Thursday, July 9, 2009

Through The Eyes Of The Leader: Direction

It is kind of funny that when I decided to write this series that I did not hear any complaints from anyone. I fully expected that out of all the different on-going series, that this one would draw the most concern from my fellow guild members, yet not one of them have said anything out of concern for it. So I guess that is a good thing, it did however get me thinking about the direction of this series which made me think about the direction that we must run our guilds in. A lot of direction talk, almost sounde political because I managed to say a whole lot of nothing right there. Which is exactly what I want to avoid.

Alright, all joking aside, I started this post off in this manner because I wanted to show how confusing it can be sometimes for us to relay our thoughts to other people. And what does that have to do with leading a guild Ru? Well, glad you asked. It has everything to do with leading a guild, a club, a community, or a basketball team. If we cannot communicate clearly to those who we are trying to lead, then we have failed before we have even begun. I think the hardest thing that we have to do in running a guild, is simply finding a means to communicate to all of our members. If you do not believe me then just look up all the leadership books and seminars that deal with communication. It is not an easy thing to master.

So how do we overcome this in our guilds? I honestly wish I could give you all a set answer that was guaranteed to work, but I cannot do this. What we can do though is attempt to put the information out there for all of the guild members to be able to get to. My recommendation is establishing a guild website and forum. Will every member use them? Unfortunately not; however, these are the same members who will typically complain about not knowing what is going on because they are too lazy to type in a web address. I use to get really upset over these individuals, but soon realized that if they did not care enough to know what was going on in the guild, then they probably would not remain with the guild for too long a time period. On that note I am working on not being so negative as I realize there may be other issues which prevent people from utilizing these resources all of the time.

However, Blizzard was kind enough to help us out by placing their own in-game calendar. In the past there were multiple add-ons that you could use, but they required everyone having the most recent version and more often than not just did not work very well. So when Blizzard dropped their own calendar in the game, that became a huge resource. It really has taken away the excuses of "I didn't know that ______ event was today!" Now there will still be those members of your guild who will say that they did not get an invite or something of that nature, but that is where we have the luxary of falling back and reminding them of the guild website and forums (so long as we update them).

The only other advice that I would give you is make sure that you are precise with what you say. If I accidently post a guild run/raid in EST rather than server time, I am guaranteed to hear about it and be told that it caused some sort of confusion. So we can save ourseleves by just taking a few extra minutes to make sure we are concise in our postings.The one thing to remember is that we can only control what we can personally do. So we just need to make sure that we get the information published correctly and promptly. What the members of the guild decide to do with it is their own business and we cannot let that bother us.

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