Sunday, July 5, 2009

If It's Red, Then It's Dead: Introduction

So, it has been a little while since I last posted anything up on the sites and blogs and I apologize for that. I had gotten an infection in my foot and then some other things have crept up as well. Worry not though as I have no intention of giving up blogging. If anything, I find that writing posts for the blogs helps keep me feeling somewhat sane in an insane world. At any rate, every Sunday we are going to focus on PVP!

PVP has always been where my heart is. I find it a lot of fun to get into little fights here and there, both organized and unorganized! There is nothing better than downing an oposing faction member who felt obliged to corpse camp an alt. At any rate, I am going to dedicate Sundays to all things PVP.

So for the first actual post I want to address Blizzard's plan to do away with the rankings of 2v2 teams counting towards obtaining gear. I find this very disapointing as me and my friend have seen moderate success on our twos team. I understand that there has been some questionable teams and there was the whole mess with the title that was removed, but it is really a good idea to remove the one bracket where the majority of people are able to compete on some levels? I suppose that Blizzard has the reasons, but it would just make more sense to completely remove the 2v2 bracket altogether. Then again who said Blizzard was that smart?

I suppose my biggest issue with the decision is the fact that my team has found it very difficult to find a third person who will be dedicated; however, I am confident that we will find our third member and be back on track to having our weekly fun. At any rate, I hope that the rest of you all out there who run arena are not going to be in the same boat with us. It takes a while to really learn what your partner(s) will do and to add a brand new person into the mix will definitely be a period of adjustment, but hopefully we will find that individual soon and be feeling comfortable with them come the start of the next season.


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