Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning Wrap Up! (Introduction)

Hello everyone! It seems like the harder I try to organize this blog and make it more of an everyday blog, the worse I am about posting. Well, bare with me because I do love blogging and I promise I will get better with it. So, quite some time ago I decided I would do these ongoing series. I started a couple and actually they do make life as a blogger a lot easier, at least when I do them. Well, this is yet one more of those ongoing series where I just sort of hit what I have done over the weekend, week, or month as it may seem to be for this one. So enough bad jokes let's review what all has been going on and catch you up to speed with the crazy life that is!


Well, what can I say here? Actually not a whole lot. I have lost the will to play my beloved Ruhtra! Worry not though, I am not going to retire him, but only bring him out when the situation requires his abilities. There are a lot of reasons for this and we will touch on them in various other series. While I have not been running him a whole lot, I did manage to take him for a stroll and acquire my albino drake! I was pretty stoked, but man that white drake cost me a lot of gold. I was being really responsible with my funds on Ru and working on my reputations with the five capitals and finally said forget that when I finished the Trolls rep. With only the Tauren left I hopped the nearest portal to Shattrah and went and purchased all of the Mag'har mounts and the flying mounts. Sure there was probably a more responsible way to get the job done, but I was tired of running all over Azeroth for a few silver. I do plan to go back and finish out my Tauren reputation though, as I feel the dragonhawk mount would be suitable for Ru to have.

Another thing that I am going to focus in on with Ru, is building reputations with the factions. I have spent a lot of time looking over the 40 factions at exalted and the Insane title and I feel both are doable. Sure they may suck the very essence of life right out of me, but honestly there is not a whole lot in the game left for me to do. I mean there will always be new raids and plenty of stuff I have not yet seen there, but I do not wish to be "hardcore" raiding four to five nights a week and even casual raiding can wear on a person after a while. The achievements, however, represent something that is fun and has some challenge to it. So I figure while I take a break with Ru, I might as well go out and have some fun with him.

Now do not go getting all worried! I know what would a blog dedicated to Holy Paladins be without the Holy Paladin? I am still going to play him and burn up baddies, just not as much. I have been healing as a Holy for what seems like eternity and just need a break from that sort of play style for a while. Also, hopefully it will encourage others in the guild to work on some of their healing toons. I do have some great ideas to test out and also plan to focus more on arena and PVP also. So see, no worries. Keep the chin up, Ru is not going anywhere. It's more like a vacation for him.


Well, since I have become burned out on healing, it obviously does not bode well for any of my alts that can heal. The Pope has been affected by this "mood" that I am in, and so he is hanging out in Silvermoon City doing whatever an undead Priest does. I have him at 67 and ready to make the run to 80, but just cannot make myself level him. It may not be a bad thing though, as it will allow me time to collect the materials needed for his mooncloth gear sets. By the way, farming motes still sucks! I will hit on that in a little while. The last big activity I had the Pope out for was the ring out in Nagrand, where he quite nicely received the mace from the questchain. Now if he can hold it is a whole other issue. I mean the mace is bigger than his head and it looks like an effort for him to wield it. Oh well, we will find a way to manage. Maybe we can borrow some ducktape from some friends and tape his arm and mace together?


Now here is a toon that I have absolutely been loving. I honestly did not love enhanced at first. A friend of mine talked me into trying it and I hated it. Now mind you I have spent the last two plus years as a healer standing at range and only moving when need be, so the whole idea of melee DPS was foreign at best to me. Well, after a few spins around the block in Outland, I decided to head out to Northrend. Since I have been there, I am loving life! The enhanced Shaman is rocking DPS charts. Sure I had a little edge because I was fully epic'd out but still. It was absolutely crazy the DPS I was able to put out in UK. I have never known what it was like to be number one on a DPS chart, much less as a melee DPS. However, as fate often does I was asked to heal more often than not. Now being the smart one that I am I paid for duel spec and set restoration as my off-spec. That has worked out well for PuGs who do not know that I have duel spec and never look anyone up in armory (and thank God for that too). However, guildies do know and every time I run with them, it seems like I have to do the switcheroo. It is not bad though as I do have a full epic set of healing gear (well I did when I started, but considering these were really old epics, they have been replaced quickly) which allows me to do a great job. It just is that my heart is not in healing right now so Walani only comes out when I want a change of pace or need to mine!

WTF?!? Who You Playing Then?

Ha that is a good question! I really thought about taking some time off from the game, but it is really more of a hobby to me so I decided to pick up an alt and level them. I looked over what was available to me. I had Lrem (my Hunter) who is 72 or 73, but we have a couple Hunters already who are geared and running with us and my wife is leveling her Hunter so not really a need there and I do want to keep the raiding group balanced. So then there is Emprius who is 73 as well. That was a viable option, but we just got a new lock in the guild who just hit 80 and we also have another established member who runs with us, so adding a third lock would be a little overkill I think. There is always Invincabull or Braama (my Druid boyzzz), but honestly Invincabull is like 27 and the thought of leveling all that way is not very appealing (even with the new skins). What about Braama? I really thought about it since he is on the account with Ru, I could funnel him the heirloom gear and level him somewhat quickly, but he handles all of my auctions for selling gear and moving that stuff between characters can be a nightmare. So what then, the Death Knight? While I have come around a little more to DKs, I still do not have much of a desire to play mine at the moment, plus he is rocking the neutral auction house for me.

So I was left sitting there wondering what in the world to do. Then I thought that I really just want to have fun. I wanted a challenge, but not one that involved leveling 50+ levels. I looked over my characters all the while thinking about fun. Then I saw my diamond in the rough. There he was sitting there winking at me. He is my jewelcrafter, which I could definitely use a high level JC. He also is a miner, which again I do not have a very high level one. So who is the pick? Well, let's just say that Whoopy can kill you if you aren't careful! That is right, I am roguing things up now. I dusted off my Rogue and have been having a lot of fun with him. I will be honest, he goes against everything that most serious Rogue players will say. He is a troll (get the nasty taste out of your mouth now cause I am not changing him) and he is sublte spec. So why in the world did I pick him? Well, what is more fun than hearing a Troll and watching them dance? I mean they bring me joy. Another reason is that I am a PVP player who raids to help my friends and have some fun with them. So for PVP a rogue is a great choice. I do not plan to go all hardcore arena with him, but some world PVP action is definitely doable. Another aspect is when those lowbies get one shotted and he vanished before they really catch the name, when they look in thier logs and see that Whoopy killed them, they will know those school videos has some merit to them.

Non WoW Related

So what else is going on with me? Well, honestly I am at a moment in life where I do not know what to do. I have a good paying job during an economy that is horrible for finding new jobs and sitting here thinking about leaving it. Talk about weirdness at its highest. My job is in the financial industry. I hold licenses which gives certain government agencies free access to my life and restricts me from doing a lot of things. Then the company I work for is even more strict. For instance, if I were to list it ever in any post or comment, I would need express written permission from their legal groups to maintain a blog, website, or anything else. Talk about not loving life huh? Secondly, when dealing with people and their money, people often will lose all since of right and wrong and want to rip your head off for their inability to act, take responsibility, or even think. To be honest, I am just tired of getting yelled at for their poor decision making and the bad economy brought on by greedy politicians and large corporations.

The trick is trying to figure out what to do. I have talked with Fish about this often since we work together and everytime I am left with no answer. Recently that has changed. In my past growing up I loved comic books and games! I mean I do not think there is a comic from the 80s through the 90s that I have not at least read, if not owned. I have a huge collection myself and also a wide variety of other collectibles. With such a risky economy I never put a lot of hope in establshing such a business, but recently have come across a couple really nice online platforms which would allow me to customize the quantity of items. In the past I had sold items on E-bay, which worked well. I had moderate success and managed to acquire enough funds to buy more inventory. As a matter of fact, things were going really good, but when my Father passed away, I lost all desires for a lot of things.

However, due to my recent lack of interest in my current job and a lot of soul searching the last year to two years I came to the conclusion that life is too short to do something you dispise doing. So, I am currently working on getting all the details worked out, but I am hoping and preparing to get an online store up and running in the coming months. From the online store, I would love to move out into setting up perhaps a booth at a flee market. I have talked with some folks who run shops now and they all started that way. Got a good name and then built upon that name. I have found a distributor who I should be able to obtain ongoing subscriptions through once I build up enough income coming in. Then, if all those things align and the universe gives me just one wish, I will hopefully be in a store front within one to two years. Wish me luck!

Well, there you go. Now you are caught up on the crazy life that is mine and know about both my in-game exploits and my real life activities. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon!

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Fish said...

LOL coming one step closer to the comic store owner in the simpsons. If you ever need an instance healer on your rogue, I know a certain druid who could help. . .