Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rant Day: Double Post Day

Alright, so this is a special edition of rant day! We get two rants on one day! Aren't we lucky! So I was bored last night (Friday) and wanted to get some badges and perhaps a little gold. I thought to myself, let's go ahead and run a PuG. I have had moderate luck as of late with them and it should be easy. I figured I would look over the folks in the raid before it began to see if they were geared and checked out. I got an invite to a PuG that had been spamming in trade the need for healers and accepted it. I checked out the tanks and a couple DPS and was satisfied with what I saw.

So we begin. We clear the trash in the Spider Wing and arrive to the first boss and promptly have to wait while the tank is made to go eat their dinner. Yeah, that is a bad sign right there. I do not want to sound mean, but children on WoW annoy the hell out of me. When they speak in vent it is like nails on a chalkboard. When they go on talking tough shit and they have not even finished maturing, I want to reach through the screen and beat some since into them. I digress though, I need to stay focused on topic. Okay one last side rant, they rolled a DK. Okay a deep breath and back to the post. So he eventually does not return quick enough and another DK decides they will off-tank and the original off-tank will main tank. There is no discussion, they announce their decision and go charging into battle! Yeah we all know this is not good, multiple DKs and a kid tank. Well, they proceed to kite the boss poorly, the off-tank cannot hold aggro and I get an add. I heal through the boss drops, then I drop.

We all know how I feel about if healers die. It makes me so mad when tanks cannot hold agro. I was however saved now and figured that I would get a rez and give this group a shot. Well, as they run away, I have to ask for a rez. So we hit the second boss and they proceed to wipe blaming it on the second tank. Honestly I do not know why, as he held agro, but that was a tank fight and of no concern. They replaced him, I repaired came back and waited for fifteen minutes while they organize. They give it a go again. This time they change tactics without notifying anyone. They decide they want to burn down the boss and ignore the enrage mechanics.

Yeah they wiped us again. This time they decide to place the blame on the healers, but not in the you all were completely screwing up sort of way. They wanted to be nice about it. I can handle a wipe if it is truly my fault; however, I also monitor all numbers of a run so as to know if I screwed up. I was pushing out 2900 HPS on the raid. My fellow healer was pushing 2300 HPS. That is more than adequate to heal the boss. I say this in a joking way to let them know that their BS is not going to fly with me. They then tell me to proactively heal, not reactive heal. Well, it wasn't worded that well. It was more like, don't wait for the damage and just go ahead and overheal. I pretty much ignored them from there and decided debating healing with non-healers would be a pointless waste of my time and theirs. I released and repaired and was flying back and asked them of their strategy to burn the boss down without killing adds one at a time to stop the enrage. They reverted to the overheal argument and I suggested that if their DPS was below 2k, then they were going to waste the time of everyone. They responded with we don't care what the problem is, just fix it. One also mentioned they only needed one badge. That pretty much said enough for me. I do not mind wiping with players who understand the bosses and mechanics involved to clear, but I refuse to waste my limited game time on groups that have no clear understanding of what is needed in order to clear a raid.

So that brings me to my second post today which is the people who want everything easy. Typically these folks are also guild hoppers as well, but we will not even go there since so many people get really hurt feelings over such talks. Bottom line is that so many people want everything easy, it is actually ruining the fun of the game. I am in no way a hardcore raider. I raid maybe one or two nights a week. I am lucky to be able to run with a couple really good groups and while I may never be at the front of progression raiding, at least I do get to run the content while it is relevant. However, the new five man instance has been a clear cut signal as to how Blizzard feels about the crowd who want to be carried. That instance on regular drops epics that are easily comparable to Nax 10. Again I am not complaining, I think it is great for the folks who are on their second or third toon and loathe the thought of trying to PuG raids, as they tend to end up like this one I ran. However, it definitely deludes the amount of players who appear geared and ready to run true raid content. There will always be an argument over "charity" epics regardless of PVP or PVE and I do not honestly care. Where I care is when you get players who look like they know what they are doing. Are lucky enough to down one boss and then you find out they have no clue what is going on and you are now saved to a raid with them, that truly is something to rant about!

Rant Day: Customer Service

Alright, so here it is the weekend and time for me to rant a little. The subject of this post is customer service! Customer service is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. In my current career I deal with clients every day of the week. As I have mentioned in the past, I work in the financial industry so customer service is a huge aspect of my current job. Every time I speak with a client I look for things that may help them out. Sure they may simply call in because they want to know the mil rate of a bond or some sort of performance number for a particular security. I always give them that information in a timely fashion, but I like to always offer them a little more. I mean who would honestly want to know that information for just every day knowledge. Obviously there is something there that they may be thinking of doing and I owe it to them to make sure and ask them about it. Sure it helps keep business and quite frankly that is a good thing in such a roller coaster economy.

So where am I going? This definitely does not seem like a rant post correct? Well, we are still working on building why customer service is such a major thing to me. Prior to my current job I worked for another large financial corporation in what they called Quality Assurance. You know when you call a financial institution and they say that the call may be recorded for quality assurance, well I was the guy who would listen to those calls. The good, the bad, and the down right ugly. I actually established the quality assurance group at our site. I was basically responsible for providing monitors to every associate who took a phone call and then providing feedback and reporting to the managers at various levels. On a side not that was a great job. I really loved it, but unfortunately it was a casualty of the down turn in the market and was consolidated to a different location. My point is that I have a passion for good customer service. I find it unacceptable when you (or I) provide bad customer service.

So this past week I went to a local McDonalds that use to provide excellent customer service. You know what I mean. You placed an order, they took it correctly, filled it correctly and didn't skim on the fries. I pretty much only like McDonalds because of their fries, sad but true story. I was raised that Sundays are the Lord's day and that we really did not do much cooking or anything as a kid. We woke up went to church and then went to McDonalds. Then it was home to sleep and then back to the evening service. Well, I have gotten older and do not hold true to the whole going and coming to services like when I was a child, but I still like my Sundays as the one day of a week where I do nothing. Watch football, basketball, or whatever, but take it easy. I also still go to McDonalds. Yes, I know this is not healthy food, but it is only one day a week. So I have noticed over the course of the last few weeks that their customer service has absolutely sucked. They have been getting orders wrong, skimming on the fries, making you wait for quite a while for whatever reason, and all around bad attitudes by the workers. Now having worked in a customer service driven field, I know that there are those days where it hurts to smile and be nice, but you have to push through it. Sometimes you suceed more than others. However, it has been weeks now and my patience is not very great. Actually having come home this past week from a down right miserable experience, I have decided that perhaps it would just be better to buy some burgers, fries, and the rest of the fixings and just make our own food.

However, it brought about a good conversation about business in general in todays society. With the way that the economy is and prices rising constantly with no end in site, it would benefit businesses that deal with the public to become more customer focused. For instance call center jobs, people are often expected to meet certain time restraints on calls not because it helps the customer, but it saves the company money. I think that this is completely incorrect thinking. Having been the person who monitored those calls for a while, when there is an error it costs the company money. Often times these errors occurr because people are in a hurry, and I do not mean clients. Customers would call for help and want the issue resolved. The employee is simply focused on trying to meet their performance metrics and in most cases, while not intentionaly, could not care at all about the clients respect. Then what happens is the client will call back, thus taking more time for another employee which will cost the company money, and this may occur multiple times before something is resolved. Another thing that would happen is the situation may require someone who has a higher job to call the client back. A higher job typically means more pay. It also takes that individual away from other projects or jobs that they should be doing. See what I mean here? It costs more money in the long run for mistakes and errors, but companies do not see it that way. They want the phone answered and the problem "addressed".

So what about in retail or fast food? Well, while I was sitting in line this last week, the car in front of me had a problem with their order and it delayed the whole line. A few people pulled away and left without odering. In other words they lost potential money. Then I go and try to get my order, only to find that there was a mistake. So I had to wait along with the rest of the folks in a "fast food" drive through, talk about oxymorons. While I sat there two more cars pulled out. So in the fifteen minutes from placing my order to leaving the establishment, four cars pulled away. That is four customers who did not spend their hard earned money at that location. On top of that, I as a consumer who go there weekly has decided that I will start buying my own food instead of being aggrevated.

So my point to this rant is that I think society as a whole needs to reexamine their values and what we see as customer service. Sure there are folks who want an answer or a meal right away, but they would be much more statisfied if they did not need to call back or wait additional time to have something corrected that they had to find and make the business aware of. Also, if we did not put time constraints on the employees of these establishments and businesses, then they would not feel the pressure to answer a call or prepare a meal in a certain amount of time where they may try to cut corners to save time. Makes sense does it not?

Now to tie this in with World of Warcraft. A lot of folks are always complaining about Blizzard and their service. I will admit that you do not get an answer right away when you call, but when they answer their phones, they are courteous and focused on their callers needs. They know where to direct you to get an issue resolved and for those situations where it will take time, they let you know up front and have you fill a form out. I know it is no fun sitting and waiting to hear from them, but I have found it true that every issue or problem I have called them about from simple billing questions to my wife's account being hacked, they have always been on top of it and resolved the situation in a time that was fitting and got it correct the very first time. So good job to Blizzard, I wish more companied would utilize this type of a business model to make sure that they got it right the first time.

Now if only their patch days were as smooth and well done, but that may signify the apocalypse is upon us.

/end rant

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Paladin's Thoughts On All Things Holy: Post Patch

So, I am sure that a lot of bloggers in the Paladin community have posted their thoughts about the changes in the recent patch. I know I have read some that were not too pleasant. There was complaints about mana running out and that we are not able to heal now because we cannot cast the unlimitted Holy Light. The list went on and on, but unfortunately I did not see much in the way of explaining why anyone felt these were bad changes or even speaking very positively about the changes. Now granted, I have not sat here and read every blog out there. I have a hard enough time reading the ones on my blog list. However, being responsible and true to the spirit here at Holy Shock I have ran the new instance on both regular and heroic, as well as ran some raid content. I have also tested the changes in world PVP, BGs, and ofcourse Arena. It has been expensive to respec and try several different techniques out with different glyphs, but I wanted a good thorough feel of how it all works. So let's start talking shop!

Beacon of Light

I have nothing bad to say here. The changes made to this spell has made such a difference to how I heal. Prior to the patch when I ran Naxx with a serious group, I was always the number two healer behind Druids. I use to tease everyone that once I topped a Druid healer in a raid that I would quit healing. Well, I could quit healing now if that was the requirements. To me, it feels like I am more versatile of a healer. A good example is on Gluth. I do not make it a secret that my guild has struggled with this little doggy and his Zombie Chow, but in my last Naxx run I was able to direct the healing efforts as follows: Myself and my wife were both healing along with a Druid. A typical fight myself and my wife will focus our heals on the tanks up front with Gluth. Our preferred method is to place Sacred Shield on our assigned tank and bubble the other tank. This provides maximum healing to the tanks. We then put the third healer in the back to keep the kiter up. We utilized the same method and we had our regular kiter (Edy) in back with the Druid. When the fight initally began I informed Edy of what I planned to do. I switched the Pali healing so that we would switch to the tank who was actively holding agro. I had my wife Beacon the off tank and I placed my Beacon on Edy. The results amazed me. I hit so hard with my healing rotation that Edy had perfect health throughout the fight. The Druid took more damage than Edy and had very little healing to show from the fight. It was absolutely mind boggling how much more effective this ability is with the increase in range.

Another trial I put the Beacon through was in Arena. I Beacon'd my partner and equipped a glyph which reduced my cool down time to five seonds on Holy Shock. We got lucky and ended up with Nagrand as our very first arena. There was plenty of LoS objects there for me to break site with my partner. I then placed Beacon on him and began casting my heal rotation on myself. I litteraly was able to use the terrain of the arena as an advantage while healing him. While we still did lose matches, the test was in seeing the utility of the Beacon for Arena and to my surprise it made my job easier and allowed me more room to roam the field. Sure that seems like a common idea, but when combined with the fact that we can heal ourself and our partner gets the full benefit of the heal (including overheal) that makes it a serious weapon for us. In the past Beacon only healed through what the target was healed for. That placed a very limitted application for it as we needed to see our taget to heal and then hope that they whoever we healed had taken damage, otheriwse it was a useless waste of mana. Now we can Beacon and even if we heal someone who has very little damage, the Beacon will still reap full rewards. A very good and positive change in my opinion.

Sacred Shield Heal Over Time From Application of Flash of Light

So this is the one that got all the attention! And it deserved every bit of that attention. I cannot even begin to tell you how great this combination is. Especially if you have a Paladin tank or Paladin DPS. I made sure and tried a couple runs with a Paladin tank and DPS. I informed them of the changes and asked them to keep Sacred Shield up during the course of the fights. This then freed me to place my Sacred Shield on a party/raid member who was not a Paladin. I am so happy with the results. This has provided us with a solid healing rotation. We simply need to keep Sacred Shield up and active on our groups. The healing tics are absolutely just what I need when I lose line of site on my tanks. It is a life saver! Those few seconds where it tics a little extra life is the difference between success and wiping. There really is nothing to go over here. If you are a Holy Paladin make sure and keep Sacred Shield up in your rotation and consider playing around with it. We will discuss some of the ideas a little later on since we have one other thing to review.

Mana Regeneration

Alright so I read some articles from some individuals who were upset over the changes here. The short version is that they no longer can cast unlimited number of Holy Lights while healing. I really feel that these same folks are the ones who became irritated at the changes to Devine Plea in a previous patch. They do not like that they had an easy mode button that has been removed. I wanted to test this and see for myself the difference. To be honest I felt no difference in how I healed. Was I short on mana? There were moments where I had issues, but I quickly adapted the fights where I needed to use Holy Light and worked out a slightly different rotation other than /cast Holy Light, /cast Holy Light, /cast Holy Light, /cast Holy Light.......

I actually went against the main stream belief that you had to bomb Holy Light. I had kept my MP5 from BC and so much the same as when they complained about the Devin Plea "nerf", this has not really managed to bother me at all. If anything, I think Blizzard is wanting to make the Paladin a better healer, but first has to reign in the crazy overhealing that we are doing and the limitless mana that we once possessed.

Final Thoughts

I am absolutely 100% happy with the changes to the holy build. After having run through every situation and encounter there was no loss of effectiveness to my abilities. I suppose if I was a happy Holy Light bomber I may be disgusted, but this is not the case. I start my healing rotation with Sacred Shield on my non-Pali tanks or highest DPS if I have a Pali tank. I then cast Beacon of Light on either my tank or second highest DPS. I then begin to cast Flash of Light on all members of the party/raid who have Sacred Shield active. Upon completing the Flash of Light I will drop my Judgement of Light on the main tank's target, unleashing my Seal of Wisdom and granting myself a nice little crit bonus. I will then cast Holy Light on my main tank. I follow this with two to three additonal Flash of Light spells. At this point it should be time to refresh either Beacon, Sacred Shield, or my Judgement. I then cast Holy Light again on the tank followed by Flash of Light to all Sacred Shields. I continue this method to ensure that my HoT will remain active throughout the course of the encounter. Ofcourse, if it is an easy run (meaning either overgeared group or very skilled group), then I will not need to worry about so many of the extra Flash of Light spells. I do tend to keep them up though just as a form of practice. Now for the fights that "required" the exclusive use of bombing Holy Light, I rotate now with Holy Light then Flash of Light. I just continue revolving the two spells back and forth so I can keep the HoT active and provide those extremely large heals that are needed.

I honestly believe that when utilize the tools Blizzard gave us that we can now be looked at as true raid healers and not just tank healers. On a side note, remember to utilize Holy Shock, but you can macro it for the instant crit and hold it in reserve for the moment when you need around 10 - 15k healing done (remember that when macro the crit, to also macro the instant Flash of Light to it as well). Another tool that is often ignored is Avenging Wrath. Even I am guilty of not utilizing this spell effectively. Ret Paladins learn to use this as their great equalizer where often times we holy and even prot Paladins completely ignore it. Do not forget that it gives you 20% increase to healing power for 20 seconds. That is an enrage healing button my friends. When the baddie grows all big and garbles out stuff we can't understand, hit that Avenging Wrath and start handing out those 15k heals. Your party/raid will thank you for it.

I hope this may have helped some of you out there who were like me and beginning to dread the thought of the changes. What Paladin wants to run out of mana? Well, I have taken a lot of time today, but I think it was well worth it to tell you how I came up with this thinking and also explain the way I utilize these tools to show you that these are good changes and have only made us better healers than we already were!

PS: On the loss of mana, between every mob, when Devine Plea and Arcane Torrent are available, use them! I never run out of mana even now. Even in H ToC, and that is a nightmare for healers.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Raid Project: Weeks 6, 7, & 8

It has been a while since I have posted anything about our guild's adventures into raiding and I wanted to update it so I do not end up with a massive post three months from now. I will hold off on giving impressions of the events until the end of the post because we are coving three weeks. So let's dive in shall we?

Week 6

Alright so Tuesday rolled around the guild was pretty happy over their clear of Naxx and I certainly did not want to let it go to waste. I spoke with a couple of our core group and we decided that we wanted to pick the pace up some on the runs and also make sure to complete another full clear before the lock-out period would be up. We gathered our core group and received a little help from some friends outside the guild and set out to see if Week 5 was an accident or if we seemed to be getting better. Well, long story short we knocked out KT again and this time we managed to do it in less time over the period. I was pretty pleased with the results that we had in the ability to clear Naxx 10; however, I had other concerns and was interested to see what the coming weeks would bring.

One thing that surprised me was that one of our guild members, who sometimes is way too eager about things, requested we run the EoE (Eye of Eternity). I honestly did not have the time to commit to running it but agreed to schedule it. I knew that the members who signed up were not prepared, but felt it would be a good eye opening experience for them to see how far they have to go in their own development. I am sad to say that I was correct. They went in and had a rough go of it. It was so bad that no one said anything about it at all. That is pretty bad for a guild that seems to not know the meaning of the words "shut up".

Week 7

So week 7 comes along and I refrained from posting a raid because all reports indicated the patch was dropping and I realized that when it did, doing a serious attempt at raiding would be very difficult as so many people would be looking over all the new shiny pretty purple loot that would be available. I was correct and the patch dropped. I personally was too busy with personal stuff and issues to really get in and be overly concerned about it. The only thing I really did during that week was create a Night Elf Druid before it became comon knowledge that you could. I had heard the rumor and needed to test it. So now I have Ruhtraa sitting on my account because we did not raid during week 7; thanks alot MAS!

Week 8

So here comes week 8 and not one word in guild chat about raiding has been mentioned. I have to admit I was somewhat shocked, but at the same time relieved as this allowed me to be able to get a run in where I did not have to be the "raid leader" but could sit back and take it easy as a healer or something. I was actually surprised because I ran with a fellow guild that we have a good relationship with as retribution. With MAS, I am always stuck in heal mode. I do not know if I make it look easy to them or they are scared to heal, but it was refreshing to get in there and be able to work on some rotations and get a feel for where my true DPS was. I am happy to say that, with only a half day of being a ret Paladin under my belt, I got over 2,000 DPS for the overall run. I was really concerned about running with a good group who was used to my heals being off the chart great. However, it also showed a lot of area for improvement!


So I sit here today as I am writing this blog and I am wondering what the members of the guild really want to do. For a long time they complained that we did not raid enough. We have successfully cleared all of Vault, OS, and Naxx ten man versions. We have been able to get small groups of members into other larger 25 man runs. We have been able to help a very small group be able to start working on Ulduar 10. Yet, for some reason the overall improvement in our raiding seems stagnant.

In a past post I mentioned that I have grown tired of healing, this is true to a certain degree. I still love healing. I have a passion for it; however, I feel it is hurting the guild to rely on one person as their go to guy for healing. There are two of us who are full time healers and we both live in the same house and play WoW next to each other. If we go on vacation, the guild would have a hard time raiding currently. We have one other guild member who will heal, but the entire time we raid is constantly whispering me or asking in a party chat if I want them to switch to DPS. That is not a good sign for a healer. Further when I left early the one week, I trusted this person to keep the raid going from the healing side. They failed miserably. Not so much through a lack of knowledge, but rather poor communication skills on their part and no raid leader to step in and correct the issue at hand. We also have Edy's Pali Ty, but it is rough to go from DPS to healing and get your head on straight. After the four of us, we have a hunter who is always high that has a Priest who is geared almost as well as I am, yet never wants to heal. Then the rest of our healers are not yet level capped. This presents a huge issue. I mean you see where if me and my wife are out of town that this could be a bad situation within the guild as far as raiding goes right?

I think though that the lack healers has hid another problem that is festering/looming in the shadows of MAS. That problem is the lack of quality DPS. Please do not take this the wrong way, but there is a huge difference in being able to occassionaly put out large number verses sustaining large numbers. It goes even deeper than that though, how about learning to do things without one of the raid leadership having to tell you over vent to. For instance, on Gluth, we struggled very bad for a couple of weeks. We tried every known configuration to man with little success. The problem was not the heals or the tanks, but was rather the basic skills required for kiting and for other members to be aware of if the kiter goes down, then one of them would need to take over. It worries me because the core raiders are carrying those members who want to raid, and the key word is want. We are not seeing improvements in individuals DPS numbers even though they are getting much better gear than they ever had and that concerns me as well.

So how do we deal with this? We need to train some new healers. We need to train some new tanks. We need to train some DPS and help them become more situationaly aware of things that they can do to make life easier. One suggestion is to break the raiding group down and begin running the new five man with two squads/teams/groups. This will definitely help those members understand each other's limits. There are some good points to this, but there are some things that would worry me here as well. If they run the instance and get the charity PVE epics, then what incentive would they have to form back up to raid? Another concern is that the higher rated gear may make running Naxx seem pointless. I think there must be a middle ground, and one that does not involve spamming trade about recruiting. At this point I am not sure what it is. I would love to hear what other guild leaders/raid leaders have done when they hit this little bump in the road. Perhaps, I am just trying to be too strict and we should be happy as a casual guild clearing progression type content that is current and not from a year or two ago. In the end, time will tell and I will be here to report it to you all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

If It's Red, It's Dead 8.16.09

Alright so in my rant post I went on about the whole cross faction now being permitted on the same account for PVP servers yesterday and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered any similar issues like that? Has anyone found any good experiences?

Before the whole cross account faction ability, my wife rolled an account with Allis on it, even though I told her not to. It actually turned out to be really weird in that she did not go on to yell at them or complain about being camped, but the ones who we had fun with (and by fun I mean good old world PVP where they gave as good as they got) she would whisper and talk with them. At first I was aggrevated by this because I did not want to be associating with the enemy. However, she proved me wrong and met a couple really nice people there. One guy liked how we rolled as a guild that he deleted his level 80 Alli and rerolled as Horde. He also brought his girl, cousin, and another friend with him. We brought them into the guild and they have been a positive within the guild.

Another example of this, which was more interesting than actual positive, was a Death Knight who was constantly in TM doing the lowbie ganking thing. He ganked my wife one day and then did a semi-corpse camp on her character. Now if you have read this blog for a while, then you know I dispise corpse camping in that matter (I will however camp a corpse camper). Well we went down and ROFLSTOMPED the DK, but the guy kept coming back and doing the same thing. This went on for a while and sure enough he did the same thing to my wife's toon down there. We rolled down and dealt with him, but found out he had friends waiting. Now their PVP skills were sorely lacking and they had no PVP gear at all. That is always a bad thing when MAS rolls out for world PVP. We fought him and his group all over the zone. I say fight but more like humiliated and destroyed them as they tried to retreat out of the zone. Well, my wife whispered them, because at least they were fun and asked why he persisted in doing this? He explained that he knew he was not very good at PVP but liked the world PVP better and felt this was a good way to get some experience.

I cannot fault him there, but the interesting part about this was that the group was all family. We found out that there were nineteen members of the family that played on the server. Honestly, they were all pretty bad at PVP, but I thought it was one of the coolest things I have ever heard. An entire family playing WoW. I mean they would always have something in common and they always had each other's backs, even when outmatched. I am sad to say that we have not seen them for a couple months, but perhaps that is because they are raiding or maybe doing the right thing and not camping lowbie towns looking for a fight.

However, if you are on Daggerspine and an Alli who wants a good fight, then TM is the place to go. For some reason it always draws the Horde there like moths to a flame. And yeah, in MAS, we kind of have a special hatred of TM that makes us that much more prone to defend that little wretched God forsaken town! So anyway, hit a comment up if you have found/learned anything that is interesting or cool about an opposing faction member, especially if it is a result of the new cross faction ability on PVP servers.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rant Day: Introduction

Hello there to my two people who read this blog! Just kidding, I am sure there are a few strays who come in every now and then. In the ongoing attempt at assigning specific topics for certain days of the weeks, I present to you Rant Day! Some of you may know this as Saturday, but to me it is the day I shall unload all of the things that have aggrevated me throughout the course of the week. So let's begin!

1. Blizzard allowing individuals to have both Alliance and Horde characters on the same account on PVP servers.

This one has already become an aggrevation to me personally! So, let me give the background of the aggrevation. A fellow guildie (Edy from over at Code Red) was working on leveling an alt. Now we play on a PVP server so getting killed once or twice is not too bad and something we expect. Well, she was out in Hilldbrad working on quests and ofcourse she did get ran through. No big deal, but I was bored and thought I would "patrol" the neighborhood. So I flew down in my PVE ret build. I was aggrevated and some good old fashioned PVP was just what the doctor ordered. So I land and find some scrub 76 DK doing their thing all over TM. I jumped him and put him down, no problems. Well, he must have had a buddy (or at least I assume) because here comes an 80 DK jumping my back. I dealt with him and as soon as I turned around the 76 was back up attacking. I put him down, but a little slower. Now having been ret all of a half day probably does not help my skills, even though most say it is a faceroll type playstyle, I at least like to have an idea of a rotation.

Needless to say they finally got me down, but only to have Edy show up on Edy and well that did not end well for the 80 DK. The lower one ran for his little dwarf life. Smart move. Well, before you know it, a few more guildies and friends showed up. More out of laughing at the play by play I was shooting in guild chat. So we end up with a good friend on his Rogue, my Paladin who I switched to my holy PVP build, my arena partner on his DK, my wife on her Paly, ofcourse Ed was still there, and another Paly from our guild who has a bloodlust comparable to that of mine.

So having known that TM was being tortured by this guy and his buddy, we decided to teach him a lesson. We pretty much pitched our tents and took turns pounding on him. Well, he logs off and switched to a little lowbie Rogue on the Horde side to tell first Ed and then myself what kind of scrubs we were and the retoric that goes along with that line of thinking. It got me thinking, how the hell does someone call people at their own level a bunch of scrubs when they just spent the past hour one shotting lowbies? I could not come up with an answer, so I asked. I didn't get a good answer back, just some childish remarks about my mace and what I could do with it. Well, we were in a sporting mood and the Alli tells me he can take us down one on one. I relayed this to my friends and guildies and my arena partner on his DK said bring it on. I told the fellow to log back on and take him out without any interference.

The dude logged back on, got full health up and then got destroyed by our Rogue friend. Apparantly this guy had caused problems in the past and the Rogue wanted to pay him back. We then let him rez again and get full health. So my partner and this Alli DK start to duel. It was an amusing match for a few minutes until my partner burned him down. The guy then switches back to tell me about how unfair, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah that it was and that had he blah blahed his blah he would of blahed something or other. See where I went there, I just lost focus on the guy. I snapped to when he called me a scrub again and cried foul that there were more of us than him. Again, he was ganking in our town folks who were 55-60 levels lower. Go figure. We laughed and had a great time the rest of the night out there. I told him get his friends together and come on down and have a good old fashioned brawl to which he responded that and I quote, "Allis don't PVP with friends, we fight alone".......




Sorry, trying to compose myself. He then told me about how we always gank in numbers and what not, which he had a valid point. There was six of us there. Of which he was unable to kill any of us one on one. I mean aside from the fact that he was killing lowbies. Anyway, for the rest of the night we enjoyed the humor of the moment and I had to put up with his constant whining in whispers to me. Sure I could have ignored him, but that list needs to be reserved for the village idiots of our own faction, not those of the Allis.

So, today I am out working on reputation with the Tauren. I want to finish that off and then I plan to start working on the Argent Tournament stuff. Yes, I know I am a late bloomer there, but jousting and the rest of that stuff held no interest to me. It really does not hold much interest to me now, but I am running out of things to do. Anyway, I am in the Barrens which is notorious for having a retarded level of general chat, but I noticed one shining moron above all else. And I apologize to anyon who has read my blog for a while. I really do not like to call people names, but I have to call this one as it is. This guy had his own 80 Paly out at Crossroads with another 80 Paly and they were tearing the sh.......stuffing out of the place. (Phew caught myself there, want to keep our PG rating!) So anyway, back to the guy, he has a low level alt that he brought out there to get on the general chat and talk his game up to all the level 18-22's who were trying to quest and level.

I ignored it as long as I could and tried to reason with the guy and explain that his exploits were not that great and his trash talk was lame. I may have said some other things, but it was the heat of the moment. So I kept talking to him as I rode into the town. I took his partner out while he was yacking and then waited for him to switch over. He did not switch over but proceeded to say how much of a scrub I was. I left Crossroads feeling like I made my point only to log back in a while later and the two of them were still at it. Craziness I tell you! I did not have the time to stroll back over though as I promised I would help run an instance. So I do not know what happened, for all we know they could still be there destroying and crushing the tough NPCs of Crossroads.

So, now before I get boo'd out of here, I know that there will be stuff like that happening on both sides. I am not a moron or idiot, but I have to wonder why? Why waste your time to create an alt. Move them to where you want to display those l33t skillz just so you can talk trash? Or why bother hopping on an alt to complain about PVP happening on a PVP server? It just does not make sense to me. If anything, it is aggrevating as hell to know that you just ROFLSTOMPED someone and now they are mad so they will whisper complaints of it not being fair? I mean did this occur during WWI or WWII? Did the Germans, Russians, Brittains, Americans, and the rest of the lot call up each other's generals and complain about killing someone? No, they did not! Sure, comparing a video game to those serious wars is rather extreme, but are not the Alliance and Horde at somewhat of a cold war at present? Here is my advice, please.....PLEASE.......PLEASE do not create an alt of the opposite faction to QQ to them about what you feel was unfair. All that will do is cause you to have a miserable night. We would have left this guy had he not insulted everyone in my family. Sure, I could take the moral high road and turn the other cheek, but it's a PVP server and I did not earn my 13,000 kills by doing that. If you kill me or any of my guild or friends, and I can do something about it, then you better bet that I will try. Oh and win or lose, I am not going to hop on an alt and cry about how it was unfair, especially if I was the transgessor!

/end rant

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning Wrap Up! (Introduction)

Hello everyone! It seems like the harder I try to organize this blog and make it more of an everyday blog, the worse I am about posting. Well, bare with me because I do love blogging and I promise I will get better with it. So, quite some time ago I decided I would do these ongoing series. I started a couple and actually they do make life as a blogger a lot easier, at least when I do them. Well, this is yet one more of those ongoing series where I just sort of hit what I have done over the weekend, week, or month as it may seem to be for this one. So enough bad jokes let's review what all has been going on and catch you up to speed with the crazy life that is!


Well, what can I say here? Actually not a whole lot. I have lost the will to play my beloved Ruhtra! Worry not though, I am not going to retire him, but only bring him out when the situation requires his abilities. There are a lot of reasons for this and we will touch on them in various other series. While I have not been running him a whole lot, I did manage to take him for a stroll and acquire my albino drake! I was pretty stoked, but man that white drake cost me a lot of gold. I was being really responsible with my funds on Ru and working on my reputations with the five capitals and finally said forget that when I finished the Trolls rep. With only the Tauren left I hopped the nearest portal to Shattrah and went and purchased all of the Mag'har mounts and the flying mounts. Sure there was probably a more responsible way to get the job done, but I was tired of running all over Azeroth for a few silver. I do plan to go back and finish out my Tauren reputation though, as I feel the dragonhawk mount would be suitable for Ru to have.

Another thing that I am going to focus in on with Ru, is building reputations with the factions. I have spent a lot of time looking over the 40 factions at exalted and the Insane title and I feel both are doable. Sure they may suck the very essence of life right out of me, but honestly there is not a whole lot in the game left for me to do. I mean there will always be new raids and plenty of stuff I have not yet seen there, but I do not wish to be "hardcore" raiding four to five nights a week and even casual raiding can wear on a person after a while. The achievements, however, represent something that is fun and has some challenge to it. So I figure while I take a break with Ru, I might as well go out and have some fun with him.

Now do not go getting all worried! I know what would a blog dedicated to Holy Paladins be without the Holy Paladin? I am still going to play him and burn up baddies, just not as much. I have been healing as a Holy for what seems like eternity and just need a break from that sort of play style for a while. Also, hopefully it will encourage others in the guild to work on some of their healing toons. I do have some great ideas to test out and also plan to focus more on arena and PVP also. So see, no worries. Keep the chin up, Ru is not going anywhere. It's more like a vacation for him.


Well, since I have become burned out on healing, it obviously does not bode well for any of my alts that can heal. The Pope has been affected by this "mood" that I am in, and so he is hanging out in Silvermoon City doing whatever an undead Priest does. I have him at 67 and ready to make the run to 80, but just cannot make myself level him. It may not be a bad thing though, as it will allow me time to collect the materials needed for his mooncloth gear sets. By the way, farming motes still sucks! I will hit on that in a little while. The last big activity I had the Pope out for was the ring out in Nagrand, where he quite nicely received the mace from the questchain. Now if he can hold it is a whole other issue. I mean the mace is bigger than his head and it looks like an effort for him to wield it. Oh well, we will find a way to manage. Maybe we can borrow some ducktape from some friends and tape his arm and mace together?


Now here is a toon that I have absolutely been loving. I honestly did not love enhanced at first. A friend of mine talked me into trying it and I hated it. Now mind you I have spent the last two plus years as a healer standing at range and only moving when need be, so the whole idea of melee DPS was foreign at best to me. Well, after a few spins around the block in Outland, I decided to head out to Northrend. Since I have been there, I am loving life! The enhanced Shaman is rocking DPS charts. Sure I had a little edge because I was fully epic'd out but still. It was absolutely crazy the DPS I was able to put out in UK. I have never known what it was like to be number one on a DPS chart, much less as a melee DPS. However, as fate often does I was asked to heal more often than not. Now being the smart one that I am I paid for duel spec and set restoration as my off-spec. That has worked out well for PuGs who do not know that I have duel spec and never look anyone up in armory (and thank God for that too). However, guildies do know and every time I run with them, it seems like I have to do the switcheroo. It is not bad though as I do have a full epic set of healing gear (well I did when I started, but considering these were really old epics, they have been replaced quickly) which allows me to do a great job. It just is that my heart is not in healing right now so Walani only comes out when I want a change of pace or need to mine!

WTF?!? Who You Playing Then?

Ha that is a good question! I really thought about taking some time off from the game, but it is really more of a hobby to me so I decided to pick up an alt and level them. I looked over what was available to me. I had Lrem (my Hunter) who is 72 or 73, but we have a couple Hunters already who are geared and running with us and my wife is leveling her Hunter so not really a need there and I do want to keep the raiding group balanced. So then there is Emprius who is 73 as well. That was a viable option, but we just got a new lock in the guild who just hit 80 and we also have another established member who runs with us, so adding a third lock would be a little overkill I think. There is always Invincabull or Braama (my Druid boyzzz), but honestly Invincabull is like 27 and the thought of leveling all that way is not very appealing (even with the new skins). What about Braama? I really thought about it since he is on the account with Ru, I could funnel him the heirloom gear and level him somewhat quickly, but he handles all of my auctions for selling gear and moving that stuff between characters can be a nightmare. So what then, the Death Knight? While I have come around a little more to DKs, I still do not have much of a desire to play mine at the moment, plus he is rocking the neutral auction house for me.

So I was left sitting there wondering what in the world to do. Then I thought that I really just want to have fun. I wanted a challenge, but not one that involved leveling 50+ levels. I looked over my characters all the while thinking about fun. Then I saw my diamond in the rough. There he was sitting there winking at me. He is my jewelcrafter, which I could definitely use a high level JC. He also is a miner, which again I do not have a very high level one. So who is the pick? Well, let's just say that Whoopy can kill you if you aren't careful! That is right, I am roguing things up now. I dusted off my Rogue and have been having a lot of fun with him. I will be honest, he goes against everything that most serious Rogue players will say. He is a troll (get the nasty taste out of your mouth now cause I am not changing him) and he is sublte spec. So why in the world did I pick him? Well, what is more fun than hearing a Troll and watching them dance? I mean they bring me joy. Another reason is that I am a PVP player who raids to help my friends and have some fun with them. So for PVP a rogue is a great choice. I do not plan to go all hardcore arena with him, but some world PVP action is definitely doable. Another aspect is when those lowbies get one shotted and he vanished before they really catch the name, when they look in thier logs and see that Whoopy killed them, they will know those school videos has some merit to them.

Non WoW Related

So what else is going on with me? Well, honestly I am at a moment in life where I do not know what to do. I have a good paying job during an economy that is horrible for finding new jobs and sitting here thinking about leaving it. Talk about weirdness at its highest. My job is in the financial industry. I hold licenses which gives certain government agencies free access to my life and restricts me from doing a lot of things. Then the company I work for is even more strict. For instance, if I were to list it ever in any post or comment, I would need express written permission from their legal groups to maintain a blog, website, or anything else. Talk about not loving life huh? Secondly, when dealing with people and their money, people often will lose all since of right and wrong and want to rip your head off for their inability to act, take responsibility, or even think. To be honest, I am just tired of getting yelled at for their poor decision making and the bad economy brought on by greedy politicians and large corporations.

The trick is trying to figure out what to do. I have talked with Fish about this often since we work together and everytime I am left with no answer. Recently that has changed. In my past growing up I loved comic books and games! I mean I do not think there is a comic from the 80s through the 90s that I have not at least read, if not owned. I have a huge collection myself and also a wide variety of other collectibles. With such a risky economy I never put a lot of hope in establshing such a business, but recently have come across a couple really nice online platforms which would allow me to customize the quantity of items. In the past I had sold items on E-bay, which worked well. I had moderate success and managed to acquire enough funds to buy more inventory. As a matter of fact, things were going really good, but when my Father passed away, I lost all desires for a lot of things.

However, due to my recent lack of interest in my current job and a lot of soul searching the last year to two years I came to the conclusion that life is too short to do something you dispise doing. So, I am currently working on getting all the details worked out, but I am hoping and preparing to get an online store up and running in the coming months. From the online store, I would love to move out into setting up perhaps a booth at a flee market. I have talked with some folks who run shops now and they all started that way. Got a good name and then built upon that name. I have found a distributor who I should be able to obtain ongoing subscriptions through once I build up enough income coming in. Then, if all those things align and the universe gives me just one wish, I will hopefully be in a store front within one to two years. Wish me luck!

Well, there you go. Now you are caught up on the crazy life that is mine and know about both my in-game exploits and my real life activities. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon!