you know it, a few more guildies and friends showed up. More out of laughing at the play by play I was shooting in guild chat. So we end up with a good friend on his Rogue, my Paladin who I switched to my holy PVP build, my arena partner on his DK, my wife on her Paly, ofcourse Ed was still there, and another Paly from our guild who has a bloodlust comparable to that of mine.

So having known that TM was being tortured by this guy and his buddy, we decided to teach him a lesson. We pretty much pitched our tents and took turns pounding on him. Well, he logs off and switched to a little lowbie Rogue on the Horde side to tell first Ed and then myself what kind of scrubs we were and the retoric that goes along with that line of thinking. It got me thinking, how the hell does someone call people at their own level a bunch of scrubs when they just spent the past hour one shotting lowbies? I could not come up with an answer, so I asked. I didn't get a good answer back, just some childish remarks about my mace and what I could do with it. Well, we were in a sporting mood and the Alli tells me he can take us down one on one. I relayed this to my friends and guildies and my arena partner on his DK said bring it on. I told the fellow to log back on and take him out without any interference.

The dude logged back on, got full health up and then got destroyed by our Rogue friend. Apparantly this guy had caused problems in the past and the Rogue wanted to pay him back. We then let him rez again and get full health. So my partner and this Alli DK start to duel. It was an amusing match for a few minutes until my partner burned him down. The guy then switches back to tell me about how unfair, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah that it was and that had he blah blahed his blah he would of blahed something or other. See where I went there, I just lost focus on the guy. I snapped to when he called me a scrub again and cried foul that there were more of us than him. Again, he was ganking in our town folks who were 55-60 levels lower. Go figure. We laughed and had a great time the rest of the night out there. I told him get his friends together and come on down and have a good old fashioned brawl to which he responded that and I quote, "Allis don't PVP with friends, we fight alone".......




Sorry, trying to compose myself. He then told me about how we always gank in numbers and what not, which he had a valid point. There was six of us there. Of which he was unable to kill any of us one on one. I mean aside from the fact that he was killing lowbies. Anyway, for the rest of the night we enjoyed the humor of the moment and I had to put up with his constant whining in whispers to me. Sure I could have ignored him, but that list needs to be reserved for the village idiots of our own faction, not those of the Allis.

So, today I am out working on reputation with the Tauren. I want to finish that off and then I plan to start working on the Argent Tournament stuff. Yes, I know I am a late bloomer there, but jousting and the rest of that stuff held no interest to me. It really does not hold much interest to me now, but I am running out of things to do. Anyway, I am in the Barrens which is notorious for having a retarded level of general chat, but I noticed one shining moron above all else. And I apologize to anyon who has read my blog for a while. I really do not like to call people names, but I have to call this one as it is. This guy had his own 80 Paly out at Crossroads with another 80 Paly and they were tearing the sh.......stuffing out of the place. (Phew caught myself there, want to keep our PG rating!) So anyway, back to the guy, he has a low level alt that he brought out there to get on the general chat and talk his game up to all the level 18-22's who were trying to quest and level.

I ignored it as long as I could and tried to reason with the guy and explain that his exploits were not that great and his trash talk was lame. I may have said some other things, but it was the heat of the moment. So I kept talking to him as I rode into the town. I took his partner out while he was yacking and then waited for him to switch over. He did not switch over but proceeded to say how much of a scrub I was. I left Crossroads feeling like I made my point only to log back in a while later and the two of them were still at it. Craziness I tell you! I did not have the time to stroll back over though as I promised I would help run an instance. So I do not know what happened, for all we know they could still be there destroying and crushing the tough NPCs of Crossroads.

So, now before I get boo'd out of here, I know that there will be stuff like that happening on both sides. I am not a moron or idiot, but I have to wonder why? Why waste your time to create an alt. Move them to where you want to display those l33t skillz just so you can talk trash? Or why bother hopping on an alt to complain about PVP happening on a PVP server? It just does not make sense to me. If anything, it is aggrevating as hell to know that you just ROFLSTOMPED someone and now they are mad so they will whisper complaints of it not being fair? I mean did this occur during WWI or WWII? Did the Germans, Russians, Brittains, Americans, and the rest of the lot call up each other's generals and complain about killing someone? No, they did not! Sure, comparing a video game to those serious wars is rather extreme, but are not the Alliance and Horde at somewhat of a cold war at present? Here is my advice, please.....PLEASE.......PLEASE do not create an alt of the opposite faction to QQ to them about what you feel was unfair. All that will do is cause you to have a miserable night. We would have left this guy had he not insulted everyone in my family. Sure, I could take the moral high road and turn the other cheek, but it's a PVP server and I did not earn my 13,000 kills by doing that. If you kill me or any of my guild or friends, and I can do something about it, then you better bet that I will try. Oh and win or lose, I am not going to hop on an alt and cry about how it was unfair, especially if I was the transgessor!

/end rant


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