Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rant Day: Double Post Day

Alright, so this is a special edition of rant day! We get two rants on one day! Aren't we lucky! So I was bored last night (Friday) and wanted to get some badges and perhaps a little gold. I thought to myself, let's go ahead and run a PuG. I have had moderate luck as of late with them and it should be easy. I figured I would look over the folks in the raid before it began to see if they were geared and checked out. I got an invite to a PuG that had been spamming in trade the need for healers and accepted it. I checked out the tanks and a couple DPS and was satisfied with what I saw.

So we begin. We clear the trash in the Spider Wing and arrive to the first boss and promptly have to wait while the tank is made to go eat their dinner. Yeah, that is a bad sign right there. I do not want to sound mean, but children on WoW annoy the hell out of me. When they speak in vent it is like nails on a chalkboard. When they go on talking tough shit and they have not even finished maturing, I want to reach through the screen and beat some since into them. I digress though, I need to stay focused on topic. Okay one last side rant, they rolled a DK. Okay a deep breath and back to the post. So he eventually does not return quick enough and another DK decides they will off-tank and the original off-tank will main tank. There is no discussion, they announce their decision and go charging into battle! Yeah we all know this is not good, multiple DKs and a kid tank. Well, they proceed to kite the boss poorly, the off-tank cannot hold aggro and I get an add. I heal through the boss drops, then I drop.

We all know how I feel about if healers die. It makes me so mad when tanks cannot hold agro. I was however saved now and figured that I would get a rez and give this group a shot. Well, as they run away, I have to ask for a rez. So we hit the second boss and they proceed to wipe blaming it on the second tank. Honestly I do not know why, as he held agro, but that was a tank fight and of no concern. They replaced him, I repaired came back and waited for fifteen minutes while they organize. They give it a go again. This time they change tactics without notifying anyone. They decide they want to burn down the boss and ignore the enrage mechanics.

Yeah they wiped us again. This time they decide to place the blame on the healers, but not in the you all were completely screwing up sort of way. They wanted to be nice about it. I can handle a wipe if it is truly my fault; however, I also monitor all numbers of a run so as to know if I screwed up. I was pushing out 2900 HPS on the raid. My fellow healer was pushing 2300 HPS. That is more than adequate to heal the boss. I say this in a joking way to let them know that their BS is not going to fly with me. They then tell me to proactively heal, not reactive heal. Well, it wasn't worded that well. It was more like, don't wait for the damage and just go ahead and overheal. I pretty much ignored them from there and decided debating healing with non-healers would be a pointless waste of my time and theirs. I released and repaired and was flying back and asked them of their strategy to burn the boss down without killing adds one at a time to stop the enrage. They reverted to the overheal argument and I suggested that if their DPS was below 2k, then they were going to waste the time of everyone. They responded with we don't care what the problem is, just fix it. One also mentioned they only needed one badge. That pretty much said enough for me. I do not mind wiping with players who understand the bosses and mechanics involved to clear, but I refuse to waste my limited game time on groups that have no clear understanding of what is needed in order to clear a raid.

So that brings me to my second post today which is the people who want everything easy. Typically these folks are also guild hoppers as well, but we will not even go there since so many people get really hurt feelings over such talks. Bottom line is that so many people want everything easy, it is actually ruining the fun of the game. I am in no way a hardcore raider. I raid maybe one or two nights a week. I am lucky to be able to run with a couple really good groups and while I may never be at the front of progression raiding, at least I do get to run the content while it is relevant. However, the new five man instance has been a clear cut signal as to how Blizzard feels about the crowd who want to be carried. That instance on regular drops epics that are easily comparable to Nax 10. Again I am not complaining, I think it is great for the folks who are on their second or third toon and loathe the thought of trying to PuG raids, as they tend to end up like this one I ran. However, it definitely deludes the amount of players who appear geared and ready to run true raid content. There will always be an argument over "charity" epics regardless of PVP or PVE and I do not honestly care. Where I care is when you get players who look like they know what they are doing. Are lucky enough to down one boss and then you find out they have no clue what is going on and you are now saved to a raid with them, that truly is something to rant about!

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So raiding = drama. . .well pugs anyways. . .I say that firmly tongue in cheek. . .