Sunday, July 12, 2009

If It's Red, Then It's Dead - 7.12.09

Alright, so as I mentioned last week with the upcoming changes to the arena rewards system I am wanting to look at adding a third member to our team and trying to schedule a lot more matches on a weekly basis. However, before I start going on about all that let's take a look at the current state of our team and then figure out what will work best in a 3v3 team.

Currently I am running in a PVE holy talent build on Ruhtra, which leaves me open to all types of misery. The majority of the season I was still based in Holy but used a Holy/Prot build which mitigated a lot of damage and also provided a strong reduction in stuns and the likes of which I am constantly hit by. However, when Blizzard started announcing changes I switched my second talent build to protection for a couple of different reasons, none of them being for PVP. I did give a few matches a shot in PVP, but it was to clunky and bulky feeling. I missed my Holy Shock and did not feel like the performance was any better than my holy build. I now have switched over to a retribution build, but it is more for grinding and running in heroics when I do not need to heal. However, I do plan to mess with the retribution build and test it out in arena. While I like the potential to do burst damage, I find that I am not yet great with the controls of a retribution Paladin in PVP, so there is plenty of work to do for me.

My partner is a Death Knight and he knows his class and has a couple of builds that he has played around with in arena. I know one focuses on destroying casters. The other is some sort of blood talent build, which worked well with the protection build I tried out. I do not think though that he will continue to use the blood build no more than I intend to use anything other than holy. So we are pretty much going to build a team around a holy Paladin and an anti-caster Death Knight build (sorry I do not know the exact talent build he uses).

Last week we ran some matches with a guild member's Mage. We saw some huge improvements, but we ended up facing some extremely strong geared teams. Our Mage was not as geared and was quickly burned down. However, there has been strategy discussions and I am wanting to try again with the Mage and see if we can get him some gear and experience if he won't turn out to be a great partner for us. The other class I would love to give a go with our team is a survival built Hunter. They have a lot of nasty things they can do to casters, I should know after all as they love to pound on me. However, at this time we have not been able to nail one down to give a try out with. Our current main 3v3 partner is a Shaman who does well; however, is not the most reliable person in the world. He has worked on it, but real life beckons and he answers (and I do not blame him one bit for that).

As far as my plans go, I am going to more than likely take my duel spec and place it back into a holy PVP build. There is a huge difference in the amount of damage I take and the amount of time I spend unable to do anything when compared between the two holy builds. I am also spending my honor and arena points on finishing up a retribution gear set. I am unsure if I will actually utilize it, but it cannot hurt to have the gear set available.

In other PVP news I spent my Friday night in Warsong Gulch to get the last few tokens for my third PVP mount. This time I added the Swift Black Warstrider to the fold. Swift Bob now joins the Black War Wolf and the Black War Raptor. I also gained a couple of achievements from Warsong Gulch, but they escape my mind. Had a couple really good matches and gained some decent reputation with the faction, but I have a long way to go there. Well, keep on fighting folks!



Fish said...

Somehow I can't comment on Eus or Ed's blogs from work (I'm pretty sure it has to do with the comment box), so I'm leaving one on yours. I will roll up a DK on Chogall, and if they offer free xfers, I do have a few toons on Daggerspine, but I don't really see relentless ganking by overwelming numbers as fun, honestly, I abhor ganking period, and if I had rolled there, I probably would have left for a PvE server, but I do love rolling up baby DK's.

Fish said...

I meant Azuremyst, der. . .