Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekly Update

I am a pretty lazy person on Mondays. In reality I pretty much just do not ever feel like doing anything related to WoW. I do not know why just the way it seems to work out. So on Mondays I am just going to use this as an update that covers topics not covered in any of the other weekly posts. Now sometimes it may bleed over, but that is the joy of making the rules, we can change them or modify them as we go.

So let's hit the update for this week as I have not been posting a lot of anything lately. Pretty much I recently switched focus from my Priest (Popebutch) to my Shaman (Walani). For some strange reason I got a desire to level him, but was having a rough time getting in groups. It pretty much went like:

Group Invite - Accepted
Me: So who is healing?
Group: You are
Me: I checked DPS
Group: Oh, well can't you heal?

For a while I went ahead and struggled trying to heal in my elemental gear. I finally became frustrated with this and dropped elemental and switched to enhancement thinking that this would take care of it. It did not and I still had those same conversations only it ended with me either being kicked from a group or leaving the group. Either of which was fine by me as I believe if you do not know who you ask into a group it does not bode well for the success of said group.

Now I was aggrevated with all of this, but my wife's hunter was getting closer to Northrend (which she made it there on Saturday evening) and I wanted to level the Shaman, so I dropped the gold for duel spec and problem solved. I have been running with her as enhanced and when I want to get in a group I can either do DPS or healing. This has made life much easier and there seems to be a lack of Shaman on the server for whatever reason, so gearing has been rather easy. I am interested to see how I do on staying focused with Walani.

Other than spending some time on the Shaman, I have been working on gearing Ruhtra up for tanking, and a big shout out to Honorshammer! I would know nothing without the great articles that he has on his site. That being said, I am raid capped and now just need to quit being lazy and finish out the Sons of Hodir reputation. Once that is done I can regem and finish leveling up my professions (Blacksmithing and Enchanting) and I will be solid with my holy and prot sets. My retribution set has been a pain to get together because there are so many damn Death Knights who want everything (even when they have better equipped). Oh well, next challenge will be actually tanking something. It is easy to sit around in the shiny plate, but actually putting it to use will be the challenge. I did a little tanking back at the beginning of BC so I am looking forward to jumping in and giving it a go. Time will tell on all of that.

Well, catch y'all later!

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