Sunday, August 16, 2009

If It's Red, It's Dead 8.16.09

Alright so in my rant post I went on about the whole cross faction now being permitted on the same account for PVP servers yesterday and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered any similar issues like that? Has anyone found any good experiences?

Before the whole cross account faction ability, my wife rolled an account with Allis on it, even though I told her not to. It actually turned out to be really weird in that she did not go on to yell at them or complain about being camped, but the ones who we had fun with (and by fun I mean good old world PVP where they gave as good as they got) she would whisper and talk with them. At first I was aggrevated by this because I did not want to be associating with the enemy. However, she proved me wrong and met a couple really nice people there. One guy liked how we rolled as a guild that he deleted his level 80 Alli and rerolled as Horde. He also brought his girl, cousin, and another friend with him. We brought them into the guild and they have been a positive within the guild.

Another example of this, which was more interesting than actual positive, was a Death Knight who was constantly in TM doing the lowbie ganking thing. He ganked my wife one day and then did a semi-corpse camp on her character. Now if you have read this blog for a while, then you know I dispise corpse camping in that matter (I will however camp a corpse camper). Well we went down and ROFLSTOMPED the DK, but the guy kept coming back and doing the same thing. This went on for a while and sure enough he did the same thing to my wife's toon down there. We rolled down and dealt with him, but found out he had friends waiting. Now their PVP skills were sorely lacking and they had no PVP gear at all. That is always a bad thing when MAS rolls out for world PVP. We fought him and his group all over the zone. I say fight but more like humiliated and destroyed them as they tried to retreat out of the zone. Well, my wife whispered them, because at least they were fun and asked why he persisted in doing this? He explained that he knew he was not very good at PVP but liked the world PVP better and felt this was a good way to get some experience.

I cannot fault him there, but the interesting part about this was that the group was all family. We found out that there were nineteen members of the family that played on the server. Honestly, they were all pretty bad at PVP, but I thought it was one of the coolest things I have ever heard. An entire family playing WoW. I mean they would always have something in common and they always had each other's backs, even when outmatched. I am sad to say that we have not seen them for a couple months, but perhaps that is because they are raiding or maybe doing the right thing and not camping lowbie towns looking for a fight.

However, if you are on Daggerspine and an Alli who wants a good fight, then TM is the place to go. For some reason it always draws the Horde there like moths to a flame. And yeah, in MAS, we kind of have a special hatred of TM that makes us that much more prone to defend that little wretched God forsaken town! So anyway, hit a comment up if you have found/learned anything that is interesting or cool about an opposing faction member, especially if it is a result of the new cross faction ability on PVP servers.

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